How To Use A Weed Vaporizer The Right Way (Tutorial And Guide 2022 Edition)

How To Use A Weed Vaporizer The Right Way (Tutorial And Guide 2022 Edition)

Posted by VaporizerChief on 9th Jul 2022

A vaporizer often  known as an electronic cigarette, is a device that heats a liquid or herb to produce vapor. The vapor produced by the device is then inhaled by the users. Pens, e-cigarettes (such as JUUL), and hookahs are examples of vaporizers.

Weed vaporizers function by heating and condensing cannabinoids without harming the raw herb. Dry herb vapes may evaporate the active compounds in weed using revolutionary convection methods. Conduction vaporizers are the most common type of vaporizer.

Why do you need to learn how to correctly use weed vaporizers?

The following information is relevant whether you are just starting to vape or not. Or, If you have been vaping herb for a while and want to know whether there is any way to improve your experience. The popularity of vaping has grown throughout the years.

According to vaping statistics, one out of every twenty Americans vapes. Teen vape usage has increased by 1,800% in the past five years. About 1 million vaporizer users vape on a daily basis. 1.6 million of those users are vaping roughly twenty times each month.

Worldwide vaping sales totaled $15.7 billion in 2018. There is a projected increase to $40 billion by 2023.

The devices can be used in a harmless way

The vaporizers can be  maintained properly

There is no risk of any mishap (such as combustion and fires breaking out)

The users can get the best out of their devices.

How to use weed vaporizers:

Step 1: Get the vape kit

Many different types of weed vaporizers are available in the market, each having its own unique set of properties. Select the one which suits your vaping needs the best. It usually includes a dry herb vaporizer and some cleaning supplies.

All vaporizer kits include some type of instruction manual. Because nearly all of the devices are built in China, the phrasing in the instruction book may be a little jumbled. The instructions, on the other hand, will clarify the use of your specific kit and will usually include relevant pictures for additional context(Mann, 2022).

Step 2: Get herb

You need to get your hands on good-quality herb. A bad herb will not work properly with a vaporizer and will decrease the effects of the vape. Bad herbs are harder to grind and evaporate, which will affect the overall performance of the vaporizer and the vaping experience.

A low-quality dry herb will have low levels of THC (The chemical responsible for the euphoric effect of weed) with the THC ranging from only 10-15%, will have no smell at all or a foul, moldy or straw-like fragrance, will have little to know ‘high’ effect, will have an airy and puffy plant which will look dull and brown in appearance (Holt, 2020).

A high-quality herb will have high levels of THC (20-30%), will have a strong and distinctive smell, will produce a strong ‘high’ effect, will have a Dense, sticky as well as somewhat squishy density having bring colors of rich green with fiery orange or crimson bristles(Holt, 2020)

Step 3: Get a Grinder

Grinders are usually not included in vaporizer kits but are important when using dry herb vaporizers because the weed must be grounded if it is to be used in a vaporizer. Grinders often save you money in the long term by increasing your herb yield too. The weed will be ground or crushed into little tiny bits by the grinder, which are suitable for heating.

How to inhale vape:

There are two ways to inhale vape:

1. Mouth to lung:

Mouth-to-lung inhales are ideal for highly potent vapes, having high levels of THC. The draw with this type of inhale is tight and hits the back of one’s throat, something which is desired by many users. Such inhales are small with low levels of vapors.

Slowly inhale the vapors through the mouth

Hold the vapors in the mouth for a few seconds

Breathe the vapors in the lungs

Exhale the vapors through the nose (Mann, 2022).

2. Direct lung:

Direct lung inhales are ideal for those vapes which have low levels of THC. These inhales are usually smooth and easy, mostly because of the low levels of THC.

Quickly inhale vapors through the nose into the lungs

Immediately exhale the vapors out through the mouth(Mann, 2022).

Some people ask us if  using dry herb vaporizers with cannabis is healthy?

All we can say clearly state is that it is not as harmful as inhaling tobacco smoke.

Tips for using a dry herb vape:

1. Always use a fresh strain:

The quality of the herb you are smoking will determine how enjoyable it is for you.

Vaporization is a moisture-based technique that includes heating a material to the degree where the chemicals inside it exceed their boiling point and generate a vapor that may be breathed inhaled similarly to smoke. The fresher the strain, the higher levels of chemical it will contain and the better the experience will be. That is why it's always ideal to select a fresh plant that has greater moisture content.

2. Have a good grinder:

The way your weed is ground will ultimately affect how your vaporizer will work. If the particles are too big, they will not be able to combust properly and the entire vaping experience will be ruined. Grinding the weed properly improves its surface area. As a result, the heating from the vaporizer can now penetrate the weed matter more deeply and create a lovely, thick, pleasant vapor.

When smoking dried herbs, you should aim for a smooth, consistent, medium grind. If the weed particles are too big, they will not be able to combust properly and the entire vaping experience will be ruined. Furthermore, never crush more weed than is required to load one chamber. Any weed that has been crushed but is not being used will dry out considerably faster.

3. Monitor the temperature

The most important part of vaping is temperature. Therefore, it's important that you  adjust your temperature correctly for each session. The general principle is to vape at temperatures ranging from 180°C to 210°C (356-410°F). You will, nevertheless, need to mix it up to discover your optimal setting. Different herbs evaporate at different temperatures, and minor differences in the moisture content of your bud or the texture of your grind can also influence how effectively your cannabis vaporizes. Some of the many boiling points of cannabis components are given below to help you determine the ideal temperature for you:

Furthermore, many users discover that vaping at varying temperatures has varied effects; lower temperatures keep people more clear-headed and functioning, whilst higher temperatures provide powerful euphoria and calm.

45. Gently and lightly inhale

When vaporizing,  make sure to take small, moderate draws. When vapes initially became popular, there was a practice of taking huge, lengthy, and deep draws from the mouth. There are two major disadvantages of vaping in this manner:

To begin, taking lengthy, strong drags from the vape may force several of the weed to be swallowed up from the chamber, past the mouthpiece, and then into your mouth or up the nose. Furthermore, sucking forcefully and frequently from your vaporizer brings chilly air into the cartridge. This reduces the temperature within your vape, forcing the vape to work harder and, as a result, decreasing the quality of your vapor(Sumpter, 2020).

High-quality dry herb vapes to try today:

ArizerArGo - Buy Now

Arizer is a well-known company in the vape market, has been working for a long time, and has a reputation for producing high-quality vaporizers.

The ArizerArGo is the company's most recent portable weed vaporizer. It was released in late 2018. The typical ArGo Kit includes the following items:

Arizer Go

Two glass mouthpieces

18650 battery

Two silicone stem caps

Packing tool

USB charger

Wall outlet adapter

Carrying case


The design:

The ArGo has an elegant design. The ArGo has a slim, compact design with minimalism and an elegant two-tone monochrome aesthetic made from a blend of hard plastic and anodized aluminium pieces. With a height of only 4 inches, this gadget is both portable and pocket-friendly.

The battery:

The ArGo's battery lasts around 90 minutes, which is typical for  most pocket vaporizers. It takes roughly three and a half hours to recharge, which is much longer than the usual for portable vaporizers.

The temperature control:

The ArGo can run in temperatures ranging from 122° F (50° C) to 428° F (220° C). The ArGo's balance point is between 350° F and 400° F (180° C and 200° C). At this temperature, the produced vapor has a nicely balanced taste of vapor to density ratio(ArGo, 2018).

Davinci IQ - Buy Now

The Davinci brand is another well-known manufacturer that is well-known for the creation and development of high-end products. The DAVINCI IQ Vaporizer is a good alternative for anybody looking for pure and clean vapor. the IQ comes with the

A 10mm adapter/extended mouthpiece (also made from zircon ceramic)

A cleaning brush

A keychain with a metal cleaning tool which resembles a toothpick

A micro USB cable

A small metal container for storing additional ground materials securely



The DAVINCI IQ Vaporizer's body's a rounded rectangle that measures 3.54 by 1.65 by 0.94 inches (HWD). It comes in black, blue, copper, or gunmetal grey, as well as a collector's edition olive. Its hefty design, with the pre-installed flat mouthpiece, is comparable to a power bank for your smartphone. The zircon ceramic mouthpiece is positioned on a hinged door at the top of the IQ having a rubber gasket behind it. The vaping oven is hidden behind the next hinged door at the bottom of the IQ. It's also ceramic, with a zircon pearl to help pack the powdered materials uniformly in the chamber.


The IQ may primarily be used in two modes: Smart Paths and Precision. Smart Paths are thermal ranges that heat the material to a specific point before gradually raising the temperature additional 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Aromatherapy herbal combinations operate best at a stable, lower temperature, however if you use the IQ to vape weed, the rising heat can level out the impact, because the chemicals inside react more at higher degrees. Precision mode warms the material precisely within 250 and 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

Battery and charging:

The DAVINCI IQ may be used for over an hour in a single session. Because of the intense experience, an hour with Smart Paths might feel considerably longer. Surprisingly, the vaporizer's Tactile buttons vibrates to alert you when it's time to recharge the DAVINCI. It will also notify you when it is finished charging(DaVinci vaporizer, 2022).

Da Buddha - Buy Now

It is a desktop vaporizer. It is neither too pricy nor too cheap and is high-quality. If you're searching for a well-made vaporizer that won't break the budget, this is definitely one to try. The Da Buddha vaporizer kit comes with:

Da Buddha Vaporizer

Hemp Bag

Hands Free Wand

3/8' whip

Glass Mouthpiece


Glass Stir Tool


Quick prep time:

The Da Buddha is simple to use. Make sure the device is hooked into an electrical outlet before turning it on by turning the knob. The gadget needs users to keep it on and going for ten minutes the first time they use it, but for routine everyday use, users just need to wait approximately two minutes for it to warm up. Load some finely powdered herb into the wand while the gadget is heating up. Finally, slide the wand's tip inside the cylinder.

Vape quality:

It takes some getting used to adjusting the temperature knob to get the optimum temperature, however once users get the hang of it, every hit is assured to be smooth, rich, and delicious. Users may also personalize their experience by breathing deeply for five seconds to heighten floral flavor and enjoy a more intense experience.


It weights five pounds with the whipping assembly and stands slightly taller than 13 inches. The device's design is a basic cylinder with a port for the wand and a huge, bold Buddha logo on show near the knob.

Boundless Tera - Buy Now

The Boundless Tera is one of the toughest, most potent portable vaporizers on the market, and it was designed with strong consumers in mind. The kit comes with:


Glass Mouthpiece

Water Pipe Adapte

Mouthpiece Screens

2 Lithium-ion 18650 2500 mAh Batteries

Stainless Steel Chamber Screens (x5)

Stainless Steel Mesh Concentrate Pad

Cleaning Brush

User Manual

Packing/Stir Tool


Battery life:

The Tera's battery life is doubled with two 2500mAh 18650 batteries. The two batteries are connected in parallel, which means that both positive connections are at the top, which is the contrary of how batteries are commonly connected in various devices. Parallel-running batteries are more output-focused and offer more current at a faster rate.

Convention heating:

The Tera has genuine convection heating, which effectively heats your weed while delivering more flavor-focused vapor. Another advantage of convection heating is the ability to take draws on demand, which means that the herb is vaporized as you inhale and very little herb is lost in between.


On the Tera, there are two primary operating modes: dry herb mode or pre-set concentrate mode. The temperature is entirely programmable and changeable in dry-herb mode, with working temperatures ranging from 140-428 F. In concentrate mode, it reaches the peak temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Boundless CFC 2.0 - Buy Now

This weed vaporizer is an excellent example of low-cost equipment that operates admirably. The kit comes with:

Water Pipe Adapter

USB Charge Cable

2 Extra Mouthpiece Screens

3 Oven Screens

Cleaning Brush

Stir Tool




With dimensions of 5.2 x 1.1 inches and a weight of one pound, the gadget fits easily into any pocket. It has a cone form. It is constructed of plastic. The buttons are simple to access and positioned somewhat higher than expected to find on other vaporizers. These buttons are more tactile as well.


The inbuilt 1200 mAH battery powers the Boundless CFC 2.0 for 45 minutes of continuous use at 390°F and 400°F, or around 7 full sessions on a full charge at the same temperature range.

Temperature range:

The CFC 2.0 has a temperature range of 140-446°F (60-230°C). The highest setting is also effective for dealing with various concentrates.

Arizer V Tower - Buy Now

Arizer V Tower is among the most outstanding desktop vaporizers known for their superior vapor quality and taste. The kit includes:

V-Tower Multi-Purpose Heater

V-Tower Power Adapter

V-Tower Glass Cyclone Bowl

V-Tower Glass Aromatherapy Dish

Glass Stirring Tool

V-Tower 3′ Whip (Silicone)

Spare V-Tower Flat Screen

Spare V-Tower Dome Screen

Sample Aromatic Botanicals

V-Tower Owner’s Manual



The unit has high-quality internal semiconductors, a low complication rate, a straightforward control panel, and a stylish stainless steel enclosure. It also includes a new ceramic heating element that heats up quickly.

Temperature control:

It includes an incredibly precise digital display that lets you select your temperature to the closest degree and many sensors that ensure the temperature is correctly shown. It works well on low and high-temperature settings and has a temperature spectrum of 50 to 260 degrees Celsius. It offers one of the most extensive ranges among vaporizers.


It takes 4 to 7 minutes for this device to reach 205 degrees. Regarding whip-style vaporizers,

this is the industry standard. Users who wish to It's also simple to construct and remove after usage.

Mighty Vaporizer - Buy Now

This is the Cadillac of portable vaporizers. If you want one of the best dry herb vapes money can buy, this is the one to get. The kit includes:

Power adapter

Normal screens (small) (3)

Coarse screens (small) (3)

Cleaning brush

Plastic grinder

Filling tool

Seal rings

Dosing capsule

Mighty vaporizer

Instruction manual



The Mighty is driven by two built-in 3300mAh lithium ion batteries that can enable up to 120 minutes of steady vaping from a single charging cycle. When the batteries have to be recharged, you may continue to use this vaporizer with the included power adaptor while it charges.

Heating mode:

Mighty's revolutionary heating technology employs both conduction and convection heating to provide the highest quality vapor imaginable. Initially, convection heating is employed, but as your session progresses, the microwave will heat up and begin conduction heating.

Pulsar ApxV3 - Buy Now

An improved version of the much-loved original Pulsar APX, this vaporizer is an excellent option for anyone searching for a nice portable vaporizer for around $70. In comparison to other vaporizers of its class, it is incredibly affordable and works as a true portable cannabis vape. The Pulsar APX 2 balances the low cost of a vape pen with the features of a higher-end pocket vaporizer. The Pulsar APX 3 kit includes:

1x APX 3 Vaporizer

1x USB Cable

1x Stir Tool

1x Cleaning Brush

1x Extra Mouthpiece Silicone Insert


Battery life:

With a battery life of roughly 90 minutes, the Pulsar APX 2 is a handy solution for most day trips. However, the battery cannot be replaced. It contains a lithium ion battery with a capacity of 1600 mAh. Recharging takes 90 minutes.


The Pulsar is made of lightweight metal and has a silicone mouthpiece. It's quite light, yet it doesn't feel cheap. The front button is constructed of a rubber material. When you push it, it produces a pleasant quiet click, and your finger doesn't slip off when you use it. The chamber is composed of ceramic, which uniformly warms the substance and does not impart any flavor, unlike certain metal chambers.

Temperature control:

The Pulsar APX offers five temperature settings, all of which are controlled by a single button:

Lowest led lit 356 F

Second light 374 F

Third light 392 F

Fourth light 410 F

Fifth light 428 F (Pulsar, 2022)

Volcano Vaporizer - Buy Now

This is among the most well-known desktop devices on the market. The Volcano was launched almost 10 years ago and has been popular ever since.

The Volcano vaporizer is a device for vaporizing herbs. It features a volcano-shaped base that fills a big plastic balloon bag with vapor using convection heat. Just before the vaporizer is about to release the THC-containing vapors, the device replicates a cloud of smoke that comes out of a volcano just before an eruption. That is why it is named as 'Volcano'

The Volcano Vaporizer directs vaporized cannabis into a "balloon," or connected bag containing air. This balloon is composed of food-safe, flavorless, and odorless materials and is available in two sizes: "normal" and "XL." The filling tank on these vaporizers is often larger than on portable, single-use vapes, and the vapor balloon carries a significant amount of active, THC-infused vapor. The latest version of the Volcano vaporizer includes:

Vapor through balloons

Advanced technology

High performance heating system

Improved temperature control

High levels of compatibility with herbs, waxes and oils

High-quality building material


Size selection:

It gives you the option of selecting the size of the bag. This provides you with several possibilities for your preferred air/vapor mix. The greater the size of the bag, the more will be the air to dilute the smoke making the vapors less potent. When a smaller bad is used, there is lesser air to dilute the smoke and the vapors are more potent.

Temperature control:

It allows you to set the precise temperature at which you vape your herbs. Custom temperatures are available on both the Classic and Hybrid Volcano, however the Digital will be considerably more precise. This is because the screen provides a 3-digit temperature readout, eliminating the need for guessing. This helps you to extract the maximum taste out of your weed.

The vape quality:

The Volcano's vapor quality outshines most other  desktop vaporizers on the market.

This has a lot to do with the Volcano's traditional heating method.

This top tier desktop vaporizer also benefits from an innovative German design.


Maintaining your weed vaporizer is an art.

One must be in tune with the device and when it will need servicing.

It's critical to clean your vaporizer on a regular basis or it won't function right.

Following the tips in this guide can improve your vaporization experience.

Please check back with us again for some more tips in the future!