Dabbing Without a Torch: Is This Possible?

Dabbing Without a Torch: Is This Possible?

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 18th Dec 2022

Once upon a time, you couldn’t dab without a trusty butane torch on hand. The high heat required to melt concentrates to convert them into vapor requires a powerful heat source, and a butane torch was, up until now, the only option. Now, however, there are all kinds of dabbing devices that change the game, eliminating the need for a torch. So, if you’re a dab enthusiast who either wants to get rid of their need for a torch, or simply doesn’t have one on hand and doesn’t know what to do, we are here to offer up some awesome guidance.

Are There Any Benefits to Torch-Free Dabbing?

As we all know, in order to dab using a traditional rig or a nectar collector, you need a butane torch. This is how you can get the nail or tip hot enough to ensure that your concentrates melt as they should. But, there are a few reasons why someone may prefer a torch-free method:

Reason #1: Safety

Some people are nervous about using a dab torch. Even though these torches are generally safe, the extreme heat that they produce, coupled with their larger-than-average flame, can make people feel uneasy. That’s a perfectly good reason to look for another option.

Reason #2: Maintenance

A torch needs to be maintained, with the most tedious process of all being refilling it with butane, which can take a lot of time and requires a number of steps followed carefully. This alone can turn people off to the idea of owning and relying on one.

Reason #3: Control

A butane torch can make your dabs more unpredictable, because it can be difficult to find that sweet spot temperature over and over again as there’s too much room for human error. To get the exact temperature you want, you need to hold the torch to the nail or tip for the proper number of seconds, and then count the number of seconds after removing the torch for it to cool down and settle onto the temperature you desire. This leaves room for mistakes, and even increases the likelihood of burning your product.

Dabbing Without a Torch: Different Ways to Pull it Off

So, if you’re ready to ditch the torch once and for all, here are the methods you can try instead.

Method #1: Stovetop Method

Technically, if you hate using a torch but want to continue enjoying your analog rig, you can go with this method. However, we don’t recommend it ultimately, since it is in fact more dangerous and more tedious than using a torch. This method is better suited for someone who usually operates a torch but doesn’t have one accessible at the moment and needs a quick alternative.

To follow this method, you’ll want to hold the nail of your rig using secure tongs and place it above the flame of your stove until it glows a red color. This basically mimics the process of applying a torch to it, and you can apply the same method of waiting for it to cool.

Method #2: Electronic Dab Kits

The best method is to go with an electronic dab kit, which requires no torch as it utilizes an internal heating component that provides the heat so that you don’t have to. There are a few different kinds of electronic dabbing systems out there, and what they all share in common is that they allow the nail or tip to reach exactly the temperature that you want, and only require that you press a couple of buttons for consistent, flame-free dabbing.

Method #3: E-Nails

An e-nail is a great option for those who like having an analog rig, and just want to ditch the torch. It’s just like a conventional rig setup, only it attaches to an electronic box (the e-nail) which sets the temperature and heats the nail of your rig properly. Many utilize temperature presets, while others let you get more specific by finding the exact temperature that you prefer.

Method #4: Dab Pens

A dab pen is another option that’s completely different from a rig. It’s like a standard vape pen, except the chamber inside is designed to handle concentrates, using a heating element that reaches the high temperatures needed to vaporize the product. They come with various settings and are extremely portable for a convenient touch. Dab pens may double as pens for flower and/or oils, depending on the model.

Method #5: Desktop Electronic Dab Rigs

For the more heavy-duty dabber, a desktop electronic rig may be more suitable. These are large rig setups that produce way more vapor per puff, which is what some may prefer. They also tend to come with more advanced output settings, and many are compatible with Bluetooth.

Method #6: E-Nectar Collectors

E-nectar collectors are the electronic alternative to traditional nectar collectors. Rather than requiring that you heat the tip with a torch, the tip is battery-powered, and reaches the temperature internally, similarly to how an e-nail operates.

Bottom Line: Yes, You Can Go Torch-Free Afterall!

So, overall, good news is, you don’t need a torch to enjoy a successful and blissful dab. There are all kinds of products that remove the need to use a torch at all, and you can find out therefor a more convenient and controllable dabbing hobby.