Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 14th May 2017

As the herbal vaping revolution continues gaining momentum around the globe, desktop vaporizers have quickly become one more, revamped, cool way to get your vape on!

Desktop vaporizers use forced air technology, allowing this form of vaping to be labeled as the king of the vapes. Desktop varieties are the most efficient and economical since little product is wasted. Think of a desktop vaporizer working like the ancient hookah or shisha pipe. Both instruments are equipped with a hose or whip for inhalation purposes.

These desktop units have been designed for home use, so the vaporizers are larger in size and can be shared perfectly and easily with a number of friends. The desktops are also more expensive than vaping pens, for example, because the construction of this vaporizer type is top quality; plus the delicious vapor can stay fresh a lot longer and the desktop packs a heck of a vaping punch! Don't worry, because there's a great desktop vaporizer for every budget.

The desktop model doesn't require much, just plugging in to a wall socket to function, but after that, it heats up fast and is ready for releasing flavorful pleasure. The cool thing about desktops are the variety they come in like hands-free units, digital vaporizers, tower units, hot box stone designs, and many more. All of these desktops are constructed with amazing, individual features such as top shelf ceramic heating element, strong 3-speed fan, remote control for precision accuracy, heating block made of medical grade aluminum, and so on. That means these models are built to last!

Let's be honest, there's always plenty of buzz about the vapor pens, but the desktop vaporizers should be considered the Cadillac of the vaping world. These ample units promise amazing hits every time and there are some desktops which feature the ability to use liquids, extracts, and dry herbs. You might be paying more for this big daddy of them all, but then again, you will always find that sweet temperature spot and get the most out of every round.

Vaping's most certainly the healthier alternative to cigarette smoking, and its immense popularity continues to billow around us. Even the American Lung Association has publicly come out and admitted that nicotine replacement products like vaporizers and e-liquids, help alleviate withdrawal symptoms from nicotine. Period.

Vaping's fun, economical and delivers tons of pleasure. Desktop vaporizers give you the best bang for your buck here at  Vaporizer Chief. You can expect magnificent performance, superior flavor, all in th e privacy of your home.