Keep Your Portable Herbal Vaporizer Batteries Clean

Keep Your Portable Herbal Vaporizer Batteries Clean

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 2nd Oct 2017

It is crucial to keep your portable herbal vaporizer batteries clean and free of residue and debris if you want it to have optimum performance. Just like any vaping device, if you don't keep the battery clean, its performance will suffer. Here are some tips for keeping your portable vaporizer working just like the day that you bought it.

Importance of a Clean Battery

A clean battery will go a long way to allowing your device to work correctly. If you don't clean it periodically, it can end up creating many problems that affect performance. Resin can build up inside the device decreasing its usability or can even stop your device from working altogether. If you aren’t cleaning your battery regularly, you can expect to end up reducing the lifespan of your device. Not only can the device stop working but if you don't regularly clean it, it can spread germs and diseases.

How to Clean Your Herbal Vaporizer’s Battery

The herbs that you put in your vaporizer are often very resinous and can leave a buildup even after a single use. If you use your vaporizer often, you may need to clean it daily to avoid a decrease in performance and lifespan. You will need to disassemble your device before cleaning the battery. Clean Out any leftover herb or residue by tapping it out. Make sure that you don't lose the screen if your device uses one. Using the small brush that came with your device gently brush away any of the residue found where the battery connects to the heating chamber. Remove any of the clogged particles from the screen as well.

Things to Avoid

Do not use water or rubbing alcohol when cleaning any part of your herbal vaporizer because this can damage the wiring. Avoid disturbing the coil because this can render your device useless. Check the outside of the battery for any dirt and use an antibacterial wipe to clean the outside. Make sure that you have an unobstructed connection between the battery and the heating chamber. If you get a lot of buildup where the two connect, your device can stop working completely until it has been thoroughly cleaned.

By keeping your herbal vaporizer batteries clean and the connections clear of any debris, it will keep working for a long time. This will also reduce the spread of germs and diseases from the part of your device that you handle the most. Do this often to ensure that you have the best herb vaping experience possible.