Easy Vape Tricks: How to Do the Most Popular Vape Tricks

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 8th Jun 2021

People vape for two reasons: for medical purposes and entertainment. However, regardless of why you chose to use vaporizers, doing some cool vape tricks as you vape will add a whole new level of fun to your vaping session. There is nothing more refreshing than enjoying the sweet taste of your cannabis while watching the exhaled vape clouds takes different forms like O's and Jellyfishes in the air. It's simply mind-blowing!

Vaporizing is better than smoking, we hear it all the time. But did you know that it can be far more fun as well? There are some awesome tricks that you can do with your e-cigarette or vape mod that are quite fun once you can pull them off. Use them to show off to your friends and even learn how to blow a Valentine’s Day vaporizer heart. In this article we’ve compiled three of the best vaporizer tricks that can be easily mastered with a bit of practice.

How to Do Cool Vape Tricks

If you have been struggling to or you want to learn smoke tricks to spice up your vaping experience, then relax! This guide will teach you how to do some smoke tricks with your vapor that will leave your spectators wowed.

Before we get into some of the newest and most entertaining vape tricks, it is important to know that becoming a real cloud chaser is not an easy task. It requires time and a lot of practice.

Also, a lot of people do ask if they can use their cig-a-like vaporizers like the Juul to do cool vape tricks. While it is possible to do Juul tricks such as the Ghost inhale with cig-a-like units, you will find it difficult as a beginner because the Juul and other mini vapes don't produce enough dense vapors. You will only end up wasting your nicotine. With that in mind, let's dive into it, starting with the easiest vape tricks.

Ghost Inhale

When it comes to learning cool vape tricks for beginners, the Ghost Inhale is the perfect starting point. You can learn this skill within a short time of practice if you follow the right steps. There are three steps to Ghost - inhale, release, and the capture. Inhaling is the most important part of the process because it is not like your regular vaping where you do a straight to lung hit. The ghost requires a mouth to lung hit.

  1. Start by taking a long draw from your vaping device and keep the vapor in your mouth for a few moments.
  2. Push out the vapor from your mouth to form a very smooth ball shape. Don't exhale the vapor! Push it by opening your mouth and close it slowly while adding a bit of control.
  3. Once you have pushed out all the vapor, quickly or moderately suck in the vapor back into your mouth. There you have it. Casper the Friendly Ghost in your vapor!

Waterfall or Bane

Waterfall is a super crazy easy smoke trick that you can use to impress your friends. You just need to exhale lots of vapor into a bottle and pour it out like flowing water.

  1. Get a plastic bottle with a little frozen water at the bottom.
  2. Take a deep drag from your vape pen and exhale all the vapor into the bottle.
  3. Slowly pour out the cloud from the bottle on the table to see the effect.

How to Make O's

Blowing O's is one of the oldest and most popular smoke tricks existing today. Although there are different techniques for making smoke rings or vape rings, you can start blowing O's once you understand the concept and mouth formation. You will need to practice and patience to master the process. The good news is that once you learn how to make O rings, you will find other advanced vape tricks easy to learn. So how do you blow good O's?

  1. Make sure there is no air in your room. Take a deep draw from your vape and hold the vapor in your throat.
  2. Use your lips to form an O shape showing a little bit of your upper and lower teeth. The size of the O you make with your lips will determine the size of your vape ring.
  3. Wait for about 3 seconds and then start pushing out the vapor by doing light coughs. You will be able to see the mystical O effect.

Vapor Rings

Any smoker is familiar with smoke rings, but did you know that you could also blow vapor rings with your vape pen? The technique is about the same for the normal smoke rings, but you can also blow different types of rings once you’ve got the technique down for the basic ring. The easiest technique is to fill your mouth with vapor, open your mouth into an ‘O’ shape and the tap the outside of your cheek. This should blow an ‘O’ shape of vapor out of your mouth.

Some variations of this can make the act of blowing smoke rings even more fun. First you could blow two rings quickly back to back, they will appear as a double ring. If you blow a normal smoke ring and then make a snap motion at the top of the circle the top of the circle will move down into the shape of a heart. Make a game out of the art of blowing smoke rings, blow one ring and then use it as a target and try to blow your next ring right through the first one. It’s a great way to pass the time when it’s just you and your vaporizer.


The tornado is another easy smoke trick that anyone can do. You will need a smooth table or any flat surface and your hand to do this trick.

  1. Take a long drag from your vape pen. The more vapor you inhale, the better the result of the tornado vape trick.
  2. Slowly exhale the vapor onto the table. You need to do this really slow to get a thick tornado. Try to exhale through your mouth only (not your nose), and it must not be too hard; otherwise, you would lose the vapor.
  3. Place your palm on the edge of the table like you want to chop something; move it forward, then raise and flick your wrist upward to create a twisting spiral effect.

French Inhale

While the French inhale is beginner-friendly, this vape trick will be a lot easier to do if you already know how to Ghost inhale. I recommend learning the Ghost Inhale before attempting the French inhale because the technique for the French is exactly like that of the Ghost - a mouth to lung hit plus you exhale the vapors the same way.

  1. Take a long draw and trap the vapor in your mouth.
  2. Open your mouth and try to do an underbite to push your jaw forward while holding your breath.
  3. Slowly eject the vapor by slowly closing your mouth
  4. Inhale the vapor through your nostrils as you exhale from your mouth.


This is a killer, yet easy-to-learn vape trick that you can use to stun your friends. The dragon exhale trick is all about using vapors to replicate the fire breath of a dragon by exhaling a total of four streams – two from the sides of your mouth and two from your nostrils simultaneously.

  1. Make sure you don’t have a stuffy or clog nose. This will make the dragon exhale look really weird.
  2. Practice breathing from the corners of your mouth by pinching your lips together.
  3. Practice breathing from your nose and mouth at the same time.
  4. Take a full lung inhale from your vaping unit. The more vapor you inhale to your lungs, the bigger and denser the dragon exhale will be.
  5. Exhale the vapors through your nose and mouth at the same time. Not too fast and not too slow.

Liquid Mist

This is one of the easiest vape tricks ever. It is almost like the waterfall vape trick. The liquid mist creates an illusion of a magical potion.

  1. Get a disposable plastic cup
  2. Take a draw from your vape pen and exhale slowly into the cup.

Popping Vapor Bubbles

Childhood nostalgia is only one of the reasons that this vapor trick is super fun. Grab some bubbles, it doesn’t matter what size or type. The bigger the bubble wand, the more vapor you should fill it with. Simply blow the bubbles like you usually would, but before dipping the wand into the vapor bubbles you need to take a huge draw of vapor and blow it through the bubble wand. The appearance of the bubble will be eerie and filled with vapor, which warps the rainbow color in an awesome way. Once you pop the bubble the vapor will leak out for another fun effect and rise into the air.


If you have mastered blowing O’s, then it’s time to learn the triangle vape trick. All you basically need to do to make triangles is to create an O ring and turn it into a triangle by using hand movements. Just like learning vape rings, you also need quick timing and practice to master triangles.

  1. Take a long draw and make a thick O ring
  2. Use your hand to push down the ring two to three times in quick succession from the right or left, and it will turn into a triangle.

Vape Bending

This vape trick is all about pushing your O rings, assuming you already know how to blow an O. You need to learn how to push your O's before you can practice other advanced smoke tricks like the atomic bomb. Vape bending is pretty easy to do, and you can master it in no time.

  1. Ensure there is air in the room.
  2. Pick a hand you want to use in pushing the vape ring. It's best to use your right hand to push if you use the left hand to vape and vice versa. Try not to spread your fingers and keep your palm flat and ready to push forward.
  3. You will have a hard time bending a slow O so blow a fast and thick O ring.
  4. Place your palm parallel to the O and push it forward. Timing is important here so you will have to master the timing with more practice.
  5. To bend the O to the right, push from the left, if you want it to go down, you have to push it from the top, etc., but always keep your palm parallel to the ring.


The Jellyfish is a cool vape trick that gives you an illusion of a Jellyfish in the air with your vapors. It is not an easy trick because you first have to how to blow and push O rings.

  1. Make a large O and push it forward with your palm at medium speed while taking a second mouth hit.
  2. Push out the vapor from your mouth through the center of the O and slowly close your mouth. This combination will create the effect of a jellyfish. It is okay if you couldn’t do it correctly the first time. Just keep practicing.

Bow Tie

  1. This is basically compressing the 12 O’clock and 6 O’clock of an O ring at the same time to form a bow tie. Sounds easy, but it is a pretty advanced trick that requires practices and patience. I recommend you master how to blow and bend O’s before trying this trick.
  2. Make a nice O ring and push it down a little bit to give the 12 O’clock and the 6 O’clock a tilted position slightly in front of your face
  3. Inhale both ends of the O at the same time to split the ring into a bow tie.

Fill Up Your Cup

This one requires a couple of props but the effect is totally worth the preparation. The first step is to get a CD or anything rounded with a hole in the middle that will fit into a large cup or goblet. Take a large drag from your vaporizer and blow the vapor into the cup. Quickly place the CD or other object into the cup over the vapor. The vapor will slowly come out of the hole and appear as a cup with magically seeping out of it.

Atomic Bomb

This is very similar to the Jellyfish vape trick. While you allow the second exhale to float through the vape ring in the jellyfish trick, the atomic bomb requires you to inhale it back to form something like a mushroom.

  1. Take long draws and make a nice O
  2. Push the remaining vapor from your mouth through the center of the O ring and then inhale backward.

Bull Ring

The bull ring is a combination of the O ring, and the French inhale vape tricks. So make sure you learn them before attempting the bull.

  1. Inhale from your vaping unit and trap the vapors in your mouth.
  2. Make a medium-shaped O ring.
  3. Keep your nose above the ring and inhale with your slowly inhale the ring through your nostrils. This will create the effect of a bull ring on your nose.