Crucial Tips for Spotting a Fake CBD Product

Crucial Tips for Spotting a Fake CBD Product

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 7th Nov 2020

Most of you out there know by now, the CBD market is really booming, with financial forecasters predict that the market will be worth billions within the next few years. So, it makes sense that we are seeing a new crop of CBD brands popping up almost every week. As a result, this industry is extremely competitive, with a large number of companies trying to win the hearts of CBD enthusiasts with their unique hemp products.

As is the case with any relatively new and successful market, there are also some companies that are cutting corners in an effort to profit off of the trend. Therefore, consumers must be extremely careful when purchasing their CBD products. If a person is trying to find euphoria with cannabidiol, only high-quality, highly legitimate products will do.

That is why we will be discussing how to avoid purchasing a fake CBD product so that you won’t have to worry about wasting your money in an effort to find relief.

Do Fake CBD Products Exist?

Yes, fake CBD products exist. When we say “fake,” we are referring to products that contain barely any CBD as well as products that contain absolutely no CBD. Now, you may be wondering how companies can get away with this. The thing is that CBD, as we said earlier, is a very new industry. This means that the FDA has not completely regulated the ways in which CBD can be marketed, packaged, and sold. This gives companies a lot of room to get away with selling cheap, low-quality products that are marketed as beneficial CBD. Essentially, any company can put “CBD” on their label regardless of what is inside the formula, and not worry too much about serious repercussions.

Spotting a Fake CBD Product: Tips That Will Help

So, how does one avoid purchasing a fake CBD product? We’ve created a list of tips for those times when you’re considering making a CBD purchase.

Tip #1: If the Price Seems Too Good to Be True…

Yes, you have to take the price into account. In order to produce concentrated hemp extract, an incredibly high volume of hemp plant material has to be used. This means that the fairly high price of CBD is pretty much inevitable. If a CBD product seems to be extremely low in price, you have to ask yourself whether it actually contains a good amount of CBD and other plant compounds, or if it’s watered down so much that it won’t actually provide any real effects.

Tip #2: Consider Where the Item is Being Sold

Is it a legitimate retailer that has a strong reputation for selling quality products? Or is it a kiosk at a fair where counterfeit products are sold? You have to remember that a lot of retailers who do not specialize in CBD may be selling products without knowing themselves that they are not legit. So, always try to purchase your CBD from a trusted, reputable source, and you should be fine.

Tip #3: Become a CBD Expert

CBD is a fascinating cannabinoid, and hemp is an incredibly interesting plant. Fully studying and researching CBD and hemp can give you a lot of information that you can apply when the time comes to purchase a product. The more you know about cannabidiol, the easier it will be to detect when something about a product just doesn’t seem right. Basically, attempt to learn as much about CBD and other hemp compounds as possible.

Tip #4: Check Out Reviews Before Purchasing

Remember that it’s easy these days to find reviews on a product before purchasing it. When you encounter a CBD product that may be a fake, try looking it up online to see if other people are talking about it. If someone had a bad experience with it or didn’t experience any effects at all, it’s best to avoid this product, as well as this brand, altogether.

Tip #5: Look Up a Company’s Website and Search for Lab Results

Because CBD is so unregulated, a lot of companies are choosing to demonstrate the legitimacy of their products by posting third-party lab results on their website. Basically, these lab results confirm that the product is legitimate, pure, potent, and high in quality. If you come across a CBD product that you suspect may be a fake, simply look up the company’s website and look for these lab results. If they are nowhere to be found, you may want to stay away.

Tip #6: Read the Label

You may be able to find evidence that a CBD product is fake simply by looking at the label. By law, CBD products must contain a list of ingredients. Look at these ingredients in order to figure out what is in the formula. If cannabidiol or hemp extract are all the way at the bottom of the list of ingredients, you know that there’s not nearly enough in there to actually do anything, and that the product is therefore a fake.

Tip #7: Smell the Product

Hemp, as we know, has a very potent and distinctive smell. If you are not getting that hemp smell that you know so well, it’s very doubtful that the product contains enough of it to deliver results. Also, if the product smells rancid, there is a good chance that it’s a low-quality product in general. Now, remember that different concentrations of CBD will have different potencies of aroma, but even lower concentrations will give you that unique smell of cannabis right away.

Don’t Be Fooled!

CBD is such a popular industry that a many company are selling fake hemp products in an effort to make a lot of money off of CBD enthusiasts. The good news is that fake CBD products are relatively easy to detect. Use this guide to ensure that you do not get scammed while you try to purchase a new hemp product to add to your daily regimen.