Balloon Bag Vaping or Whip Style Vaporizer

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 7th Jun 2021

Vaping enthusiasm doesn’t necessarily stem from extended mobility. Deep gratification is often a reward gleaned from a stationary unit apprised from afternoon whip sessions or with deference to balloon bagging attachments when it comes to dry herb vaporizers. Stationary desktop vaporizers heat more temperate and even and they are more powerful than portables. They are consistent, reliable, give generously, and confidently ensconce capable delivery.

Most desktop herbal vaporizers transitionally accommodate single vapers, couples, and groups which is why they are great for parties. These vapes function with style and constitute options for precision personalization caters individual taste. Balloon bagging or whip tube vaping is mainly separated by a narrow choice of preferring to inhale from a rubber inflatable or pull from a glass extension.

The standard for most stationary desktop dry herb vaporizers doesn’t entail a long compilation or intricate complexities. Vape enthusiast that have traded the portable in favor of stationary units enjoy a different brand of freedom without the complications of assemble/disassemble, transporting safety, performance fluxuation, public confrontations along with inefficient storage compatibility. Cloud tamers claim that stationary units have reduced their stress levels by removing the indiscriminate temptation to vape at the wrong time or in the wrong place.

You can also safely deduct that these stationary units are ideally effect indulging with stealth standard. The confining walls offer infallible respite from unwarranted scrutiny and public judgement. The only conspirator that will compromise you in your position of stealthy enjoyment from home will be delineated by the company you keep.

Choosing a Desktop Vaporizer

The best part about vaping is the abundance of options available to everyone regardless of how you vape, where you vape, and who you vape it with. Aside from the portable vaporizers that have risen in popularity over the recent years, desktop vaporizers are also a thing. Just like the multitude of vaping styles available when it comes to choosing a portable device, those looking to get their first desktop vaporizer will have to choose between two types, a balloon or whip style vaporizer.

balloon vs whip vaporizer

Whip Style Vaping:

A whip style vaporizer delivers vapor to you through an extended silicone tube where one end is directly connected to the vaporizer chamber itself. Think of it as the modern-day version of the traditional hookah pipe. Vapor is pulled from the chamber directly into the pipe which can then be passed around for sharing.

A whip method of vaping is almost consistent with tradition hookah style, comparatively in the spirit of the elongated tube delivery. Whip vaping omits the influx of fan-forced delivery. The whole unit only consist of the heating unit, the chamber, the tubing, and the mouthpiece. Vapor density is established and dependent upon the speed of the draw a vaper inhales along with the temperature you heat it with. A short fast pull delivers a milder intensity while a long slow drag produces a rich robust cloud. Whip style vaping is identified by the infusion of dense vapor bursting with the intense flavor and aroma derived from using glass tube. Mastering the whip in perfect technique will require a few exploratory sessions. You get fun and adventure while finding you comfort zone. Time isn’t limited with whip vaping because there is no forced air. This vape session accordingly stops when you do and waits for your return.

Benefits of Whip Style

Thanks to the nearly unlimited amount of vapor a whip style device can produce, these are ideal for longer and more drawn out vaping sessions. The limited range/portability of the silicone tube might make it more difficult for a large party to vape. It has the perfect range for vaping sessions with a smaller amount of vapers or for a more intimate gathering.


Unlimited Vapor

Balloon style devices are limited by the fixed amount of vapor that can fit inside the bag. Whip style methods can deliver a continuous amount of vapor. It is only limited by the amount of herbs used inside the device's chamber.

Minimal Setup Time

Whip style devices also have the distinct advantage of prepping your dry herbs for vaping a lot faster than any balloon style vaporizer. Since the material becomes ready for vaping once the desired temperature has been hit, there's no need to wait at all to start vaping. Balloon devices require you to hold off until the entire bag is filled for efficient vaporization.


Limited Portability

The mobility of a whip style device can feel rather limited in comparison. That's also largely dependent on the length of the silicon tube you're using to inhale the vapor. The bottom line though is anyone who wants the vape has to be within a certain proximity of the vaporizer itself.

Inconsistent Vapor

To clarify, a good quality whip style vaporizer is by no means inconsistent when it comes to actually heating up your herbs to the right temperature. The inconsistency comes from the person vaping or inhaling using the silicone tube. The quality and temperature of each puff is largely dependent on how hard or light you inhale.

Strong suction tends to draw more air through the chamber resulting in a much higher air to vapor ratio and subsequently a much airier vape. Lighter puffs, on the other hand, result in a much warmer and denser vape, so there's definitely a learning curve involved in getting the vaping experience that you want. Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

Balloon Bag:

A balloon-type desktop vaporizer as you might have guessed uses a balloon or rather a bag made from polyester plastic. It captures all the vapor that gets pushed into it via convection heating to deliver the vapor. The bag fills up or “balloons” with fresh vapor and once full can be removed from the actual vaporizer and will be ready for vaping.

The over-all simple mechanics of balloon bag vaping include a heating unit, which is equipped with a fan, an "exhaust" where the vapor comes out from, and of course your balloon bag attachment. The exhaust hole isn’t just a vent for releasing the forced vapor. It is also the port to which your inflatable vessel attaches. Load your chamber, attach your inflatable, power your unit, set your fan speed, then sit and wait. When your balloon bag distends with the amount of vapor that you want, remove it and enjoy your reward.

Most balloon bag attachments will transition to accommodate both the balloon bag and the whip vaping style attachments. The fans on these unit’s multi-function on levels that regulate wind speed, regulate the vapor temperature, and dictate the intensity of your cloud. The detachable inflatable bag indicates the benefit of an expansive range of mobility. Detach the balloon from the chamber and walk around the house doing chores while taking hits from your balloon.

On the down-side for balloon bag vaping, you will be very restricted on the duration of your vape session because it will last only as long as vapor remains in the balloon. It is recommended that you should try to use all of your bounty within 15 minutes. This generally rules balloon bagging less favored for single or couple use in the spirit of product preservation. Balloon bag vaping is usually more well suited as a group vaping resource. The only fact now left to consider is the cost and demand of unit maintenance. Inflatable attachments for balloon bagging requires frequent changing in the interest of quality and flavor, protecting your health, and to avoid waste from a blown bag.

Benefits of Balloon Vaping

Regardless of the pros and cons of vaping with a balloon vaporizer, there is one thing that remains constant. The quality of vapor produced by a balloon style device is arguably the best you can get from any device. The vaporizer does all the work of heating up the herb to the perfect temperature. It also delivers a consistent and stable airflow to fill up the bag. The vaping experience you get every time you fire up a balloon vaporizer will always be the same.



A big advantage that balloon type vaporizers have is that once the bag is filled up with vapor, it's then detached from the vaporizer. That can be passed freely from person to person. This makes it an ideal solution for larger gatherings where everyone might not be sitting close to the vaporizer itself.

Consistent Vapor Quality

The vapor inhaled and produced by a balloon-type vaporizer is similar to taking a very long yet controlled puff. The only difference is that the temperature of the airflow heating up the dry herbs. The bag being filled up with vapor is perfectly consistent resulting in a likewise smooth vapor. What this means is that once the vapor is locked inside the bag, you can enjoy a smooth and reliable vapor regardless of how hard or soft you inhale.

Cooler Vapor

When you're inhaling the vapor, it is much hotter when it comes directly from the heating chamber. This means that a balloon bag attachment will cool down the vapor before you are able to inhale it. This is hard to do on a whip style when you are inhaling directly form the heating source. Cooler vapor is better for your lungs and throat.


Limited Vapor

“Limited” might not be the best term used to describe the amount of vapor that an entire balloon or bag can fill. Depending on how many people are sharing, the vapor is definitely finite. Once the entire bag is consumed it becomes necessary to repeat the vaping/filling process once again if you decide you want more.

Setup Required

Most convection style vaporizers which only require a minimal amount of time for temperatures to reach their optimal vaping point. Balloon type vaporizers basically vaporize an entire batch of herb first before you're able to consume it. Impatient vapers might not appreciate the time and setup required for the entire bag to fill up with vapor just for a quick session. The reward is definitely worth it.

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What’s The Different Between Vaping from a Balloon or Whip?

Just to make a quick summary, here's a breakdown of the main differences between the two types of desktop vaporizers.


  • Balloon style vaporizers have a reach that's practically unlimited since the bag is detached from the vaporizer when vaping.
  • Whip style vaporizers' reach is limited by the length of the silicone tube used. It is usually about 3 feet.

Set Up Time

  • After reaching the desired temperature, balloon style vaporizers require you to wait for the bag to fill before you can start vaping.
  • Whip style vaporizers users can start vaping as soon as the target temperature has been reached.

Vapor Quality

  • Balloon style vaporizers deliver a constant and consistent airflow resulting in a uniform vaping experience whenever heated up.
  • Vapor consistency and quality produced by whip style vaporizers are dependent on the user and how hard or soft they inhale.