How to Properly Measure Dabs/Concentrates in an E-Nail or Banger

How to Properly Measure Dabs/Concentrates in an E-Nail or Banger

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 21st Jun 2022

Being a newbie dabber means having to gain knowledge on how to use an entirely new piece of equipment, get more accustomed to a new range of temperatures and understand how much of your dabs/concentrates you can consume at once to get the desired results. That being said, it’s not shocking that one of the most commonly asked questions among newbies is how much concentrate to load into their banger or onto their nail. That way, they get enough dabs to satisfy them, but not so much that they end up with waste.

Is There a Easier Way to Measure Your Dabs/Concentrates?

Not really, but you’d think that with such a popular industry, companies would offer dab tools that measure out a specific amount of concentrate to make it easy to load. Still, there’s a reason why there isn’t some universal measuring mechanism for concentrates. That’s because each concentrate is unique. For instance, shatter is more potent than wax, so what’s an appropriate amount of wax may be far too much when you go with some shatter. And, every concentrate has a unique potency level that changes how much you should have at one time, while each user has a unique objective when it comes to how much they want to dab in one session.

What we do have is a dab tool - a long device that allows transferring of dabs from their package to the rig. When it comes to measuring, it’s really something that you can start eyeballing with experience, since dabbing repeatedly means you’ll start to get a sense of the amount that’s right for you.

As a newbie, however, there are things you can take into account to help you make a solid choice on what the appropriate amount should be.

#1: Your Tolerance Level

Yes, tolerance has a lot to do with the amount you should dab. Dabs are more potent than flower or vape oils, so as a beginner, best to start with a low amount to avoid getting far more potency than you had planned for. As you gain experience, you can increase the amount you dab by loading more each time.

#2: Look at the Label

Fortunately, most concentrates give you some type of directions about how to load them into your rig, and how much to consume. They may recommend starting with a specific portion of the product, or compare the amount of product you should use to an object like a pea, a marble, etc.

#3: Consider the Potency of Your Dabs

Different dabs have different potency levels. Like we mentioned, shatter is more potent than wax, and so less is likely needed. Same applies to different strains, since some strains yield far higher THC levels than others, and that influences how much you’d want to dab in one session. So, pay close attention to how potent your dabs are, because you don’t want to get extremely affected by just two dab hits, and end up wasting the rest that’s in your banger or nail.

#4: Less is More

Perhaps the most common mistake is thinking that you need to fill a banger or nail because it has ample space to do so. This will cause problems by restricting airflow, and when airflow is restricted, your dabs won’t get heated evenly. The result? Burnt concentrates that are a mess to clean up. Not to mention a wasted product. By loading less, you will get more vapor out of each hit. And, you can always add more as needed, but once you’ve heated your e-nail or banger, you can’t take it out and save it for later.

#5: Saturation and Vaporization

Be aware of the saturation and vaporization rate of your dabs to prevent waste and burning.

  • Saturation rate is how saturated your heating element gets with concentrate that has melted into an oil.
  • Vaporization refers to how much the oil in the heating element actually vaporizers vs. burns.

So, adding too much concentrate at one time can mean that the heating element gets very saturated, but it’s so saturated that it doesn’t fully vaporize, and you end up with wasted concentrate and a very wet coil.

Basically, There’s No Clear Measurement When Getting Your Dab On

Since there’s no uncovered method for measuring out the perfect dab, there are no real tools to help you do so. And, there doesn’t have to be. Dabbing is all about trial & error, and just finding what works for you, to then achieve your sweet spot. So, begin with just a little bit of concentrate, and increase the amount as you desire until you’re fully satisfied with each of your dabbing sessions.