Microdosing With Vaporizers

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 8th Jun 2021

Most times, many of us fail to monitor our consumption habits and we find ourselves consuming more than required. More is not always better. In fact, more could only imply adverse effects.

While vaping dry herbs is gradually changing peoples perception for the better, not everyone loves the fact that it can have it reach their effects easily if they consume more than required. If you’re one of those worried about the excess consumption of your herbs, then there is a perfect remedy called microdosing.

Ask any smoker who has been vaping for years; they would tell you that "less is more" when you take about the intake of different dry herbs. And this is why microdosing is gaining popularity among these experts smokers and those who want to enjoy the many benefits of medical consumption without exceeding the psychoactive threshold.

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is the process of reducing the dosage by how much you consume it. This helps to minimize the effects of a full dose. The resultant impact tends to differ, and it would not give you the same effects like a full dosage. Microdosing could be used for many different things. If you use microdose, it means you would take it in small portions.

Microdosing dry herbs is done best with a herb vape pen because of its ability to be precise. Not only can you put a smaller amount in the chamber but you can also choose the temperature. Smaller amounts of herbs at a lower temperature helps this process.

What Are The Benefits Of Microdosing?

When your consumption is controlled and reduced, it helps to check excessiveness and helps you to maintain your focus even while consuming it. Aside from this, there are other tremendous benefits when you manage your dose.

Microdosing helps to eliminate the side effects

Excess consumption can have devastating side effects. However, when you microdose your materials, you would release the real benefits of your herbs

THC is associated with an increased level of stress

Many studies have been conducted to show the effects of THC on stress levels, and according to the results, individuals (who were to be interviewed) with a higher dose of THC were nervous and agitated before they were interviewed. However, those with a lesser dose of THC were reportedly relaxed and comfortable before and during the interview.

It results in heightened creativity and productivity

While various herbal intake increases your productivity levels, things could get nasty and crazy if not properly controlled. Microdose helps to keep things under control while broadening your sense of reasoning and creativity. It also helps to boost your level of productivity at your workplace because you would be able to complete tasks you were rather too clumsy to do before.

It increases your level of mental alertness

Microdosing has positive effects on the mind and how it functions. It helps you to become responsive to everyday situations in a prepared manner. You'll become active to issues that matter most to you, and people around you will notice the resultant effect.

Limits the negative sides of medical consumption

With microdosing, you won’t have to do all the crazy things you would do if you were on high dosages. And the best part is that you will no longer face the adverse effect of THC which is responsible for the mind-altering mishaps.

Most medical marijuana consumers turn to microdosing as a reliable option to help them treat medical conditions such as acute pain, anxiety, and depression. Microdosing has also been reported to play a supportive role in the endocannabinoid system. Aside from these, microdosing is also a great option for patients who have insomnia and other sleep-related ailments.

What Is The Right Dose?

If you ever want to try microdosing, one of the challenges you will encounter is finding the right dose. Microdosing is completely personal and depends on the level of cannabis tolerance a person has. This means the right dosage for one person may be a wrong dose for another. So the best way of finding the right dose is to discover the dosage that works for you and stick to it. Keep in mind that the goal of miscrodosing is to consume an amount that won't give you regular effects.

Ways To Microdose

Vaping herbs

Vaporizing is the most common way to go if you ever choose to microdose. With the use of herbal vaporizers, you can monitor the amount you consume. And since vaporizers heat your herbs without combustion, you can avoid the toxic that are harmful to your health. You can also easily adjust the temperature of your vape device and keep the heat low.

Vaping oil

When microdosing, it’s easier to measure the dose of oil concentrates than in any dry herb form of products. This is because oil is a solvent that can be monitored whenever it is in excess. Herbal lovers who consume oil concentrates usually find it easier to gauge the dosage of their oil consumption than weed.