How-to E-Nail Vaporizer Guide: Atmos Q3 E-nail Kit

How-to E-Nail Vaporizer Guide: Atmos Q3 E-nail Kit

Posted by David Nadel on 22nd Sep 2019

No herb enthusiast can deny the fact that small vaporizers allow for an unparalleled experience in terms of convenience. Even if you prefer ornate bongs and dab rigs, it’s really handy to have a handheld vaporizer on hand. The right vaporizer allows you to enjoy a sublime experience without the hassle of using a clunky, conspicuous device.

And, one of the most beloved vaporizers in the game right now is the Atmos Q3 E-nail Kit. This vaporizer utilizes highly concentrated wax in order to give you just as much satisfaction with a small amount of product. It’s also ergonomically designed to feel great in the hand, pocket-friendly, and ridiculously powerful thanks to a 1100mAh battery. Plus, it offers a super-fast ramp-up time and utilizes resilient quartz for a smooth and pleasurable vape.

If you’re ready to purchase this stunning vaporizer, make sure that you read this guide first. We’re going to walk you through every step of getting started so that as soon as you take that first hit, you’ll be as satisfied as possible.

Step #1: After removing the necessary components from the packaging, charge your battery component. An LED light indicator will let you know when it’s reached a full charge. It’s charged via USB.

Step #2: Locate the wax chamber that attaches to the mod. Now, place a small amount of wax into the chamber. Too much wax will reduce airflow to the point that you struggle to take in any vapor at all. And, too little wax will give you extremely weak and unsatisfying hits.

Step #3: Once the battery component is done charging, you can carefully attach the chamber to the mod, and then the glass mouthpiece. Now, locate the firing button that’s on the front of the mod component.

Step #4: Put the mouthpiece up to your lips. Press the firing button and wait five seconds. Then, take an inhale. You should enjoy an even stream of smooth vapor. The quartz rods enhance the amount and thickness of the vapor, so you should enjoy a nice, full hit. If you don’t, try adding more wax the next time you go to take a hit.

Final Step: Now, repeat the process. And, don’t forget that after each session, you should carefully clean the wax chamber so that every hit taste fresh and delicious.

The Atmos Q3 E-nail Kit is a one-of-a-kind vaporizer that turns your wax concentrate into stunningly clean and potent vapor. This pocket-friendly vaping kit is a must-have for anyone who likes to enjoy their herb on the go. And, by following this guide, you’ll be well on your way to having the most satisfying experience imaginable.