Giving Your Pet CBD to Help Them Deal with Independence Day Fireworks

Giving Your Pet CBD to Help Them Deal with Independence Day Fireworks

Posted by David Nadel on 21st Jun 2020

We’re coming up on the 4th of July soon, which means that many of us are getting ready for spectacular firework shows that leave us feeling inspired and proud to be an American. But, while those fireworks may leave us feeling uplifted, our four-legged friends may be having an entirely different experience.

It’s no secret that cats and dogs hate fireworks. Their reactions to those loud booms throughout the evening can leave them in a state of intense distress. As pet owners, their reactions to this holiday tradition can make it difficult for us to enjoy them at all.

However, there are some methods that can help your pet maintain a stronger sense of calm throughout those firework displays. One of them might be CBD.

Why Most Pets Hate Fireworks

So, what is it about fireworks that make them the bane of our pets’ existence? Well, think about it from their perspective. We know what fireworks are, and that they’re harmless. Sadly, our pets do not. We can’t simply explain to them that fireworks do not indicate imminent danger. Cats and dogs are hardwired to react poorly to loud, sudden noises, as it’s a sign that they need to take immediate shelter, as there is a legitimate threat around them. What makes things worse is that fireworks are unpredictable. The noises do not follow a particular pattern, which can leave our pet feeling very on edge as they don’t know when to anticipate the next loud boom.

Why You Might Want to Give Them Some CBD This 4th of July

More veterinarians are recommending CBD to their on-edge furry patients. Why? Because there are many findings showing that CBD can have a calming effect in a very natural and holistic way. What our four-legged friends have in common with us is an endocannabinoid system, which uses cannabinoids to regulate bodily processes including stress levels. Therefore, pets can have the same experience that we do when they consume the hemp compound.

How to Give Your Pet CBD Properly

Now that you know what CBD may offer your cat or dog, let’s talk about the best way to use it on the Fourth of July. First, before giving your pet CBD, make sure that you have your vet’s approval, as they need to make sure that what you give them is appropriate given their medical history and needs.

Then, it’s equally important that you give your pet a CBD product that’s specifically formulated for them. CBD pet products are made with pet-friendly ingredients and have a potency level that’s more appropriate for their body weight. We recommend a treat or tincture, because this can provide effects for a couple of hours. Give it to them about an hour before the fireworks begin so that by the time those booms start going off, it’s active in their system.

Other Methods for Calming Your Furry Friend This Holiday

Giving your pet CBD has the potential to keep them calm amidst the chaos of fireworks, but there are additional things that you can do to increase the chances of them feeling relaxed. One is finding a quiet, isolated corner of your house, and creating an enclosed space that they can stay in in order to feel secure. Dark, quiet and enclosed places make pets feel calmer, as this is where they would retreat to in nature if they felt unsafe. Make a fort with some blankets and pillows so that they really feel isolated from whatever is happening around them.

You can also play some calming music or put on some white noise to drown out the sound of fireworks as much as possible.

Keep Your Dog or Cat Calm When Those Fireworks Go Off

We know how upsetting it can be to watch our precious companion struggling with the unpredictable and loud noises caused by fireworks. If you wanna keep your pet as calm as possible, you might want to try CBD. Talk to your veterinarian first and then decide on how to administer it to them properly for the best potential results.