Giving an Honorable “Toast” to CBD

Giving an Honorable “Toast” to CBD

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 28th Jul 2020

These days, people are finding that CBD is an incredibly useful addition to their daily wellness routines. CBD products like vaping goods and tinctures are everywhere, providing people with a variety of methods for giving their systems the cannabinoids that the body knows and loves. But, as you might have guessed, not all CBD products are created equally. While there are plenty of companies that go above and beyond for the sake of quality, there are just as many brands that cut corners at the expense of a truly bioavailable formula capable of delivering real results.

At Vaporizer Chief, we only offer the best CBD products that the market has to offer, as we put enormous effort into researching companies before adding them to our catalog. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce the CBD products from Toast Wellness. This is a brand that knows what it takes to produce a hemp formula that can truly help you reach your wellness goals.

Toast Wellness

Toast Wellness is a Colorado-based CBD company that’s committed to providing wellness enthusiasts with high-quality, carefully formulated hemp goods that successfully deliver active plant compounds to the body. For years, they’ve been developing cannabidiol-based goods with the latest technology and most reputable manufacturing practices.

The CBD products from Toast Wellness start with thoughtfully sourced hemp plant material derived from domestic farms. The brand maintains strong relationships with hemp farmers in order to oversee the growing process to ensure quality control. From there, they create small-batch hemp extract and maintain its full spectrum profile in order to offer the body the full array of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and nutrients that naturally exist in cannabis.

Like any good CBD company on the market today, Toast Wellness has each and every batch of hemp extract properly tested by a third-party laboratory, and they make their certificates of analysis available to consumers to promote trust. Further, their formulas are gluten-free and vegan, and they only use natural ingredients.

The Toast Wellness Products at Vaporizer Chief

At Vaporizer Chief, we offer a variety of CBD products from Toast Wellness, as their formulas are some of the highest-quality options that exist on the market today.

Toast Emerald CBD Hemp Pre-Rolls

The Toast Emerald CBD Hemp Pre-Rolls provide the body with uniquely bioavailable CBD and other hemp compounds, offering only pure, raw hemp flower that has not been processed in any way. Rolled in hemp paper, these pre-rolls are additive-free and naturally full spectrum, giving your body a CBD experience that’s as close to the way in which nature intended as possible.

Each pre-roll contains 100 milligrams of hemp. As these are for smoking, you can expect faster, stronger effects thanks to the uniquely high absorption rate of this delivery method.


Toast Wellness is renowned for their variety of natural, exceptionally formulated CBD oils which can take anyone’s daily routine to another level. These CBD oils are made using top-rated ingredients that aren’t just safe to consume daily, but offer a variety of plant properties in addition to the hemp extract. Each formula contains full spectrum hemp extract, as Toast Wellness stands behind the concept of taking the whole plant for maximum benefits.

While there are countless CBD oil options on the market, Toast Wellness stands out in a number of ways. First, their flavors are uniquely satisfying, and derived from completely plant-based ingredients. From spiced pumpkin to pure, clean and uplifting lemon, their flavor profiles are truly enticing. They also offer unflavored options for those who prefer to taste the natural flavor profile of the hemp plant in all of its glory.

Knowing that each hemp user has their own particular goals and needs, Toast Wellness has made sure to provide their CBD oils in a variety of milligram strengths, which makes it easy to choose the perfect daily potency level to experience the desired effects.

These CBD oils are produced in small batches, which gives Toast Wellness absolute control over the quality level of each and every bottle. This way, you can count on your Toast Wellness CBD Oil giving you everything that you want out of your daily hemp regimen.

Experience Toast Today!

Toast Wellness is a CBD company that’s determined to provide the best hemp you can find on the market today. During each step of the manufacturing process, they work tirelessly to ensure consistency and quality. At Vaporizer Chief, we’re proud to welcome this company to our family, and we’re certain that you’ll be pleased with their one-of-a-kind formulas.