Button or Buttonless Herbal Vaping Hardware

Button or Buttonless Herbal Vaping Hardware

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 21st Mar 2021

Today, it is more popular than ever before to vape our precious herb, whether it’s in the form of flower, oil, wax or another form of concentrate. In response to growing demand, today’s vaping hardware market offers more options than it ever has, with all kinds of unique vaporizer devices trying to grab our attention.

For most beginners, the hardware market can be nothing short of intimidating. There are so many variables and special features to consider before investing in the perfect setup for our vaping needs. To make it easier, we are going to be discussing one major factor to consider when choosing the perfect vaping device, which is button-activated versus buttonless hardware.

Button-Activated Devices

These have a firing button on the device, and the button must be held down while inhaling vapor. The pressing of the button signals to the battery that it needs to provide power to the heating element, or coil, so that it can heat up to turn the product inside the chamber (oil, wax, etc.) into vapor. Simply pulling on the mouthpiece will not produce any vapor with this type of device.


#1: More Control

Many people feel that button-activated devices offer more control over one’s vaping experience. Pressing the button allows them to control the stream of vapor that is inhaled.

#2: More Vapor

This has yet to be proven, but most vapers will tell you that button-activated devices yield more vapor per hit. This may be because of the fact that activating the firing button forces the coil or heating element to heat up very quickly, thus really concentrating the vapor fast so that a lot of vapor is produced each time the button is pressed.

#3: Associated with Higher-End Devices

While button-activated devices are not necessarily more advanced or “fancy,” it just so happens that more high-end, powerful or feature-rich devices use firing buttons as opposed to buttonless designs. Therefore, button-activated vaporizers are associated with more advanced and upscale vaping systems.

#4: Less Work to Inhale

Because of how button-activated devices produce vapor, they require less work to take in a hit. You don’t need to pull as hard, because it’s not your inhale that’s allowing the product to be converted into vapor. Simply pressing on the button does the work for you, so that you do not need to inhale as strongly to get in the perfect amount of vapor that you’re aiming for.


#1: Potential to Get Activated When Not in Use

One possible downside to button-activated devices is that there’s always a chance that the button will be activated unintentionally, especially when not in use. For instance, if you pack your vaporizer device in a bag, and there happens to be a heavy object sitting on top of it, this can press on the firing button without you even realizing it. This will inevitably drain your battery as well as your wax or oil that’s inside the chamber.

#2: Hard to Activate in the Dark

Some people say that button-activated devices are harder to use in the dark because they need to be able to visually see the firing button in order to operate it accurately.

Buttonless Devices

Buttonless devices are the other option on the market. Rather than having to press a button in order to take in a hit, the user simply pulls on the mouthpiece, and this automatically creates a stream of vapor that’s inhaled. The act of pulling on the mouthpiece, rather than pressing a button, is what informs the device that it needs to provide power to the coil or heating element in order to convert the herbal product into vapor.


#1: Easier to Use

Buttonless devices are easier to use because they don’t require that you press a button. Also, it so happens that buttonless devices are usually less advanced overall, and so they are associated with more user-friendly vaping systems that do not require much maintenance or adjustments of specific settings to enjoy a quality vaping experience.

#2: More Similar to Traditional Smoking Methods

Some people prefer buttonless hardware because it’s more similar to smoking methods that they’re used to, such as rolls or pipes. The amount of vapor that they take in is based on how hard they pull, rather than how long they hold down a button for. In essence, it offers a more “analog-like” experience.


#1: Potentially More Draining to Your Battery

This can’t be proven, but many people say that buttonless devices tend to drain the battery at a slightly faster rate. The belief is that even when the device isn’t in use, the battery is supplying energy by default due to the unique wiring of this type of setup as opposed to one that is button-activated.

#2: More Effort

With buttonless hardware, you have to pull harder to take in a puff of vapor than you would with a button-activated device. The vapor isn’t simply produced on its own by pressing a button, so you need to make sure that you create enough suction with your mouth to get in the amount of vapor that you’re seeking out.

#3: Potentially Less Powerful Hits

Because you need to pull on the mouthpiece to take a hit, it is possible that a buttonless device will not give you as much vapor as a button-activated one. That is because a button-activated device is capable of producing a lot of vapor by activating the coil or heating element without any effort on your part.

The Herbal Vaping Device Choice is Yours

So, which type of device should you choose: buttonless or button-activated? Well, at the end of the day, that’s completely up to you. As you can see, each one has its distinctive pros and cons, and at the end of the day, they are both great ways to experience herbal vaping. You can weigh the pros and cons to see which style aligns with your vaping preferences, or simply give both models a try to figure out which best suits your needs.