Change The Way You Vape with The Vapir Rise Vaporizer

Change The Way You Vape with The Vapir Rise Vaporizer

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 2nd Jan 2018

If you haven't yet heard of the Vapir Rise Vaporizer, you don’t know what you’re missing as a vaping user. This new vaporizer is by far everything you can imagine and more. First, let me just state the fact that it works with dry herbs, essential oils, and even waxy oils; it’s like having the best of both worlds! Seriously, it’s great. This desktop vaporizer also offers dual functioning, allowing you to choose between whip and balloon system. To those that’re still new to vaping, let me explain the difference between whip and balloon to you.

When using whip system, this is the traditional way of drawing the smoke up through what’s normally a plastic tube. On the other hand, there’s also the balloon system, which’s where you would connect a plastic bag to the connector chamber, and once you turn on the fan it forces vapor into the plastic bag creating a "balloon". You can then remove it once its filled up and begin to inhale as normal from the hole. What you’ll immediately notice upon actual use of this vaporizer is that it produces a rich, yet dense vapor which actually has great flavor to it!

What’s also awesome about this vaporizer is that you’ll definitely notice the slight sound that’s produced by it. Most people will have much appreciation for this when trying to use it on days that privacy is much needed, and they don’t want to be heard. This is also a great vaporizer if you are someone that likes to host get together gatherings with your friends who also enjoy vaping, or even if you’re just spending a lazy day at home by yourself.

Finally, this desktop vaporizer has a fantastic heating element which heats up in less than one minute, and thankfully that’s also covered by a one-year warranty. Now tell me, can it get any better than that? No. I did not think so. It might cost a bit more than your typical desktop vaporizer but it’s still worth every penny nonetheless.