How To Use Vaporite Solo Vaporizer - A Beginner’s Start-up Guide

How To Use Vaporite Solo Vaporizer - A Beginner’s Start-up Guide

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 27th May 2020

The Vaporite Solo remains as one of the industry’s most beloved budget desktop vaporizers. For a ridiculously low price, the Vaporite Solo offers many fantastic features, including robust vapor production, convection style heating and precise temperature control. Popular with beginner vapers, it’s not all that tricky to operate either.

True, the Vaporite Solo is not Volcano Vaporizer- but that’s not what it’s trying to be. Customers who want a decent whip-style vaporizer for a low price will be satisfied with a Vaporite Solo. Below, we’ll share everything you need to know to be able to use your Vaporite Solo like a pro.

What’s in the box?

When you first unbox the Vaporite Solo, you’ll find these materials inside:

  • 1 x Vaporite Solo vaporizer
  • 1 x glass wand
  • 1 x vaporizer tubing
  • 1 x glass mouthpiece
  • 2 x cleaning sticks
  • 1 x power cord
  • 1 x aroma bulb (used for aromatherapy)
  • 1 x pack of replacement screens
  • 1 x user manual

How to load the Vaporite Solo

The Vaporite Solo comes with a standard whip which includes a glass mouthpiece, a glass heating chamber and a plastic tube. For the best vapor quality, loosely pack your ground herb into the heating chamber to allow hot air to pass through easily. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to fill your heating chamber about two thirds full.

When you’re ready, twist the heating element onto your Vaporite Solo as the vaporizer heats up. After your vaping session is complete, wait a few minutes for the unit to cool down before pulling out the whip. You could also wear heat-resistant gloves to protect your hands when removing the heating chamber.

To enhance your whip’s longevity, it’s a great idea to clean out all of the debris after each vaping session. You could also dip the glass components in 70% isopropyl alcohol (ISO) for an extra deep clean. Do not pour rubbing alcohol down the plastic tubing.

How to operate the Vaporite Solo

First thing’s first: plug the Vaporite Solo power cord into a nearby electrical outlet to give the unit power. Next, push the knob near the LED display to turn on your Vaporite Solo. Shortly after you turn on your unit, you will see the LED screen light up with a temperature reading. As you move the knob to the left or right, you should notice the number on the LED display increase or decrease by 2°C. The temperature range on a Vaporite Solo ranges from 130-190°C (266-374°F).

After selecting your preferred temperature, you should notice the red button on the side light up. This red light indicates the unit is heating up. Typically, it only takes about one minute for the ceramic heating element to reach your desired temperature. Once the light goes off, it’s time to start vaping.

For optimal safety, Vaporite recommends shutting the Solo off after 20 minutes of continuous use. Let the unit cool off for a minimum of five minutes before using it again.

Pro tip: some people claim they get better vapor production if they tilt their Vaporite Solo slightly forward while vaping. You could also use this tip when removing the whip to prevent dried herb from splattering all over your surface.


The ultimate key to maintaining your Vaporite Solo is using it correctly. When you’re vaping herbs, keep an eye on them to make sure they’re not browning and that no smoke is being produced. The Vaporite Solo is designed to produce zero tar on the whip and screen, so if this does occur, it means you’re running the device too hot.

Different factors can also determine the precise heat of your Solo, like the herbs you’re using and the room temperature. Find the perfect temperature by noting the vapor color: if you can’t see any clouds forming, turn the device up.

When it comes to the herbs, make sure you’re grinding them to a fine texture before packing them into the chamber. You should experiment to find the perfect amount, however when you’re starting out, we find that lightly packing the ground herb to the screen ensures the best airflow into the chamber.

Cleaning your Vaporite Solo

If you’re careful using your Solo, there shouldn’t be much to clean up after sessions. However, over time your device can start to build up gunk, so cleaning and using it properly are essential for the continued proper function of the Solo.

Despite the size of your Vaporite Solo device, the unit is easy to disassemble and clean. Once you open up the unit, you can use Q-tips to clean out any leftover residue that can leak in from vaping your herbs too hot.

Clean the glass pieces of your Solo by soaking them in ISO (which you can pick up at most convenience stores) and wiping them down. You can also do this with the mouthpiece and steel screen when needed.

To clean or replace the screen, soak the plastic hose in warm water before loosening it from the glass and removing the old screen. Then, using a backstop, push the new screen in the end labeled ‘hot’, with the backstop keeping it from going through the other side.