Keeping The Vaporizer Chamber Clean

Keeping The Vaporizer Chamber Clean

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 31st Jan 2018

Enjoy basil, eucalyptus, tobacco or other types of herbs in your portable vaporizer. If you don't clean your vaporizer regularly, it could become clogged or have harmful bacteria growing on it. I know, it's disgusting. But lucky for you, here are the tools, methods, and suggestions for how often you should be cleaning your portable vaporizer.

Cleaning Tools

Herbal dust and residue are likely to collect in your mouthpiece, screens and herbal chamber. These will eventually prevent you from getting a good draw. Bacteria could also start growing on your portable vaporizer if you don't clean it regularly.

Besides the battery, herbal chamber, screen and mouthpiece, your standard vaporizer kit will probably include a soft bristle scrubbing brush. Add a safe cleaning solution (one that won't leave toxic residue and can be ingested), cotton swab, cotton cloth, toothpick, pin and air can (used for cleaning computer keyboards). Most vaporizers should not be completely submerged in water because this would damage the electrical parts.

Vaporizer Cleaning Method

Here are the steps to cleaning your portable vaporizer:

First: Cool the vaporizer. The heating chamber can become very hot and could burn your fingers. Wait an hour after vaping before you start to clean the device.

Second: Disassemble the vaporizer, placing small parts on towels, so you don't lose them.

Third: Use soft bristle brush to gently remove any dust or debris from the heating chamber. Insert brush into chamber, turn to loosen debris. Use air can to complete removal. Dip cotton swab into cleaning solution - wipe herbal chamber interior to disinfect.

Fourth: Use the pin or toothpick to unclog screens. Disinfect with cotton swab.

Fifth: Wipe accumulated residue off the mouthpiece using cotton cloth. Disinfect with cleansing solution.

Sixth: Leave pieces out to air dry.

How Often Should I Clean My Vaporizer?

Your cleaning schedule will vary based on herbs, vaping frequency and personal characteristics. Giving your vaporizer a thorough cleaning every week should be the bare minimum. After each session, you might want to simply wipe down the mouthpiece and disinfect it, especially if you share it with others.

Enjoy your vaporizer. Find the purest, freshest herbs to ensure that you enjoy the most full-bodied tastes while vaping. Frequently disinfecting the mouthpiece will prevent you from spreading many diseases. Clean your vaporizer regularly to enjoy good, clean vaping fun.