Discreet Vaping - Can You Be a Vape Ninja?

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 7th Jun 2021

In some instances the rules or law outright prohibits smoking of any form. Unfortunately that includes vaping, which is not smoking. In those times, the best advice we have for you is to abstain. Employing self-discipline is your best advocate in this case as respect can go a long way. On the occasion when you are not sure if you can vape legally, always ask around.

It is unfortunate that our society is so judgmental. Consenting adults shouldn’t be reduced to feel the need to conceal their enjoyment with a liquid vaporizer but it is currently a world condition. This creates a dilemma for vapers trying to quit cigarettes but also for those who need a dry herb vaporizer or dab pen in discreet.

What is Stealth Vaping?

Vaping is garnering the attention of the public eye more than ever. It’s not surprising at all that the law is finally cracking down on vaping and putting some regulations in place. No longer can you be that “that” guy that smokes in indoor of non-smoking areas while exclaiming “Relax bro, its vapor not smoke.”

Luckily, vapers have the advantage. We have the ability to have a quick hit, turn our mods off, and tuck it away without a single trace of odor lingering in our midst. But the important issue to tackle here is selecting the appropriate time to vape. This all goes without saying, don't give other vapers a bad name by doing what you shouldn't. If the sign says don't smoke or vape, abide by it. Don't give vapers a bad name just because you don't want to step outside.

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Techniques to Be a Ninja During Discreet Vaping

Inhale deeply

A deeper inhale basically translates to a bigger breath. This makes it easier to hold your breath longer and also prevents any vapor from escaping out of the airflow holes. Don’t forget to inhale for just a bit longer after you’ve stopped firing your mod as the coil doesn't instantly cool down and will still produce a bit of vapor even after you’ve let go of the firing button.

Hold it in

Probably the simple and effective method to decrease vapor production, holding the vapor in allows more of the vapor to get absorbed through the linings inside your mouth, essentially decreasing the overall amount of vapor you blow out. Not blowing the vapor right away also lets the vapor condense from its gaseous state back into liquid form, hence less vapor produced in general.

Inhale Twice

Inhaling twice means a bigger airflow to e-liquid ratio. This creates clouds that are a lot less dense in form. They allow the vapor to easily dissipate or break up when blown out. The increased air is also good for your coils lifespan as it lets the coil cool down a lot more rapidly. It also prevents the coil from “cooking” or boiling the remaining e-liquid which is what tends to result in gunk or residue on your coil.

Swallow your Vapor

This can be difficult to get the hang of, but mastering the art of swallowing the vapor can be very effective especially when used in tandem with the other methods listed above. This can be problematic for vapers that use high nicotine e-liquids due to the harshness on the throat. Vaping a lower strength e-liquid should help in pulling this method off effectively.

Modify your Juice Blend / High PG

Most e-liquids produced and sold these days tend to be of the high VG variant with a 70/30 ratio of VG to PG thanks to the increased amounts of vapor this blend yields. Opting for 50/50 VG/PG blends is a good sweet spot for reducing your mods vapor output while still remaining within the comfortable range for vaping discreetly. While you could try going for a 30/70 ratio or even a pure PG blend, do this at the risk of your own discomfort as PG has a tendency to be irritating at high enough amounts.

PG vs VG

Shirt Blow

The classic “blowing down the shirt” helps minimize your vapor output as a small percentage of the vapor tends to condense and stick to the fibers of your clothing. Just as long as you don’t mind reeking of strawberries, bananas, or whatever flavor you’re currently vaping. Blowing vapor towards the ground isn't a bad idea as well as you're positioning most of the vapor below head-level which is less likely to be offensive or noticeable to people around the vicinity.

Reduce the Voltage/Temperature

This doesn't take much explanation to understand. The lower your mods wattage/voltage, the less e-liquid it vaporizes. The less e-liquid vaporized, the less vapor is produced. Making it a lot easier to control your overall vapor output. For those using dry herb vaporizers, lowering the temperature setting is pretty much the same thing.

Vaping Dry Herbs Discreetly

If you are a medical marijuana user, the smell of weed from a vape pen can be distinct, noticeable, and surprisingly familiar. If you are vaping any herbs or and don’t want to be discovered, you are going to want to re- think how you carry it. The best advice is probably to leave it at home. For you who must; only take smaller amounts with you. Consider where you are going.

Portable dry herb vaporizers have been a godsend for those who love their dry herbs. Although many think medical marijuana is the only herb, there more herbs to vape. Not only are these more discreet compared to the average pipe, but they blend in perfectly amidst a world of electronic cigarettes. Just be sure to select a vaporizer with a size fitting your needs. Some can be bigger than you can hold or place into your pocket.

For those who like to take their vaping on the go, a small and stealthy device is always the best way to go, even if doesn't produce as much as its bigger counterparts. Always remember that convection heating is the way to go for herbal vapes. Conduction units will stink up because it is burning the herbs.

Vaping Wax

When it comes to stealth wax vaping, a vape pen for wax just might be your best option. These are a lot less expensive compared to the high powered boxier device. They also easily fit in the palm of your hand making it easier to conceal when in use, resulting in a much more discreet vaping session. Be careful with a dab globe pens as the glass can shatter. This will definitely release some smell. Using a carry case to transport your devices is a very good idea.

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Why You Need to Vape Discreetly

Subtle Vaping

Unfortunately a lot of the negative attention vaping has accumulated is mostly a result of the typical “cloud bro”. But what's a cloud bro you may ask. These are the folks you see rocking those 0.05-ohm coil builds, chucking “phat clouds” in public like no one's business. At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter how sweet smelling your vape is, those dense clouds of vapor are still going to draw unwanted attention not just towards the person vaping, but towards all vapers in general.


Vaping has been rising in popularity. It would be foolish to assume that every person out there, smoker or not will take kindly to your preferred nicotine delivery method. There’s still a lot of negative stigma about vaping circulating the web, and the click bait articles that cite the buzzwords “popcorn lung” and “unknown chemicals” definitely don’t help out in this regard. Let's be honest, is it really hard to dislike that random person chucking “sick-ass clouds” within your general breathing space?

Avoid Cigarette Temptations

Most of us understand the value of adhering to the rules and regulations of the space we’re currently occupying. That doesn't mean you should deprive yourself of vaping to the point where smoking a cigarette is starting to look like a good idea. It might not be such a bad idea to take a discreet puff when possible as long no ones around to see or smell. Later on, we’ll give a few tips on how to do this properly and easily.

Smoke Alarms

Unlike smoking, vaping doesn't leave any disgusting burnt smell that sticks to practically everyone and everything. This makes it possible to vape indoors without a trace as long as no one is around to see. Hotel rooms, for example, are a prime candidate for this. But in this scenario its also important to be aware of any smoke detectors present in your immediate area.

Depending on the type of smoke detector present, the vapor from your mod might never actually set it off. Photoelectric smoke detectors, unfortunately, don't do a very good job at distinguishing cigarette smoke from vapor. As long as you're not vaping right next to it or chain vaping and filling the entire room with clouds, you should be fine. More advanced smoke detectors (also known as ionic smoke detectors) are designed to react to smoke only, so vaping with one of these in your room shouldn't give you any problems.

Avoid Distractions

The saying “out of sight, out of mind” applies here. You can explain that vapor from your electronic cigarette is nowhere near as harmful as smoke from a tobacco cigarette, but the bottom line is that you’re not going to change anyone’s mind by blowing fat clouds all over their breathing space.

Just the mere sight of a huge vapor cloud can be distracting or even offensive to a non-vaper (or even a vaper in some cases). Its always a good idea to reserve the competition cloud chucking within the confines of your home.

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Being Respectful to Others

In most cases, it just boils down to respect. Having proper vaping etiquette when using a vape is truly just common sense. Blowing vapor towards strangers in your vicinity can feel like a total violation of their personal space. Regardless of how good your candy marshmallow e-liquid smells, not everyone is going to enjoy having to smell it. How would you feel if a random stranger just went up to you and started blowing their chewing gum-laden breath all over your face? Vaping discreetly is just as bad if not worse thanks to the vapor being clearly visible

While vapor from electronic cigarettes is orders of magnitude safer than cigarette smoke, it’s still never a good idea to vape around unconsenting non-smokers. This goes double for children, infants, and possibly even small pets. Trace levels of nicotine and vegetable glycerin still contain the potential to cause respiratory issues and can also act as an irritant for the nasal pathways. As always, keep your distance from non-vapers when vaping discreetly. Be considerate of where you’re blowing all those clouds at.

Follow the Law

Double check on vaporizer regulations in your current city or a city that you intend to visit. Not all places share the same tolerance or even legalities when it comes to vaping nicotine or dry herbs. Many East Asian countries, for example, have a strict vaping ban so just make sure to always be in the know when it comes to local policies and regulations. New laws in the United States are also moving the age to buy and use nicotine to be 21 and over rather than 18 and over.

Use Common Sense

For when all else fails, use your common sense before deciding to vape. Assess your surroundings, the people around you, and your current social setting before thinking its a good idea to start releasing big clouds. While vaping might be allowed where you are right now, it might not always be appropriate.

Don’t Create a Bad Name for Vaping

Last but definitely not the least, whatever you do, please don’t be that guy that vapes in close proximity to non-vapers”. You’re doing no one a favor and all it achieves is just creating a negative stigma for vapers everywhere in the world. Be kind, be considerate, and always think about the people around you first before deciding to vape.

Vaping on No Smoking sign

Where to Vape - Tips on Staying Incognito

In Public

Depending on where you live, public vaping may be banned altogether. Other cities that are more tolerant towards vaping might only be restricted in a few public locations. The best rule of thumb for a vaper to follow is to vape exclusively in areas where tobacco smoking is allowed. This will give you the freedom to vape freely and without fear of warranted persecution or prejudice.

At Work

Different workplaces will no doubt have various levels of tolerance toward vaping. Most workplaces simply treat vaping the same as smoking, only allowing you to vape in designated smoking areas around the building. Others may be a bit more lax, especially if the boss himself and a good number of workers in the area vape.

In situations where you just need a few good hits and vaping isn't allowed in the office, the restroom is probably your best option to get your nicotine fix. Just make sure the entire room is unoccupied, and try to keep the cloud chasing to a minimum when you’ve locked yourself in the stall. The smell may stay in there a bit so when the next person walks in, they will smell it. Also remember that there is probably a smoke alarm in there as well.

On Planes

It’s generally ill-advised to vape inside a plane, even when you think you're doing it discreetly inside the lavatory. The small confined space increases the potential of the smoke detectors going off and the last thing you want is to be paying out of your butt for the inevitable penalties that will follow. In 99% of cases, vaping inside an airplane simply isn't worth it. But for when the going really gets tough, feel free to do so with help of the tips detailed below.

The Finishing Touch

Beyond these general suggestions, it is your personal juggling act. Balance your pro-actively assertive low-key methods with an acute attention to passive details. For example, remember to keep your person and your personal space free from unsightly accessories or products that are directly associated with vaping. Simple things like tips, product containers, tubing, extra filters, etc. easily give you away. With a little extra attention to these small details applied with the pro-active techniques mentioned, you should remain discreetly unnoticed indefinitely.