How Has the Desktop Vaporizer Evolved Over the Last 10 Years?

How Has the Desktop Vaporizer Evolved Over the Last 10 Years?

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 28th Nov 2020

While a lot of the focus is on portable vaporizer devices these days, desktop vaporizers are still alive and well, providing many herbal enthusiasts with a unique level of satisfaction that only this type of device can provide. Desktop vaporizers have been around long before the portable pens that many of us use today, and what started as fairly primitive technology has evolved into extraordinarily advanced electronics.

Before we get ahead of ourselves and discuss this evolution, we need to first cover what a desktop vaporizer is, for those who have yet to use one themselves.

What is a Desktop Vaporizer?

A desktop vaporizer, as the name implies, is a vaporizer device for herbal use that is meant for being placed onto a desk or other type of surface. Rather than being a small, compact, and travel-friendly device, it is fairly large, usually above at least six inches in height, and usually plugs into a wall. This means that it is not meant for traveling with, and vaping throughout the day, but rather savoring a nice, full experience at home.

Like all vaporizers used for dry herbs, desktop vaporizers use either conduction or convection to essentially bake the herb, which produces vapor rather than smoke. It is inhaled through a whip, which is a hose that attaches to the device, acting as the mouthpiece, much like a hookah.

Desktop vaporizers have been around for well over a decade and continue to be used today. With that said, let is go over the specific ways in which these devices have evolved since they first hit the scene.

#1: More Portable

One thing that’s noticeable about modern desktop vaporizers is that they are more portable than their predecessors. They’re not pocket-friendly like vape pens, nor are they intended to be. These units can be more easily moved throughout the home, and even taken to a buddy’s house without as much effort. They are more compact, which largely has to do with the smaller circuitry required to operate them, and so lugging them around is no longer necessarily a pain.

#2: Made with Better Materials

Today’s desktop vaporizers are typically made with more resilient materials, which helps them last longer. They do not break as easily, as they have exteriors made from extremely durable materials that can handle various conditions including getting knocked over and unfavorable climates. This means that today’s vaporizers can last for years and years.

#3: Perform More Consistently

As technology has gotten more advanced, hardware companies that make these devices have begun to integrate extremely high-tech chipsets into the devices, which allows for them to self-regulate and use smart technology to adjust as needed. What this ultimately means is that vapers will experience one satisfying puff of vapor after another, as the flavor and cloud production will be the same as the last hit. One complaint with earlier desktop vaporizer models was the frequency of dry hits which either lacked abundant vapor or caused a poor flavor. This rarely happens anymore, thankfully.

#4: They Have More Output Options

Desktop vaporizers were always pretty advanced in terms of their output capabilities, but today’s models blow the earlier ones out of the water. Today’s models come with lots of output modes including different heat and wattage settings, and many allow you to set a specific temperature that gives one more control over the quality of their vapes based on attributes like flavor, thickness of vapor and so on. More output options equate to better vaping sessions. This is to ensure that each hit is completely satisfying to one’s specific preferences, and so this advancement is highly welcome. It also makes it easier to experience compatibility with different herbal strains, textures, and ages since purchase, as a few adjustments can bring out the best in any product.

#5: They Offer More Advanced Features

Aside from offering advanced output options, a lot of the modern desktop vaporizers that we are seeing have unique advanced features that make them more efficient in terms of function, and more enjoyable to use. Some now offer voice command, which means that the user does not need to even touch the vaporizer to get the experience that they want. Preheat functions, airflow settings, and more functionalities work together to create a truly customized experience for the vaper.

#6: More Attractive

Another welcome advancement is the aesthetic value of today’s desktop vaporizers. Overall, it is hard to deny that they are more pleasing to look at. Many incorporate visual details of luxury items and modern design, creating sleek and sophisticated setups that actually appeal to the user. They come in more shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes than we have ever seen before, and considering their decent size, aesthetics is uniquely important as you’ll likely be looking at your vaporizer quite a bit, even when it’s not in use.

#7: They Offer More Advanced Display Options

Display screen technology has gotten quite advanced over the years, and the desktop vaporizer industry has been keeping up. Now, display screens use TFT or OLED technology, offering cleaner, crisper and more comprehensive displays of data, settings and more. The data is more advanced, offering features like puff counters that tell the user how many hits they have taken so that they can keep track of their vaping sessions. , Some even use touchscreen technology, which is both efficient and exciting to the user.

#8: Need Less Maintenance

A refreshing feature of many modern vaporizer devices is that they don’t require as much maintenance as they once did. Many have advanced settings that prevent too much resin gunk from developing, and they typically have fewer parts than they once did that need to be cleaned regularly. The materials used in today’s models are usually more resistant to getting dirty, and are easier to clean overall, with less nooks and crannies into which debris and dirt can enter.

#9: Have Fewer Parts

Because today’s desktop vaporizers usually have fewer parts, they are more streamlined which adds to efficiency of performance. And, this also means that they require less replacement parts, so that the user doesn’t have to put as much effort into maintaining their hobby by being on top of the individual needs of each piece of their vaporizer device.

#10: Offer Better Flavor

Yes, a big change that many have noticed relates to flavor. A number of factors have worked together to generally improve the taste of each hit, offering a cleaner and more complex taste that does not just appeal to the palate, but indicates that the herb is being better cared for in the device. This has to do with the materials used to cradle the herb, along with the output settings that bring about the best flavor by adjusting based on the needs of the herb itself.

Desktop Vaporizer Technology Continues to Amaze

Desktop vaporizers have a lot to offer to herbal enthusiasts who want a more high-powered setup. And, over the last ten years, they have gotten stunningly advanced, allowing users to customize them more effectively while enjoying more portable, user-friendly, durable, and visually attractive designs. In other words, if you’ve been on the fence about trying one for a while, now is an excellent time to check out the highly advanced models that are on the market.