Complete Guide to Boundless Portable Vaporizers

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 26th Nov 2018

Boundless technology has hit the vaporization world by storm with an array of products that have a reasonable price tag and compare to some of the best high-priced units in the industry. Before purchasing a vaporizer, you should consider looking into everything boundless has to offer before deciding on what you want to buy. In this guide, I will dive into each one of Boundless Technology’s elite products and describe the features of each that make these devices efficient vapor machines that standout amongst the competition.

Boundless CFC 2.0

Used for Dry Herb

Priced at $89.95

The CFC 2.0 is the upgraded version of its' predecessor the CFC. This vaporizer is an efficient low-priced unit and it is by far the most affordable device that Boundless offers. Built to be stealthier than their other units, such as the CF, CFX, or CF 710; the CFC 2.0 is very small and concealable and ideal for portability. It has an excellent heat up time of around twenty to forty seconds, and it features precision temperature control with a range of 140 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. The device has a huge oven capacity of 0.4 grams and it is easily superior in vapor quality compared to other vaporizers in it’s price range and outside of it. It’s medical grade, plastic outer shell and the airflow design keeps the device cool while in use. Designed to be cut and dry, Boundless Technology makes it very easy to use the CFC 2.0 with a power button as well as two Temperature buttons (+ & -) that are located on the side of the unit and a small display screen for battery life and precision temperature display. With a deep ceramic conduction chamber/oven that is located underneath the mouthpiece, the ceramic distributes heat evenly and most users will agree that the oven is pretty efficient with regards to its retail price. It should also be mentioned that the CFC 2.0 upgraded their mouth piece to be heat resistant which eliminates the most common complaint about the original version. The battery can last up to 15 sessions and it can obtain a full charge in an hour and a half to two hours. Efficient, concealable, and low priced make this vaporizer a good choice for vapor enthusiasts on a budget but that can’t afford to lose quality.

Boundless CF

Used for Dry Herb and concentrates

Priced at $129.95

The CF is double the size of the CFC but still small enough for easy portability. The CF fits comfortably in your hand while in use with the rubber coated outer shell that keeps away the heat and it can easy be carried in a pocket or handbag. A swivel mouthpiece on top makes drawing from the CF conveniently pleasurable and the design of having the draw point a good distance from the chamber/oven makes it so the mouthpiece doesn’t get hot like other devices. Boundless designed the CF to be a hybrid conduction/convection vaporizer using the ceramic walls to heat dry herbs evenly for superb taste and flavor, providing an excellent vapor quality every session. Equipped with 5 temperature presets ranging from 355°F to 415°F, the CF heats up and is ready for use in under 20 seconds from powering the device on. The CF also has a memory function that when you power on the device from being off for a period of time, it will remember the last temperature preset you vaped at during your last session. It also has stealth mode where you can heat up the CF without the luminosity of the LED lights. The CF can also vape concentrates as well as dry herbs, with a provided oil/wax pod that you put into the chamber/oven. The battery life can easily last up to ten sessions, has a five-minute automatic shut off to conserve battery life, and takes about 2 hours to fully charge. The CF is a step up from the CFC for vape enthusiasts with a little more in the budget to spend on purchasing a dry herb vaporizer with the ability to vaporize concentrates.

Boundless CF Hybrid

Used for Dry Herb and concentrates

Priced at $169.99

Boundless CFX

Used for Dry Herb and concentrates

Priced at $167.09

The Boundless CFX is a substantially larger version of the CF at about double it’s size. It has a full HD 1.77 inch screen at the base of the unit for temperature display that resembles a car speed-o-meter, which funny enough compliments it’s speedy heat up time. Boundless coated the CFX in the same rubberlike material they used on the CF to keep the heat off your hands while holding it in use. The airflow design on the CFX is incredible, at it’s highest heat setting of 430 F you still won’t experience any harsh or hot vapor. The CFX has the deepest oven/chamber of all their products and you can easily fit .4 to .5 grams of dry herb into it each session. The CFX like the CF can also vape concentrates with the same provided Wax/Oil pod that fits inside the chamber/oven. Vapor quality from the CFX is nothing shy of mind blowing and can easily be compared to the highest talked about units in the market. It comes with two provided chargers a micro USB charge cord as well as a DC wall charger. The Micro USB charger takes about 4 hours to 4.5 for a full charge of the unit, whereas the DC wall charger takes 2 to 2.5 hours for a full charge and the CFX can last 8 to 12 sessions depending on temperature preferences.

Boundless Tera

Used for dry herbs, wax concentrates and oils

Priced at $219.00

The Boundless Tera is a fantastic, high-end vaporizer that was produced by Boundless Technology to address the consumer demand for a portable and powerful, convection unit. The device is larger than the typical hand-held vaporizer, it's dimensions are 4.25x2.25x1.5 and it weighs approximately five pounds; in layman's terms the vape is hefty and can not truly be considered pocket-sized. On a positive note, though, it is sturdier than your average vape and performs better as well. The Boundless Tera utilizes a stain-less steel heating chamber and has a decent oven capacity which is highly efficient due to its' innovative design and use of indirect heating via the ceramic heating rod. This unit utilizes precise temperature control, it allows the consumer to select any temperature between 140 degrees to 428 degrees in dry herb mode, and 500 degrees Fahrenheit when vaporizing concentrates. The device can be turned on by rapidly pressing the power button five times; this will cause the display screen at the top to light up and the user may then adjust the temperature by using the side buttons to increase or decrease in single degree adjustments. Once the user picks the designated temperature, holding the power button for three seconds will cause the unit to begin heating immediately. The Boundless Tera takes just about thirty seconds to heat, although times may vary slightly depending on the selected temperature. The vapor quality fabricated by this beast is awe-inspiring; the Boundless Tera consistently creates thick, dense clouds that capture the taste of the herb perfectly. The vapor is always chill and smooth which therefore puts this unit at the same value of desktop units such as Arizer Extreme Q. It should also be noted that this specific vape comes with three different mouth pieces including the standard mouthpiece, the glass piece, and the water adapter. If the user wants an enhanced experience and the maximum flavor, it is recommended to use the glass mouthpiece. Boundless Technology's Tera also capitalized on consumer demand for a product with improved portability; the company achieved this with the introduction of two removable 18650 lithium batteries. The battery life on this device is incredible; users will easily obtain 10 to 15 sessions per charge and users that are always on the go will appreciate this addition. The Boundless Tera also comes with several other accessories including packing tool, a scrubby cleaning brush, five chamber screens, and mouthpiece screens. In summary, when compared to all the Boundless products, it stands a notch above the rest and consumers that have economic liberty should purchase this unit.


Used for concentrates

Priced at $129.99

The Boundless CF 710 is a portable unit that is only used to vaporize concentrates and is the first only concentrate vaporizer Boundless technology has released. The CF 710 resembles a large marker and functions like a dab straw. With 2 included interchangeable coils ceramic and quartz, the CF 710 allows you to change your coils based on preference and can be replaced easily with new ones when you want to you are able to purchase them separately. Boundless provides a glass dish with the CF 710 that is used to vape your concentrates, you simply place the wax or oil in the dish, place coil to the concentrate while pressing power button and draw through the mouthpiece like a straw. The CF 710 also has a burn off feature to clean the coil after every session. The LED light as well as indicating when device turns on and off, also is used to measure battery life and lights up while pressing the power button in use. The CF 710’s LED light will turn blue when running on low battery and red when it’s about to die. You can get 40 to 50 hits with a full battery and it takes about two to two and a half hours to obtain a full charge.