How Do Ceramic and Quartz Atomizers Affect Your Herbal Vaping Experience?

How Do Ceramic and Quartz Atomizers Affect Your Herbal Vaping Experience?

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 21st Sep 2020

When choosing the perfect hardware for your herbal vaping product, whether it be wax, oil, dry herb or something else in the same category, it’s extremely important that you pay attention to the material of the atomizer. Many of us focus all of our attention on the output levels a device can reach, and its portability factor, but rarely consider this equally crucial attribute.

Today, most vaporizers offer atomizers made from one of two materials: ceramic or quartz. These materials were once considered high-end, but now, they’ve become standards in the industry because of the unique ways in which they improve one’s vaping experience. As you’ll see, each of these materials is great for vaporizing your product in different ways.

Ceramic Atomizers

These now becoming the number one material for this type of vaping system. Let’s examine what makes ceramic such a great choice.


Ceramic is highly capable of retaining heat, more so than most materials you’ll find today. This is ideal because it means that the atomizer doesn’t need to fully reheat itself after the first hit. Once that first hit is done, the atomizer will remain at a high temperature, which means that the next time you fire, it won’t take long at all.


Ceramic is a neutral material that does not alter the taste of your product. This makes it extremely desirable because other materials can throw off the taste in undesirable ways.

Easy to Clean

Ceramic is refreshingly easy to clean, not having the microscopic grooves that many other materials have that cause gunk to develop over time. The smooth surface of ceramic means that gunk is less likely to stick as well.

Gradual Heating for Smoother Vapor

Ceramic heats more gradually than other materials, but this can be seen as a positive by many. It means that you’re less likely to burn your product, and it gives time for each compound to activate on its own for a more balanced vaping experience.

Can Crack

Yes, ceramic is extremely durable, but it can crack if you drop it. Therefore, you must be careful when handling it.

Doesn’t Produce Super Thick Vapor

Ceramic will not give you the enormously thick and abundant clouds that some expect when vaping. However, the flavor you get with ceramic more than makes up for this if you ask most vaping enthusiasts.

Quartz Atomizers

Also, extremely popular, and share a lot in common with ceramic atomizers.


Quartz, like ceramic, is neutral in terms of its flavor. So, again, this is great if you want a super clean flavor that’s unadulterated by additional materials.

Fast Heating Time

While ceramic takes a while to heat up, quartz gets hot very fast, which means that you’ll be able to get a full hit faster.

Easy to Clean

Like ceramic, quartz is extremely clean because of its smooth surface and lack of small grooves that can accumulate buildup. This means that you’re less likely to end up with a gunk problem that throws off the taste of your vapor and potentially leads to airflow issues.

Not Very Heat-Retentive

Unlike ceramic, quartz struggles to retain heat, which means that each hit will likely require more battery power to reach the ideal temperature.

Quartz or Ceramic: The Choice is Yours

Whether you plan to vaporize dabs, oils, waxes or dry herb, you’re likely going to want to choose between either ceramic or quartz, as they are the most prominent options on the market for the reasons we explained above. So, which one is better?

Well, as you can see, they both offer many pros and a couple of cons. And, these pros and cons apply regardless of the type of product that you’re using. Therefore, it’s all about weighing these various factors in order to make a decision based on your specific preferences. Ultimately, they are both stellar options that will give you a satisfying and effective experience, so whichever one you end up choosing, you should be pleased with your vapes overall.

Both Ceramic and Quartz Make for Excellent Atty Materials

They’re capable of producing smooth, flavorful and consistent vapor time and time again. It’s up to you, of course, which material is the most likely to give you the specific experience that you crave when vaping your dry herb, wax, oil or dabs.