Guide to Temperature Control Vaping with Mods

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 8th Jun 2021

Long before vaping ever started the way we know of it, it was done through hot stones. Ancestors would throw stones and big rocks into fit pits, and let them heat up real well. Once heated to a temperature they thought was perfect, they would spread ground up herbs and oils which would turn into vapor then dissipate. Since then, portable vaporizers have come to light and have even been more advanced ever since. Electronic cigarettes came out with bigger batteries and more efficient atomizers. Then they evolved into a mod which requires a bigger battery, better rebuildable atomizer and the ability to change voltage or wattage.

What is a Mod?

Mods are the most powerful types of vaporizers that are either regulated or unregulated and they replace regular electronic cigarettes. They are called mods because of the ability to modify it and use it beyond the limits of how they are made. Think of it as overclocking your computer or adding performance parts to a car to make it faster or more efficient. Mods can be more precise and definitely more powerful. The main difference that you will notice right away is that the battery is much bigger and ranges from 18350mAh to 26650mAh size batteries. It also has a bigger atomizer in which you can fill up your liquids or even drip your oils onto. However these coils are rebuildable and will have a bigger capacity than most clearomizers. When vaping, there is a big difference in the vapor cloud output as with mods, you will get a huge cloud of vapor if done right. Vapers that enter into cloud chasing competitions all use mods to compete. Vape mods are the next step above when you want to graduate from your eGo Starter Kit and move on to the big leagues.

Regulated or Unregulated?

Mod vapes branch out into two main types of units, regulated and unregulated. The difference is pretty simple to understand but knowing which one to use is another question in itself. Regulated mods are pretty much most of what you see around. Regulated devices have circuit boards which can safeguard your vape from heating up too much, over-charging, dis-charging and more. Most of them come with the option for variable voltage and variable wattage which is also what separates it from an unregulated one. Unregulated vapes or mechanical modsare vapeswith no circuit board so all the power to the atomizer is coming from the battery directly. It does not have any safety features or variable power outputs.They come in the form of a metal tube, metal box, or wooden box usually. This is just the house which just protects the battery and helps it connect directly to the bottom of the atomizers base. Mech mods have no restrictions on the resistance of the coil so if you have a short, it won't stop it. When charging, you would need to use a specific battery charger.

regulated vs unregulated

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What is Temperature Control Vaping?

Being able to change the temperature at which you're vaping at is probably the best thing that has happened to vaping in general. Not every e-liquid is mean't to be vaped at the same power, not every wire is meant to have the same electricity current running at the same temperature and all coils will have a difference resistance. Knowing what to vape at is good because you can make sure you're not getting any dry hits, which is when you've over-vaped the cotton or the coil to where the atomizer is dry. Changing the wattage and voltage won't exactly get you to your desired temperature but it will propel it.

How Does it Work?

The idea and action of how a temperature controlled vape works is pretty easy to understand. When the materials start getting hotter, the resistance increases like the number of ohms. It's not a big difference but the coil definitely gets hotter. The resistance gets increased by a specific amount with each degree hotter it gets. Your mod can tell the difference in the temperature of your coil if the increase of resistance is enough to measure.

The way your vape can tell the difference in temperature is by testing the coils resistance constantly to see whether it's gettng hotter or colder. If you have you a rebuildable atomizer, you will want to build with nickel, steel, or titanium. Many people who build do it with nichrome or kanthal which don't change resistance enough for it work efficiently. A very good way of thinking about how temperature control mods work is thinking of the voltage and wattage as the horsepower and torque on your car. It helps you get to the speed you want to get at. The speed is the temperature and the wattage/voltage are how fast you will get there.

Why Do We Need It?

Controlling temperatures on mod vape pens is very useful to escape the horrid taste of dry hits or dry puffs. One way to avoid this is to definitely keep refilling your atomizer with liquid but the higher the temperature the quicker you will keep refilling. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that juices with higher VG (vegetable glycerin) content will require higher temperatures and higher wattage. VG gives the liquid oil its thick viscosity which requires more power to vape it. It's almost like fine-tuning your vape to use it with a specific liquid to make sure you get the most efficient vapor taste.

Depending on your coil, your coil will have a longer life span when you choose the temperature. The higher the temperature the quicker the burn but varying it will give it a longer life. Another reason why many people love using temperature control vaping is because of the custom cloud you can blow. People who enter into cloud chasing competitions, where two people face off and try to blow the biggest cloud of vapor they can, use controlled vapes. The good thing about controlling it with a temperature rather than the voltage is because we are more familiar using something temperature based rather than a unit of measurement we are not used too.

Recommended Temperature for Mods

Regardless of the device or your experience, it's always good to start with a lower temperature to get the hang of things. Start taking the temperature up slowly and keep vaporizing until you realize you hit the sweet spot. Not all e-juices will be hitting the same. Different liquids will need to be optimized to be used with the right temperature, voltage, or wattage. The reason for this is because the ratio of the propylene glycol to the vegetable glycerin can differ and the more VG there is in the juice, the thicker it will be. You will need to vape at a higher power output than if you had more PG.

Not all units will vape at the same power but most electronic cigarette vaporizing eliquids will be efficient vaping at 392°F - 480°F (200°C - 250°C). Most units will jump in 10°F increments or 5°C increments.

ohms, wattage, voltage chart

Voltage vs. Wattage


Before we explain the difference between wattage and voltage, let's explain what an ohm is. Ohm is a unit of measurement for the resistance. The lower the resistance, the more electricity can through your atomizer and vice versa. When you lower the resistance you will notice your coil generating more heat. This can result in a bigger vapor cloud along with a more intense flavor. Think of it as giving the vaporizer more power to increase the electricity flowing through it rather than resisting more power. You can even get to sub-ohm vaping levels but not all units can handle these atomizers.


Voltage is probably one of the keywords you are more familiar with as you probably have used it in a daily conversation. Volts are the amount of power that pushes charged electrons through a conducting loop. In laymans terms, it's the amount of power that the battery is pushing into the atomizer. The higher the voltage with less resistance, the quicker you will drain you battery along with your atomizer filled with liquid.


By setting up your wattage instead of the voltage, you let the battery choose your voltage and adjust to what's optimal. Watts are the basic unit of electric power, which is equal to one joule per second. Watts is a way of measured overall power of the vape itself.

Vaping Safety

Vapes can be safe if they are used correctly. Learning to reduce risk is going to help a lot and there are many things that you can do to make sure you are getting the most out of your vape along with keeping everything under control. With the crazy heat wave in Los Angeles, CA this year along with many other places, it's VERY important to make sure your device is kept cool at all times. Anytime a lithium-ion battery is involved, you want to make sure it has enough room to keep cool.

Dry hit vaping

  1. Overheating Batteries

    One of the most dangerous parts of a vape mod is the over heating of the batteries it holds. The chance of it happening are very slim and it does not happen much but it's always something to look out for. This is why you always want to go with brand name and high-quality batteries to make sure they have been tested under pressure. Some lithium-ion batteries have a prevention control where they stop functioning when they get too hot. Overcharging is another issue many people are not aware of. Regulated mods will stop the vape from overcharging and immediately stop feeding electricity to the batteries. If the vape does not stop charging automatically, the batteries can expand and burst. Another thing to avoid when it comes to charging is making sure you only use the charger that came with the kit. Using a charger from a phone or tablet might be too strong for your unit.

  2. Regulated Mod

    Using a regulated mod is a huge advantage to unregulated vape mods because of the advanced safety features that many new vapers don't know of. Not many regulated advanced personal vaporizers have circuit failures or even any design flaws. One thing to look out for are charging with non authentic USB chargers or phone car chargers. Car chargers tend to charge at a higher output. Make sure not to leave your device in your car in the summer either.

  3. Avoid Dry Burning Coils

    For starters, dry burning is when you put a lot of power into a coil that has no liquid in the atomizer. This can occur from testing the coil or from needing to refill your atomizer. Vapers burn the coil to test or remove the excess of the coil once it has been refilled and used a few times to avoid tasting bad. However, doing this can definitely change the structure of the coil, especially if it's made from metal or alloy. Coils have even been known to pop from the pressure of dry burning. The reason it is dangerous is due to the coating of oxidized material that can form on the outside and enter into the vapor.

  4. Learn to Build Coils the Right Way

    Learning to build coils the right way can be a very useful method from the beginning. Building coils is actually for advanced vapers because you need to get used to reading ohms so you don't build something that is more powerful than your vape can handle. You need to know which wire or coil to use.