How to Troubleshoot a Desktop Vaporizer

How to Troubleshoot a Desktop Vaporizer

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 7th Dec 2021

When it comes to desktop vaporizers, the more advanced technology and higher output capacity that they offer tends to mean more reliability in performance. While desktop vaporizers are generally designed to offer phenomenal performance and functionality, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t prone to the occasional error or issue.

Before we talk about the most common problems you may encounter with a desktop vaporizer, let’s first cover a couple of things. First of all, each vaporizer is unique in terms of its construction, design and function, and so the best way to troubleshoot a problem is to refer to the user manual that it came with. If you no longer have it, you may be able to find a PDF version of it online or ask the manufacturer for a new one. Speaking of, it’s always better to contact the manufacturer and ask them for help with an issue than to try to take apart your vaporizer and fix it on your own.

Secondly, most desktop vaporizers come with a warranty. If the issue is not caused by misuse but due to a manufacturing error, the manufacturer should honor the warranty and replace it. So, if you have an issue that doesn’t seem to be your fault, you should contact the manufacturer to see if they will replace your device with a new one.

Addressing Those Most Common Issues

Now, we can get into the most common problems that people encounter with their desktop vaporizers, and why they typically occur.

Issue #1: No Vapor Coming Out

If the actual device looks good in that the buttons are responsive and the display screen is lit up, but you’re not getting any vapor, the issue can be a clog. Clogs can occur when a foreign object makes its way into the airflow channel, or when so much gunk has accumulated from the vaporization of your product that it’s jamming up your airflow and not letting vapor pass through. If the issue is debris, use some type of long and pointy object to feel around, carefully, to see if you can dislodge it.

If the issue is a clog due to the buildup of residue, then you’ll want to ask yourself when the last time was that you maintained your device. You should be cleaning your vaporizer once a week by taking apart the chamber and other airflow components that are not electronically powered, and soaking them in a water/salt/isopropyl alcohol solution. This effectively lifts away film and gunk so that it can easily be wiped away.

Issue #2: Your Product is Burning

If your product is tasting burnt or feeling harsh when you inhale, first you’ll want to check the settings. A common mistake that beginners make is going with a very high output setting or preset, thinking that more power is always better. But, this can burn the product rather than vaporize it. If the output setting isn’t the issue, then you’ll want to consider the possibility that your dry herb could be the issue due to its age or lack of moisture.

Issue #3: Your Battery Light is Flashing

A flashing battery light can indicate different things depending on the model, but sometimes, it can mean a failure within the circuitry that has nothing to do with how you’ve been operating it. If nothing in your user manual is actually solving the problem, the likely issue is that you somehow have a faulty desktop vaporizer on your hands, in which point you would want to take advantage of the warranty that the manufacturer provided.

Issue #4: It’s No Longer Charging or Connecting to a Power Outlet

Some desktop vaporizers are battery-powered, while others are connected to a wall outlet. Either way, if your device isn’t charging or isn’t connecting to your power source, this could very well be due to an issue with either the cord or port on your vaporizer that the cored connects to. First, wiggle the cord when it’s plugged into the port, gently. If it’s loose, it may not be connecting properly and either the cord or port needs to be fixed or replaced. If the cord itself is damaged, due to a pet chewing on it or it being maintained in a bent position, then all that you need to do is replace the actual cord rather than the device.

Issue #5: The Display Screen is Blank

If your device is clearly on, but the display screen is blank, this again could very well be a manufacturing error that would be a qualification for a replacement under the warranty agreement. Or, it could mean that moisture or debris got beneath the display screen and caused damage. Naturally, it’s hard to enjoy a solid vaping session if you can’t use the display screen to make adjustments, so you’ll want to get that fixed as soon as possible.

Issue #6: Your Device is Getting Hot

Besides the obvious possibility that you’ve left your device in the sun, an overheating desktop vaporizer can point to a couple of issues. One is that you’re taking too many puffs in a short period of time, and not allowing it to adequately cool down between each one. It could also be that your battery or otherwise power source is faulty and causing the actual circuitry to get too hot. Either way, if your device is overheating, stop using it, turn it off, unplug it if applicable, and wait until it cools down again before trying to use it.

Issue #7: An Error Code

If there is an error code on the display screen, refer to your user manual, which should give you the rundown on what each code means so that you know what to do to fix the issue.

Get Back to Having an Issue-Free Vaping Experience

If your desktop vaporizer has some sort of issue, you’ll want to fix it immediately to avoid making a potential problem even worse. Besides that, most issues interfere with your ability to enjoy your vaping experience. The good news is that desktop vaporizers are known for their exceptional reliability, which means that issues tend to be few and far between.