Easing Tattoo Pain The CBD Way

Easing Tattoo Pain The CBD Way

Posted by David Nadel on 14th Apr 2020

When’s the last time you had a tattoo? No matter how long ago it was, chances are that you remember more than anything else the pain of the process. And we’re not just talking about the process of getting inked – we also mean the process following the tattoo, during which the skin must heal.

While so many of us fixate on the pain of getting a tattoo, which is, in fairness, extremely painful, we tend to ignore the fact that the healing process can also be extremely painful, while taking a longer amount of time for relief to come.

So, how can a person manage tattoo pain, both during and after the inking process? Well, one way is using CBD. In fact, more people are starting to use CBD specifically for this type of pain.

Why Tattoos Can Hurt Long After the Ink is Set

No one will ever tell you that getting a tattoo is a pleasant and comfortable experience. Even the toughest people in the world have to admit that the process is very painful, especially if it’s on a sensitive part of the body. But, once the ink dries, it’s not over quite yet.

When a person gets a tattoo, essentially their skin is experiencing an injury. And, therefore, the inflammation response is activated, as cytokines rush to the affected area to help the skin heal as quickly as possible. The skin takes some time to heal, as it has experienced trauma. During this time, the skin of and surrounding the tattoo can become red, swollen, sore and extremely tender to the touch. Further, the skin will likely be irritated, causing it to feel extremely sensitive, and causing it to flake as skin cells die off as new ones are created.

It’s normal for tattoo pain to last for up to a week. But, there are some cases in which it’s not normal. If the pain persists for longer than that, or if the pain is actually unbearable days after the tattoo, then you should see a doctor. In some cases, an infection of the skin can occur, and this requires medical attention.

Using CBD to Help with Tattoo Pain

There are many pain relievers available on the market today that can ease tattoo pain, so why CBD? Well, for one thing, many people like the fact that CBD is completely natural. It’s simply a compound that comes from the hemp plant, which is turned into an extract. Further, CBD doesn’t require a prescription, and is not known to lead to a dependency. And, because of its nontoxic nature, people feel like they can take high amounts for as long as they need without fear of overdose.

But can CBD actually help?

Well, what we do know is that there have been numerous studies performed in recent years demonstrating that this compound does have the unique ability to offer both analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties to painful areas of the body. This likely has to do with the fact that cannabinoid receptors are found in the skin and muscles, which use cannabinoid compounds like CBD to regulate processes such as pain response and inflammation.

So, what does that mean when it comes to actually using CBD for tattoo pain? Well, a lot of research, as cited above, suggests that a topical CBD product would be the most useful option for tattoo pain. This is because topicals allow you to feed a high volume of CBD directly to the affected area, as in the area in which the tattooing took place. Topicals absorb quickly, allowing the CBD to activate within a short period of time.

We recommend choosing a high-milligram strength topical and applying it twice a day to the area. You can apply the topical a couple of hours before getting the tattoo to possibly help with pain during the inking process, and then continue with your routine until the skin is fully healed.

Don’t Let Pain Get in the Way of Enjoying that Tattoo

If you wish to find relief from tattoo-related pain in a natural way, you may want to give CBD a try. This hemp compound has helped many people, so it’s absolutely worth a shot. Use the guide to know how to use CBD properly for the most potential euphoria.