How to Avoid Burned Out Wax/Oil Vape Coils

How to Avoid Burned Out Wax/Oil Vape Coils

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 21st Aug 2021

Most experienced wax/oil vapers have at one time, or another endured the objectionable taste of burnt coils. Coil burn is bound to happen at one point or another. However, there are some simple ways to prevent it, as there is no good reason to vape with a burned out coil.

A coil will rarely stop functioning altogether. Instead, it will perform increasingly poorly over time, delivering less than desirable results. Burned out coils can cause throat burn and generally taste quite bad. Coils are designed to be disposable and will weaken with use. Just like a car or large appliance, vape coils require care in order to remain at their optimal performance.

Why Do Coils Burn Out and What Steps Can You Take to Prevent This?

Coils can burn out due to several factors:

  • Chain vaping
  • Failure to sufficiently break-in a new coil or wick
  • Content of your wax or oil can have a role in coil burnout.

You can counter these flaws with diligence and attention in just a few simple steps:

  1. Minimizing chain vaping will take stress off the battery and keep the wick moist for longer.
  2. With the battery ON for long periods of time and the heat consistently high, coil burnout becomes more likely. Coils are built to be heated rapidly so turning your device on and off with use can extend coil life.
  3. When in use, try to allow fifteen to thirty seconds between pulls in order to manage the stress on the device.

Understanding Wick and Coil Setups

There is no single setup that is right for everyone so it will take some trial and error after you have a little understanding of what you are doing. With that said, here is some information about different types of wicks available to help you save some time during your experimentation. Use this as a reference to find what you’re looking for from your device.

Silica Wicks

When vaping first started, wicks were generally made out of silica. These kinds of wicks are resistant to heat, helps move the wax/oil into the wick quickly, and the flavor isn’t bad. Most atomizers used silica wicks and even some rebuildable users prefer this type over others available. These wicks are easy to use since they are simple to install. Because they are heat resistant you can dry burn them removing the gunk that might’ve built up. Another benefit is that they can last up to a month.

Ekowool Wicks

These types of wicks are also made out of silica and have all the same properties of them. It is braided and has a center that is hollow allowing for better wicking. You can even braid your own using regular silica wicks but it would be difficult to have a hollow center this way. This hollow center allows you to insert a toothpick or paper clip acting as a stabilizer while you wrap a new coil around it.

Stainless-Steel Mesh Wicks

These types of wicks are most commonly used with genesis style atomizers. They last a long time if they are oxidized properly. This is a long procedure involving torching the stainless steel mesh, cooling it quickly, and repeating this process many times. It is a little difficult to coil and you’ll have to adjust it after you install it to make sure that there are no hot spots. This type of coil gives you a very pure taste, is able to wick well, and will not need to be replaced very often.

Organic Cotton Wicks

Most people agree that this is one of the most popular available, but it’s not extremely easy to use though. You have to coil your wick by using a drill bit, a jig, or a toothpick. You attach a coil to the atomizer, then put the cotton through it. If you use too much cotton, you will have a reduction in oil flow. Using too little can cause hot spots. It is easier to burn than other options available as well.

Final Coil Non-Burnout Thoughts

Identifying a burned out coil is relatively simple. As you begin to notice the quality of your vape slipping, you can take that as a sign of coil burnout. It is therefore important to pay attention to the nuanced flavor of your vape in order to identify potential coil burnout as early as possible.

With just a few simple steps and a general awareness, you can easily prolong the life of your coils and never again have to feel the throat burn and poor taste of burned out coils.

Breaking-in a new wick slowly will help break-in the coil as well. Start with a low voltage and gradually increase it. Always ensure that the coil/wick is primed. These simple tactics for breaking in a coil can help prolong the life of the coil and prevent it from burning out.