Celebrities Who Vape in the Spotlight

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 7th Jun 2021

Since the silver screen started flickering out movies for the masses to enjoy, the art of smoking cigarettes has long been held as one of the “coolest” hobbies one could partake in. However, as it became increasingly obviously those cigarettes are directly linked to cancer their “coolness” began to die off in Hollywood. A new revolution of sorts is currently taking place. That revolution revolves around the e-cig.

The world is currently focused on all the glamour of Hollywood as it is once again time for the Academy Awards. An interesting trend making its way down the red carpet along with the celebrities is that of vaping. Some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood are flaunting their love of e-cigs and aren’t afraid to tell the world about it. Here are a few of our personal celebrities who vape and our favorites who dabble in the hobby of it.

Leonardo DiCaprio

In nearly all of his current and past films, Leo has been a slave to the onscreen cigarette. However, off screen Leo indulges himself in a safer form of smoking. His love for e-cigs and vaping has been documented more than once on screen at award shows and even during his nights out on the town. The environmentally conscious actor has even on occasion been suspected of posing with his e-cig for the cameras (shameless e-cig promotion perhaps?) for which he hasn’t received any backlash over. In our eyes, Leo isn’t just an amazing actor but he is also incredibly smart for choosing e-cigs over traditional cigarettes.

Leonardo DiCaprio Vaping

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is also well known for his love of e-cigarettes and happily flaunts it in public. In fact, the guy has even avidly displayed using them in his movies on more than one occasion. His notorious “bad-guy” vibe has contributed to his success as an actor, and we like to think that e-cigs may have even contributed to that attitude.

Jack Nicholson

What would this list be without Jack Nicholson. The famous actor that is known to throw rage at courtside Lakers Games. He has been seen smoking cigars to cigarettes but the fashion is now changing and he is onto e-cigarettes.

Julia-Louis Dreyfus

Funny, beautiful, and apparently an e-cig fan, Julia-Louis Dreyfus is definitely one of our favorite celebrity vape users. We love her shows and movies, and we for sure approve of her use of e-cigs on and off the big screen. She even showed her support for the e-cig movement during last year’s Golden Globes! She obviously has no shame about showing off her love for e-cigs.

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy has long since been a proponent for the e-cig movement. In fact, right from the launch of their business, BluCigs has had Jenny as their spokesperson propelling the movement forward with ease. Jenny has been spotted vaping on more than one occasion and doesn’t hold back from her love of these nifty devices.

Jenny McCarthy Vaping

Sean Penn

Controversial actor Sean Penn has even taken up the art of vaping, and regularly indulges in the shorty cig-alike’s for his personal vaping needs. Vaping isn’t likely to go away any time soon with more celebrities getting endorsements. With this, more celebrities flaunting their love for these devices will have the popularity likely grow by leaps in bounds in the future.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan got high publicity for her electronic cigarette use in trying to quit her tobacco smoking habits. She has even gotten extra press and featured on "Extra" in 2011. Her father being banned from seeing her at Betty Ford Rehab facility in Rancho Mirage, CA, he sent her a package with some personal belonging along with an e-cig to help quit smoking.

Paul Sheer

The man seen on Parks and Rec., the League and 30 Rock was seen vaping and coughing on a talk show called, Comedy Bang Bang.

Bruno Mars

After Bruno Mars mother passed away in 2013, he kept his promise and started using electronic cigarettes to quit smoking cigarettes. The caption said "Day 1 E-Cig, Gotta do it!!! This is for you mom" Wish the best of luck to you Bruno!

Bruno Mars Vaping

Zac Efron

Zac Efron has been noticed in a few pictures to be riding around vaping or even in a movie. In the movie Neighbors, Zac Efron is seen vaping on a refillable electronic cigarette. This is great news considering he has been going to rehab for alcohol and substance abuse, keeping clean since 2013. Keep up the good work Zac!

Charlie Sheen

The troubled actor has been getting in trouble for trying to smoke cigarettes in arenas he shouldn't be. So he took things into his own hand and created his own electronic cigarette brand "NicoSheen".

Richard Hammond

He may not be the biggest celebrity but if you're a car enthusiast, there is no doubt you have not heard of Richard Hammond. He is one of the three, Top Gear, hosts. A TV show that tests cars, usually super cars and match it to manufacturers claims.

Greg Gutfeld

A big time personality host on Fox News even had a claim that he went from 10 cigarettes a day to 10 cigarettes a year. He went on national Fox News to go Head to head with Dr. Nina Radcliff about why e-Cigarettes are still in the gray area and why they should justify the stance on them.

Big Show

Remember the biggest WWE superstar who used to give other wrestlers a choke slam? He has been seen with vapes hanging off his lanyard and says he even vapes at WWE events.