How High or Low Should You Go Temperature Wise When Dabbing?

How High or Low Should You Go Temperature Wise When Dabbing?

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 28th Sep 2021

A question that sometimes gets raised by new dabbers especially is dabbing temperature. Specifically, “at which temperature should I heat my concentrates for the most satisfying dabbing experience?” As you will find out, every enthusiast has their own personal sweet spot. This can be an awesome thing. Why? Because dabbing allows you to explore different options as you so desire.

Why Does the Temperature You Dab at Matter So Much Anyway?

It’s all about your overall experience. You see, dabbing involves heating those concentrates in a dabbing piece to bring out the most flavor, while ensuring that the body absorbs those desirable compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes. The temperature itself determines how potently those compounds are felt, how long your concentrate lasts, the flavor that you experience and even the thickness of the smoke or vapor.

Dabbing at a temperature too low simply will not give you any kind of experience to speak of, because the compounds simply aren’t reaching the right temp to deliver effects.

Dabbing at a temperature that’s too high will burn your product, destroying its flavor and burning away the properties of the compounds you’re specifically seeking out.

High-Temp Dabbing

Dabbing at a temperature above 400 degrees, while still remaining below 900 degrees. Essentially, anything above 900 degrees will completely burn, meaning your product will be ruined. Between 600 and 900 is extremely high temp, and while you’ll get tons of thick clouds, you will likely experience harshness. Also, at this temperature range, most of the terpenes will burn away; decreasing the flavor while also preventing you from experiencing the terpenes' properties, which can be highly valuable in their own right.

More high-temp dabbers choose a temperature between 450 and 600 degrees, which can still be a bit harsh on the lungs and throat. The tradeoff though is it provides a more balanced flavor and a good level of cloud thickness and size.


  • Stronger Effects
  • Bigger and Thicker Clouds
  • Less Residue to Clean


  • Risk of Burning Compounds (terpenes)
  • Less Flavor
  • Harsher Hits
  • Burning Through Product (can be costly)

Low-Temp Dabbing

Dabbing at a temperature between 300 and 450 degrees. Going below 300 degrees will simply not be hot enough to deliver the effects that you’re looking for. Most dabbers do, in fact, opt for low temp dabbing because they prefer its qualities over high temp dabbing. Also gives you a nice balance between flavor and potency, while minimizing harshness and letting your concentrate last longer.


  • Increase Flavor Production
  • More Terpene Intake
  • Easier on the Throat and Lungs (less coughing)
  • Longer-lasting Product (saves you money)


  • Smaller Clouds
  • Milder Potency
  • More Residue to Clean

How High or Low of a Temp You Dab at is Totally Up to You

At the end of the dabbing day, it really comes down to personal preference, so we encourage you to weigh the pros and cons to figure out which style will best meet your dabbing-based needs. Again, as long as you’re between 300 and 900 degrees, you can successfully dab, although most dabbers prefer to stick within the 300-450 range due to its ability to offer exceptional flavor, less harshness, and high terpene content with each hit.