Keep Your Mouthpiece Clean

Keep Your Mouthpiece Clean

Posted by David Nadel on 5th Jan 2019

Many of us spend a good amount of time maintaining our vaping setup. Between restocking coils, keeping the batteries charged and storing our devices in safe places when we're not using them, we understand that a device will only function properly if we take good care of it. 

One of the most overlooked parts of maintenance is cleaning the mouthpiece. You might be surprised to learn how crucial it is that we take extra time to take care of this small component of our vaporizer.

It's just a fact of life that our mouths have a lot of bacteria. Additionally, there are germs literally everywhere. Throughout the day, our mouthpiece is getting exposed to a lot of bacteria that can ultimately harm our health. 

Cleaning the mouthpiece of a vaporizer ensures that we're not pressing our lips against loads of dangerous germs whenever we take a hit. 

Herb Clogs

Depending on the type of herb that you're vaping, you might experience some clogs from time to time as small amounts of debris make their way up into the mouthpiece. Cleaning your mouthpiece regularly will help prevent clogs from developing. 


If you're vaping an oil, your mouthpiece might become sticky over time. This makes it a magnet for dirt and grime. Plus, it's not very pleasant to press your lips against sticky gunk each time you take a hit. 

Cleaning the mouthpiece regularly will remove that film of stickiness before it turns into gunk that's difficult to get off. 

Dirt and Dust

Depending on how we store our vaporizer when it's not in use, the mouthpiece can accumulate quite a good amount of dirt and dust. Purses and pockets are notorious for being extremely dirty. 

How to Clean Your Mouthpiece

Cleaning your mouthpiece is extremely simple as long as it's done regularly. The more frequently you do it, the less effort you'll have to put into it each time.

  • First, swab the exterior of the mouthpiece with some rubbing alcohol. Then, rinse it off. The alcohol should dislodge any dirt or grime while killing bacteria.
  • Then, remove the mouthpiece from the vaporizer and run it under flowing water. This will dislodge any debris that's stuck inside.
  • It's important that you allow the mouthpiece to completely dry before reattaching it to your device. You don't want to get water into the electronic mechanisms within your vaporizer.

Keep That Mouthpiece Clean

As you can see, keeping your vaporizer's mouthpiece clean is incredibly important. Fortunately, cleaning it is a fairly easy process that can be completed within minutes.