Checking the CBD Expiration Date

Checking the CBD Expiration Date

Posted by David Nadel on 7th Dec 2019

So, you’ve had a bottle of CBD oil for a long time, and you’re wondering if it’s still good. Well, many CBD users don’t realize that each CBD product has an expiration date. CBD, after all, is an organic substance, so it’s only natural, literally, that the compounds within will break down eventually.

But, does CBD go bad in the traditional sense? And, what happens if you take expired CBD? Today, we’ll be answering all of these questions so that you can get the most out of your product before it’s too late.

Does CBD Expire?

Yes, CBD does expire. Like we said, CBD is organic, and so its compounds will break down eventually. The rule of thumb is that CBD is good for about two years. Now, of course, what we’re talking about here is the hemp extract that’s in a CBD product.

When CBD expires, it doesn’t become dangerous to take like food items that are prone to growing toxic mold. Instead, in the same way that medications do, CBD becomes less effective as time goes on. This is because of the process of oxidization that gradually causes those potent molecules to break down on a molecular level.

Now, taking expired CBD won’t necessarily make you sick. But, who wants to take a dose of CBD that’s not very potent?

What Determines the Expiration Date?

Each CBD product that you purchase should have the expiration date clearly printed on the bottle. This expiration date will likely be two years from the time when the formula was created. However, sometimes, it’s earlier. So, what determines the expiration date besides the CBD itself?

Well, CBD products don’t just contain hemp extract. They contain other ingredients, with each one having its own unique expiration date. The expiration date reflects when the fastest-expiring ingredient will break down. So, let’s say you have gummies that are made with fresh fruit extracts. Fruit extracts tend to break down faster than the CBD itself, so the expiration date will be when the fruit extracts are due to expire, not the hemp.

Another, more surprising factor that determines when CBD may expire is the extraction method used to remove the CBD and other compounds from the plant material. Some extraction methods slightly damage the molecular integrity of the compounds, making them less stable. Therefore, they’re going to break down more quickly. This is why we recommend going with CBD products that contain hemp concentrate that was extracted via the CO2 method. This method seems to best preserve the integrity of those delicate compounds so that they don’t break down prematurely.

How Can CBD Be Preserved So That It Doesn’t Break Down Before the Expiration Date?

Now, sometimes, CBD can expire before the expiration date. This is due to how you store it, typically. CBD products like cool and dark places, as these environments slow down the oxidization process that can cause the molecules to break down. Bright light and high heat can both cause premature expiration of the compounds in hemp.

That’s why it’s important to store your CBD wisely. Make sure that you keep your products in a dark and cool environment like a closet, a drawer or a cabinet. Never keep CBD products in a hot car, or next to a window that gets a lot of sunlight.

CBD Does Expire After A While

However, it’s easy to avoid letting your precious hemp goods expire, by simply refraining from over-buying, and storing your products properly. Use this guide to make sure that you don’t end up taking expired CBD and experiencing disappointing results