How Long Should Oil or Wax Sit in a Vaporizer’s Chamber for?

How Long Should Oil or Wax Sit in a Vaporizer’s Chamber for?

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 27th Dec 2020

Those of you out there who enjoy vaping wax or oil have probably put a good deal of effort into choosing the right vaporizer device with the highest-quality chamber possible. But, once you have that vaporizer, you need to make sure that you use it properly so that you can enjoy your oil or wax for as long as possible.

One question that’s worth asking is how long oil or wax should sit in the chamber of the vaporizer. First, let’s discuss the shelf lives of both oil and wax.

How Long Do Oil and Wax Last for?

Because each has its own unique consistency and the way in which it is made, the shelf lives are different. Generally speaking, vape oils last for about two years, and waxes, along with similarly produced concentrates, about one year.

But what happens after they do expire?

Well, the good news is that they don’t go “bad” like the milk in your fridge that you forgot about. They don’t become rancid or unsafe. But the compounds do break down, causing the overall product to lose its potency and properties. So, using them once they have expired may essentially be useless as it won’t give you the experience you were looking for.

What Happen When You Leave Oil or Wax in a Chamber for Too Long?

Now that we know when wax and oil expire, let us talk about what can happen if they are left in the chamber of an atomizer for too long, according to different factors that affect the degradation process of the compounds in the buds.

Factor #1: Temperature Conditions

The temperature at which we store our wax and oil makes a big difference. If you leave your vaporizer in an area that is prone to high temperatures, such as in your car, then the compounds will break down quite quickly – well before the expiration dates of each product, so to speak.

Factor #2: Humidity

High humidity has the same effect on wax and oil as high temperature, so leaving your vaporizer outdoors in humid weather, or in the bathroom where the shower causes the room to accumulate steam, can also cause the compounds to lose their potency more quickly.

Factor #4: The Age of the Wax or Oil

Of course, the age of the wax or oil plays a role. If what you have left in the chamber is, say, an oil that you just purchased two weeks ago, it’s more likely to withstand the conditions of being inside the chamber. This is because it is still a very stable product, and so certain external conditions like temperature will not yet have as much of an effect.

Factor #5: How Many Times You’ve Fired the Vaporizer

How many times you’ve fired that vaporizer with the wax or oil inside makes quite a big difference. Each time we fire a hit, we expose the compounds to high temperatures. Naturally, the more hits we take, the more we destabilize these compounds due to the heat, which means that they will break down more rapidly. This is why people are advised to only put into the chamber as much as they need for one or two sessions.

The Bottom Line: How Long Can Oil or Wax Sit in a Vaporizer?

So, what’s the verdict? Well, ultimately, we recommend that you do not leave your wax or oil in the chamber of your vaping device, but rather only put as much into the chamber as you will use in one or two days. There are too many factors to answer the initial question succinctly, but what we can say is that the longer it sits, the less likely it is to deliver potent results.