How to Blow Smoke in a Low-Key Manner

How to Blow Smoke in a Low-Key Manner

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 14th Jun 2022

A lot of us have been there – craving only a fantastic and enjoyable smoking session. But, there’s some kind of obstacle that blogs us from being able to smoke freely. Perhaps we’re in a hotel room, or at home with a family member a bit too close for comfort. Either way, if there is one thing we know about smoke, it’s that its smell gives us away every time, and there is no way around that…until now.

How to Become More Discreet When Creating Some Insane Smoke?

Fortunately, there are ways to be discreet while smoking, that will hide both the smell and the appearance of those plumes. The next time you wanna savor some herb but feel anxious that someone nearby won’t approve, consider any one of these clever coverup methods.

Method #1: Invest in Some Incense

Certainly not all scents will cover up the smell of smoke, but some are simply so strong that they have the ability to overpower your sessions. Incense is the perfect example, as the fact that it, too, produces smoke allows it to challenge any other odors in the air. It doesn’t matter what type of incense fragrance you choose, which means that you can grab some cheap incense from the convenience store if need be, and also feel confident that it will be perfectly effective. Make sure to light the incense five or so minutes before you start smoking, which will create a nice, strong scent that your smoke can’t compete with.

Method #2: Try a One-Hitter

One-hitter devices aren’t just convenient in their portability – they’re also great for being discreet in every way. They tend to keep the smell of the smoke contained within themselves due to the way in which the smoke moves through the airflow channel, thus preventing a strong, noticeable aroma from filling the air around you. Also, because of how small the airflow channel is, they produce very little smoke while the smoke itself is very dense in a way that gives you the effects you’re looking for. Using a One hitter to smoke can help control the amount of herbs and conserve your stash. Plus, it keeps sessions discreet, simple and clean.

Method #3: Blow the Smoke Out the Window or into an Exhaust Fan

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but only works if there is no one outside, and if the weather is just right so that there’s no wind to blow it back toward you, or humidity that prevents the smoke from getting very far. If the window method isn’t an option, consider an exhaust fan in the bathroom which sucks up most of the smoke.

Method #4: Grab a Sweater, Towel, or Even a Blanket

Blowing the smoke directly into a thick fabric allows the fibers to absorb the smoke so that it doesn’t get into the air. Don’t get us wrong – blowing your smoke into fabric means that the fabric will take on the smell of what you’re smoking. Still, at least it won’t be noticeable unless a person is putting their nose right up to the material.

Method #5: Use an Air Purifier

If you happen to have an air purifier, you can blow into that. Air purifiers are designed to filter out things like smoke and other things in the air that can cause a strong smell. Some air purifiers are more powerful than others, so be mindful of the fact that not all of them completely remove the smell.

Method #6: Make A DIY Filter

One of the most popular methods used by a lot of experienced smokers is making a DIY filter to blow the smoke into. It’s actually quite simple to do this. Grab the cardboard part of a paper towel role and stuff it with dryer sheets. The dryer sheets do a great job of absorbing the smoke, so when you blow into them, the smoke never gets into the air. Meanwhile, most dryer sheets are scented, which means that they cover up the aroma. Each time you go to exhale, simply grab your filter. It works like a charm.