Compact Design Being a Factor When Vaping

Compact Design Being a Factor When Vaping

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 2nd Jan 2018

When it comes to vaping, there are several different benefits over the more traditional forms of smoking. First, it i' creates vapor instead of smoke, so you can enjoy it inside of bars, restaurants and other establishments with a ban on cigarettes. Second, you don't need to carry around a lighter or constantly as for a light from someone else and, lastly, it is compact. That's why design is a major factor when vaping. You shouldn't need to carry a large purse or backpack just to put your portable vaporizer or vape pen in.

Tank Size

The larger the tank size, the more e-liquid or wax oil you can have inside your vaporizer, which means you can go longer without filling it up. Of course, with a larger tank your vaporizer is usually going to be larger as well. This is something to keep in mind. If you don't use it all that often or are not a heavy vapor, you can probably go with a smaller tank, which helps keep the device smaller. Now with this said, even the largest tank possible is not going to make it drastically longer. It might make it thicker but it shouldn't cause you to leave it at home because it is too large.


The other major addition in size to the vaporizer is the battery size. The larger the battery the longer you can go without a charge. Thankfully, with the ability to charge your vaporizer literally anywhere, this shouldn't be too much of a problem either, so if you want a slender, streamlined vaporizer, a smaller battery and tank should work out well.

So, in order to find the very best vaporizers, you need to keep these two things in mind.