3 Ways to Use Premium CBG + CBD Moonrocks

3 Ways to Use Premium CBG + CBD Moonrocks

Posted by David Nadel on 7th Jun 2020

CBD flower is quickly proving to be a highly valuable and desirable delivery method among hemp enthusiasts. For those who don’t know what it is, allow us to explain. CBD flower is simply the flowering buds that have been removed from the hemp plant and dried for personal use. Within the female flowers of the hemp plant, you’ll find all of the compounds that are considered desirable, including lots of CBD, plus other cannabinoids as well as flavonoids and terpenes. CBD products that we’re used to seeing on the market, such as vape oils, edibles and tinctures are all made with a hemp extract derived from these flowers. CBD flower is simply the raw, pure and unadulterated alternative.

CBD flower is so popular because it gives users an experience that’s as close to what nature intended as possible. Further, CBD flower is less likely to contain any impurities because it has not been tampered with. Another advantage is that it’s naturally available in a wide range of strains, which is great for those looking to customize their experience for very specific effects.

At Vaporizer Chief, we’ve got a highly unique CBD flower product that goes above and beyond what you’d expect. No Cap Hemp Co. CBG + CBD Moonrocks are so much more than simple hemp flower. It consists of handpicked Bubba Kush flower nugs that are coated in pure CBG distillate, followed by a generous layer of our beloved kief that’s extremely high in both CBD and CBG. What this does is supply you with loads of these two cannabinoids that are each known for offering some pretty phenomenal properties to the body.

If you wish to try out CBG + CBD Moonrocks, you’ll wanna make sure that you get the best experience out of them as possible.

CBG + CBD Moonrocks

We’ve broken down three awesome ways to use this product in a way that caters to your needs, your preferences and your hemp-related goals.

Method #1: Vaporize It

No Cap Hemp Co. CBG + CBD Moonrocks can easily be vaporized, and that’s a very popular way to use them. It’s important to keep in mind that not just any old vaporizer will do. You need a vaporizer that specifically handles flower, as these vaporizers operate at output levels that preserve the chemical compounds without burning the plant material.

Vaporizing our moonrocks offers some unique advantages. One is that vaporizing CBD allows for an amazingly fast onset period, as well as a uniquely potent peak. Because you’re inhaling vapor rather than smoke, you will experience less harshness. Plus, it’s a highly discreet method compared to smoking, because it doesn’t produce nearly as much of a smell, and the clouds don’t linger for as long a period of time.

Method #2: Smoke It

Now, there are a lot of cannabis purists out there who prefer smoking their flower, and you might be one of them. Ultimately, smoking our moonrocks will likely give you a more potent experience, which is something that many users desire. That’s because of the nature of combustion as it applies to cannabinoids and other plant compounds. And, smoking CBG + CBD Moonrocks can be accomplished either with rolling papers or a pipe.

Method #3: Cook with It

If you’ve ever cooked with standard flower before, you know how easy it is to make a tasty treat using this plant material as the star ingredient. You can create loads of tasty recipes that result in highly potent edible batches which can be savored throughout the day.

Over 30% Potency for Total Cannabinoids!

Vaporizer Chief wants you to truly reach those goals with CBD, which is why we carry innovative and carefully crafted products that you can’t find anywhere else. No Cap Hemp Co. CBG + CBD Moonrocks are quickly becoming a top-selling product due to the amazing potency and chemical composition that gives your body high volumes of two of the most sought-after cannabinoids. Experience this stellar product in order to have the fully customized CBD session that you’ve been waiting for.