Is Water Filtration Really Necessary for Dabbing?

Is Water Filtration Really Necessary for Dabbing?

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 7th Mar 2021

It cannot be denied that inhaling concentrates is more popular than ever before, and even the staunchest flower purists are quickly finding that wax, shatter, and other dabs are simply satisfying their needs more effectively.

We all know that if you’re going to vaporize concentrates, you can’t just use any ordinary device. Dab rigs are required in order to properly vaporize those concentrates without burning them. And, as the dab market continues to expand at a rapid pace, their market now offers all kinds of varieties.

There are two main types of dab rigs: those that use water filtration and those that don’t. Water filtration-based pipes are often referred to as bubblers, and they do a lot more than add some fun visual interest to your sessions.

The Process of Dabbing

Before we discuss exactly what water filtration can add to our experience with our concentrates, we need to briefly explain what dabbing is for those who don’t know, as it will help us understand what water filtration can bring to the table.

Dabbing refers to the act of inhaling a vapor produced by cannabis concentrates. Concentrates are concentrated forms of the compounds that can be produced using various means, as different kinds of concentrates exist, with wax being the most popular. The act of concentrating the plant material eliminates some of the raw plant compounds while concentrating the desirable compounds to make them more potent, such as cannabinoids and terpenes.

Because concentrates are sticky by nature, and extremely potent, they cannot be used with traditional pipes, otherwise they’d burn. So, we have dab rigs, which are devices made just for dabbing. Rather than inserting the concentrate into a bowl, it’s applied to a dab nail, which is heated beforehand so that as soon as the concentrate is placed onto it, it begins melting and transforming into compound-rich vapor.

Dab rigs look similar to traditional pipes except for the difference in the chamber. They also have unique shapes in many cases that allow for the proper airflow of the vapor.

Water Filtration Systems for Dabbing

Water filtration simply means that the vapor is filtered through water, which offers many benefits to the user. Water filtration is not exclusive to dabbing. Water pipes have been around for ages, first used for conventional pipes used for smoking raw flower. They are just like regular pipes, but they have a water chamber at the base through which the smoke passes. They’re often called bubblers because of the bubbling sound that happens when the smoke is being inhaled.

The water chamber can be any shape or size, and the water inside of it must be cleaned out and replaced regularly as it slowly accumulates debris from constant exposure to the product, interfering with flavor.

What Water Filtration Can Add to Your Dabbing Experience

So, why do most dab rigs utilize water filtration? Many serious dabbers will tell you that this is an essential component when it comes to dabbing, although technically speaking, you can dab without water filtration just fine.

#1: Cooler Inhales

The act of heating concentrate on a dab nail involves some pretty high temperatures, and so water filtration can come in handy since it naturally cools the vapor before it goes through the mouthpiece and into the user’s mouth. The cooler temperature of the vapor is quite pleasant compared to vapor that is hot. Many will tell you that cooler vapor is more flavorful vapor as well, as you can really taste the terpenes since they have not been burned.

#2: Smoother Inhales

Dabs are extremely potent and therefore can be quite harsh compared to traditional flower, which can already irritate some of the more sensitive enthusiasts out there. Water filtration leads to smoother inhales, because the act of infusing the vapor with water particles helps dilute the harshness. Many people who choose bubblers do so because they find that they do not irritate the throat and lungs and cause coughing as a result.

#3: Cleaner Vapor

Another advantage of using water filtration is that it can produce cleaner vapor, meaning a lower likelihood of inhaling compounds into the body that really aren’t advantageous to our health.

#4: An Enjoyable Visual Experience

Of course, the sound and sight of water bubbling away with each hit adds enjoyment to the dabbing process.

What Water Filtration Can Take Away from Your Dabbing Experience

So, does water filtration have any cons when applied to dabbing? Seemingly, only one. As the vapor is filtered through the water chamber, it loses some of its concentration, as a small amount of the compounds end up in the water. What this means is that your hits may be less potent if you’re using a dab rig with a water filtration system.

So how much potency is actually lost? Not enough for the majority of dabbers to notice the difference, as it turns out. However, some of the more serious dabbers out there do notice a difference.

Choosing Water Filtration-Based Dab Rigs: Is it Worth it?

At the end of the day, those who wish to dab should choose a setup that utilizes water filtration. While it’s true that some of the concentration of compounds is lost during the process, you’ll still get a far more potent herbal experience than you would have had you smoked pure flower. The concentrates on today’s market are so potent that it is unlikely you’ll feel disappointed. And remember that most dab rigs since they first hit the scene use water chambers, so it’s not like water filtration is a new advancement on the market that’s changing the way we once enjoyed our concentrates.

The payoff is enormously worth it because water filtration enhances the dabbing experience in so many ways. It cools down the vapor while making it smoother and eliminating some compounds that may be considered undesirable. The majority of today’s dab rigs do utilize water filtration for this reason – because it is what dab enthusiasts want. Yes, you can find rigs that don’t utilize this type of system, but they’re harder to find because they’re less in-demand, which should tell you about the superiority of bubbler-based setups.

If you do go with a dab rig that uses water filtration, it is very important that you maintain it properly by switching out the water once it gets dirty. This will ensure that your hits are clean, smooth, and flavorful whenever you enjoy a dabbing session with your concentrates.