Knowing Your Glass Pipe Terms - Not Just Slang!

Knowing Your Glass Pipe Terms - Not Just Slang!

Posted by David Nadel on 8th Jul 2019

For those who may not be aware, Glass pipes have long been used since it was discovered that glass itself is one of the best materials out there for smoking just about anything. It is very easy to keep clean and can be colored and styled in numerous different shapes and fashions. The art of glassblowing can take a while to master but once the craft is perfected, it is a wonderful skill to have! Not to mention you can charge a pretty penny for your creations if you so desire. Below are some of the most common terms and their definitions associated with glass pipes.


A Spoon Pipe is simply a name that is used to describe a dry glass pipe that is shaped just like a spoon. Imagine that! These come in many different sizes and also vary in shape, but for the most part, do not stray from the spoon-like figure. They will also most likely come equipped with a carb (small hole) on the side, used for assistance with inhalation of whatever product is placed in the bowl, or spoon-like part of the pipe.


A Sherlock Pipe is similar to a dry Spoon Pipe with the only difference being that it's curved or angled slightly more towards the bowl portion. It’s said to get its name from Sherlock Holmes, who is always seen holding a pipe shaped similar to a check mark. These also come with a carb or rush hole on the side. Sherlock pipes are a little more difficult to clean given the narrow angle that is put into stem portion. They can also come in the form of what is called a Bubbler. This is the same angled-like shape, only with a bigger chamber at the base to support a small amount of water that can be added. Somewhat like a bong.


Chillum Pipes are different than the previous mentioned. They do have a bowl, so to speak, but it is vertical. There is no spoon-like curvature to a Chillum. The advantages to using a Chillum are that they are able to hold more product on the business end than a Spoon or Sherlock pipe. Because the bowl is not perpendicular to the stem part of the pipe, it is best to very slowly inhale when hitting it, or else you will end up inhaling more product than you will actual smoke.

Know the Names!

Although, some might consider this to be just slang, keep in mind that these are only a select few of the terms used to describe glass pipes and all the many forms they come in! Depending on where you live, they can, and often do have other names. But hopefully, this helps to clear some of the smoke. Pun intended!