5 Herbal Vape-Friendly States To Travel To

5 Herbal Vape-Friendly States To Travel To

Posted by David Nadel on 5th Jan 2019

If you're planning a trip to another state, it's very important to make sure that you'll be able to enjoy vaping your dry herb without legal consequences. As we all know, there are many states across the country in which it's still illegal to enjoy dry herb under any circumstances. 

The good news is that  more states are encouraging herbal uuse each year. In fact, it's widely believed that it will be decriminalized on a federal level before the decade reaches its end. 

In the meantime, we've made a list of the top five states in which you can enjoy your dry herb without any risk of penalty. In these five states, you can vape to your heart's content. Plus, in almost all of these states, you'll also be able to pick up some excellent herb while you visit thanks to an abundance of excellent dispensaries.


In Maine, it's legal to buy, grow, sell and consume all types of it. In fact, it's legal to possess up to 2.5 ounces of herb. Because of the liberal legislation regarding its use, there's no reason to feel uncomfortable vaping your dry herb in designated areas or in the comfort of your own home. 

However, there are currently no dispensaries in Maine. That's because lawmakers still haven't decided how to go about the process of providing Maine residents with a legal avenue for purchasing their herb.


As long as you're 21 or older, you can enjoy vaping your herb in the state of Washington. It's illegal, however, to purchase or possess more than one ounce. It's also illegal to consume certain herbs in public. 

Washington was one of the first states to legalize recreational use. Therefore, it's very easy to find high-quality herb thanks to the fact that many businesses have been able to flourish since it was first legalized.


Became legal there in 2014. This state is known for its progressive views regarding herb. As long as you're above the age of 20, you can vape your dry herb freely and without any fear of getting into legal trouble. 

Unlike many states in which it’s legal, Alaska has no restrictions on how much herbs or hemp you can purchase at any given time. However, it is illegal to possess more than one ounce. 

It's also important to note that it's illegal to vape your dry herb in public in Alaska. However, vaping inside your home is completely okay. Also, laws are very strict regarding driving while under the influence.


It’s legal to purchase and possess the material as long as you're 21 or older. This state is renowned for its liberal views regarding the plant. You can legally purchase up to one ounce at any given time. 

In fact, it is such a big part of the state's economy that dispensaries are everywhere in more populated parts of the state. You'll have no trouble finding excellent dry herb for your vaping needs. 


Colorado legalized recreational use back in 2012. In fact, the state's economy has improved dramatically because of the booming bud business. If you're 21 or older, you can purchase up to 28 grams at any given time for your vaping pleasure.

Another interesting fact about weed laws in Colorado is that dispensaries are allowed to be open all day long. This means that you can pick up some dry herb before most people get to work in the morning. 

Hopefully More States Follow

Thanks to the progressive movement in laws in these states, you'll be able to vape your dry herb without worrying about getting into trouble. Of course, we all hope that the rest of the country will follow in their footsteps within the next couple of years.