How To Use Crafty+ Vaporizer - Beginners Quick Guide

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 13th Jul 2020

Storz and Bickel created the Crafty+ vaporizer as an upgrade from its predecessor, the Mighty vaporizer. The Crafty+ vaporizer's power is packed into a smaller device. It's one of the most portable and discreet options on the market.

As of late, the next evolution in vaporizers is creating a custom app for the device. Because of the limited space on the device, the app helps vapers completely customize their experience. You can download the app for free on Android smartphones, to adjust different settings on your Crafty+ such as temperature. The device is very user friendly since there's only one button. It’s also easy to pack your herbs in and draw dense vape clouds.

Adding to the sensational vaporization experience, the Crafty+ is equipped with an ingenious cooling unit, which cools down the vapor to a pleasant temperature. The cooling unit is made from PEEK, a high-grade, heat-resistant, food proof plastic commonly used in the medical field for surgical implants.

With arguably the best vapor delivery for portable devices, the Crafty+ also features a powerful battery that charges with a micro-USB charging cable. You don't need to worry about carrying a power bank round all day - instead, just pack your herbs and enjoy the flavorful, consistent and powerful hits.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Crafty+ vaporizer
  • 1 x instructions manual
  • 1 x micro-USB charging cable
  • 2 x drip pad
  • 3 x coarse screen
  • 3 x normal screen
  • 3 x base seal ring

Charging the Crafty+ vaporizer

To charge the device, plug the USB charging cable into the Crafty+ charging port. If you need to charge your power bank and Crafty+ battery simultaneously, you can do so with the built-in pass-through charging. You can also use the device while charging, as long as it's above the 20% required to heat the chamber.

Since you can't switch out 18650 batteries, the Crafty+ features one of the best battery lives for devices of its size and power. The battery can last for up to four sessions before needing to be charged.

Operating the device

Run a burn-off

Upon opening your Crafty+ Vaporizer, as with any vaporizer, it’s wise to run what's known as a burn-off. This is because residue from the manufacturing and shipping process may find its way into your device. The only thing you want to be vaping is your herb of choice!

To do this, simply turn the temperature to the highest setting and let your Crafty+ burn until the auto shut off kicks in. After each burn-off session, check if you can smell anything funky. If you can, repeat this process until the smell is gone.

Grind your herbs and load the chamber

When grinding herbs for your Crafty+ vaporizer, we recommend using a finer consistency. If you're working on a budget, using a regular grinder will do the job - just flip it over until you reach your ideal texture.

After grinding, remove the cooling unit connected to the mouthpiece and fill the oven with your herbs.

Set your ideal temperature

You can adjust the temperature using the smartphone app. Set your ideal temperature and turn on the device. When the LED screen is red, your herbs are heating up. Once it turns green, inhale as if you're sipping hot tea.

Cleaning & maintenance

Over time, the device will build up gunk in the cooling unit. This quick guide will help you with disassembling, cleaning and reassembling your Crafty+ vaporizer.

How often to clean your Crafty+?

You’ll know you need to clean your Crafty+ when the smell of resin is strong enough to notice when the oven is empty. You’ll also notice a decrease in vapor production and flavor when your device needs cleaning. As for session-to-session maintenance, the only thing you really need to clean out is the leftover bits of vaped material stuck in the chamber.

What you need

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton swabs
  • Glass jar for soaking pieces

Soak all the plastic parts except the cap lock fix with the hologram in isopropyl alcohol (ISO). The O-rings just need to be rinsed in hot water.

What you need to clean

Most of the buildup in your Crafty+ happens in the cooling unit. You can clean the oven whenever it's convenient (you could use dosing capsules for the oven to make cleaning it easier) but cleaning out the cooling unit and the rest of the device is a process, explained further below:


  • Detach the cooling unit from the Crafty+ by jiggling the mouthpiece back and forth to remove it.
  • Use the stir tool to remove the O-ring before setting it away.
  • Remove the cap lock by sliding it back and pulling it off. Note: there's no need to clean it, and you don't want to soak it in rubbing alcohol, or it might discolor the hologram.

Cleaning the cooling unit

  • Separate the cooling unit's upper and lower halves by pushing down the oval-shaped button on top, while pulling the halves apart.
  • Use the pointy end of the stirring tool to remove the O-rings inside the cooling unit.

Scrubbing vs. soaking the pieces

Soak the plastic and metal parts (except the holographic cap lock) in ISO. The metal should soak for at least an hour, whereas 30 minutes should be long enough for the plastic parts. If any deposits remain, use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to scrub it away. Once everything is clean, rinse it in hot water before letting it dry.

Cleaning the Crafty+ oven chamber

You don't want any ISO dripping down into the heating element or electrical components, so make sure you flip over the unit to clean it out.

Use a Q-tip soaked in alcohol to scrub away any stubborn gunk. Using dosing capsules avoids a sticky oven as they make it easy to clean out.

Reassembling everything

Once you're happy everything is clean, place the screen in the bottom half of the cooling unit. Then you want to place the O-ring between them before fitting the halves together.

After that, you want to slide the cap lock back into place, replace the O-ring on the mouthpiece and wiggle it back into the hole on top of the cooling unit.