Most Efficient Vaporizer: 13 Tips For Your Herbal Vape

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 7th Jun 2021

The efficiency of your vaporizer is essential to your overall vaping experience. However, even if you purchase the best possible vaporizer on the market you still need to know the ins and outs of vaping efficiently. When it comes to efficiency, there are a few very important tips to keep in mind to make the most out of your device.

With the use of vaporizers on the rise, it becomes more and more important that users understand how to use them correctly in order to get the best vaping experience possible. Let's cover how to vape weed properly and some valuable tips that you can use to make sure that you're not wasting weed.

How to Efficiently Vape Weed Properly

The healthiest way to smoke weed is definitely going to be with a vaporizer. At that point, you're not smoking it but vaping it. You can learn to master the tricks and learn to properly pack your chamber. To begin, you want to make sure your dry herbs are ground up. Use a grinder to help break it down. Turn on your vape by clicking the power button 3-5 times. When it's on, select the temperature you want to vape at. Not all herbs vape at the same temperature so be sure to find your ideal vaporization temperature. Pack your hebral chamber up about 1/2 way. Close the mouthpiece and heat it up. It will take about 20-60 seconds to fully heat up. Slowly take a draw from the mouthpiece. is also very important.

There will be slight variances between different dry herb vape pens but they roughly all operate in a similar manner.

Density of your herbs

This is often one of the most overlooked aspects of vaping. Unlike rolled paper or even glass pipes, vaporizers require dry herbs and plant material to be ground up prior to vaping.

For the device to effectively vaporize plant material, it must already be somewhat broken down. This gives it an even heat distribution. Using a grinder to thoroughly mash the product and remove stems and seed gives an almost powdery substance that is easily heated up. If you want to get the most out of your device, you need to put in a bit of work to make sure your herbs are easily digested by your vaporizer.

No matter what device you choose or what your budget may be, you can vape efficiently by following the aforementioned tips and tricks. The difference will be felt in your wallet and your lungs if you heed this advice.

Use Dry Herbs

The quality of the herb that you use has a tremendous effect on the quality of the vaping experience that you have. An herbal vaporizer works by heating up dry herbs to the point that the active ingredients you are trying to smoke become vaporized.

If you put in a bud of medical marijuana that is too moist, your vaporizer is going to have a difficult time trying to produce vapors. How can you tell if you have the proper herbs for vaping? Try touching your herbs. If they feel too moist or if they are so dry that they crumble easily between your fingertips, they will not work well for vaping.

herb grinder with tobacco

Grind Really Well

Packing your herbal vaporizer can be a tricky thing to do, especially if you’re trying to do so without the assistance of a grinder. A grinder is necessary when using an herbal vaporize. It allows you to pack more marijuana into the vaporizing chamber and it also makes it easier for the vaporizer to do its job.

However, you shouldn’t be aiming to produce a powder out of your cannabis. You should be aiming for small-sized chunks that don’t take up too much space within the vaporizer. The more space there is in between the ground up marijuana buds, the better your vaping experience will be. Also, remember that you should only grind up as much as you will need for your session. Herbs that are ground up tend to dry up easily. Any leftover ground buds will make your vaping experience less enjoyable next time you pack your chamber.

Find Your Ideal Temperature

Some vaporizers may have very simple temperature controls and others offer users the ability to fully control the temperature of the heating chamber within their herbal vaporizer. If you own a vaporizer that gives you full control over your temperature, try experimenting with your temperatures while you are vaping to see if there is a difference.

Although the recommended vaping temperature is approximately 356°F, some users find that lower temperatures allow them to get a more mellow effects while higher temperatures give them larger pulls. The only thing to keep in mind is not to go too high in temperature. Otherwise, you run the risk of burning your herbs through combustion.

Honeycomb Glass Screen - 7 Diffusion Holes

Use a Glass Screen for Conduction Heating Methods

Using a glass screen inside of your herbal chamber prevents your marijuana from coming into direct contact with the heating coil. When your herbs touch the heating coil directly, you may find that your device is producing more smoke than vapor. If you use a glass screen, you will still be able to produce vapor. Tou will also give your weed enough space from the heating coil so that it doesn’t combust.

Don’t Pack Too Tight

Although it seems as though it would make more sense to pack as much bud into your heating chamber as possible, doing so can drastically effect the quality of your vaping experience. When you pack too much into the heating chamber at once, it decreases the airflow within the chamber. It makes it difficult for your vaporizer to evenly heat your material.

So, how do you make sure that you avoid this? The best way to pack your chamber is to loosely place the buds in until they have filled most of the chamber, leaving only a small bit of room remaining. This will keep the airflow and the heating quality perfect.

Preheat Your Vape

The biggest mistake that new vapers make is taking pulls from their vapes before their devices have had the proper amount of time to heat up. Not only will taking a premature pull do absolutely nothing when it comes to producing vapors but it will also make it more difficult for your vaporizer to heat up as you continue vaping.

This usually isn’t an issue since the majority of vaporizers heat up within a matter of seconds. Give your vaporizer time to heat up before you begin taking pulls to get the most out of your hits.

Perfect Vaporizer Temperature Guide

Avoid Combustion

Combustion is basically setting your weed on fire, which is what you do when you pack your marijuana into a blunt, bong, or pipe. It is also when you get it to a point where it's so hot, it produces smoke. Why should you avoid this? Burning your material creates a variety of compounds and chemicals that are harmful to your health. This is why many turn to vaping as a healthier alternative.

You can avoid combustion by making sure that your temperature isn’t too high. As mentioned in the previous tip, you will have to play around with the temperature until you find one that provides you with the best vapor quality without lighting your marijuana on fire.

Maintain Your Vaporizer

Much like you take care of your phone or your other electronic devices, you also have to maintain your vaporizer. When you purchase your vaporizer, it should come with detailed instructions that let you know how to take care of your vaporizer. Follow these instructions very carefully if you want your vaporizer to perform as best as possible and if you want it to last for the longest period of time.

Use a Small Bowl

If you’re looking to get more efficiency out of your herbal vaporizer, you should look for a smaller bowl or heating chamber. There are two reasons why a smaller bowl will be better for all vapers. Firstly, a smaller bowl or chamber will allow you to pack your marijuana in better than a larger bowl or chamber and will allow for better for vapor production.

Secondly, a smaller bowl will give you the opportunity to pace yourself. If you get high on a smaller bowl and you find that you don’t need as much, you will save more money compared to using a larger bowl and getting high long before your weed has run out.

Clean Vape Pen

Clean Your Vape

It’s necessary that you clean your herbal vaporizerfrequently to keep it performing properly. When you smoke from your herbal vaporizer, residue will build up in the inner chamber that will block some of the airflow and ruin the flavor as well.

The best way to clean out your vape’s mouthpiece and heating chamber is to take a specialized cleaning brush or a q-tip and gently rub away any residue that is coating the inner surfaces of these pieces. Some vaporizers may allow for cleaning liquids to be placed inside them but make sure that this is specifically stated in the vaporizer’s instructions. Placing liquid inside a vaporizer when it is not okay to do so may result in a broken vaporizer.

Using the tips above, you will be able to ensure a long life of enjoyable sessions with your herbal vaporizer. Need more tips? Take a look at some of other articles for how to get the most our of your

Breathing Technique

How you inhale your vapor also has an impact on efficiency. Breathing deeply enhances not only the quality of each hit but also evaporates the least amount of product. This saves you money in the long run. Taking short hits but inhaling it slow is going to be ideal. This also helps your heating coil stay warm without cooling down.

Vapor in the bag

Another excellent tip to keep in mind is patience. Vaporizers often take up to 5 minutes to completely fill with vapor, and if you stay patient the results are extremely satisfying. Remember that higher temperatures equal better vapor, so remain calm and watch your vaporizer fill up with tasty goodness.