3 Quick Reasons to Purchase a Dab Pen

3 Quick Reasons to Purchase a Dab Pen

Posted by David Nadel on 5th Jan 2019

If you're an herb enthusiast, you've probably been eyeing dab pens for quite some time. These portable, user-friendly devices let you enjoy the many benefits of the material in a totally unique way. Despite their popularity, a large part of the weed community isn't quite sure how these devices work or why they're so beneficial. 

However, many argue that using a dab pen is actually more enjoyable and beneficial than more traditional methods of consumption. As you'll see, these devices are absolutely worth your money. 

Good Distribution of Concentrates

A dab pen is a small, pocket-friendly device that heats herb concentrate in order to provide you with the full spectrum of benefits for which herbs are known. These concentrates allow you to get a very potent hit of the many healing properties within the plant. 

Many believe that dab pens are less harmful to your health because of the fact that you're not actually inhaling smoke into your lungs. Rather, the concentrate is heated electronically in order to turn into vapor. 


If you like to enjoy your stuff when you're away from home, a dab pen is essential. These devices are extremely small and can fit into your pocket, making them unbelievably discreet. Plus, because you're not actually smoking the plant material, the smell of the herb is not as pungent. 

Many dab pens are specially designed to look like e-cigarettes. This means that you can use your pen without most people suspecting that you're actually consuming your favorite bud. 

Easy to Maintain

We all know that smoking and vaping devices that use the actual plant can be a pain to maintain. Because of the way in which the plant burns, a lot of cleaning is required in order to get rid of that gunk that can clog up your mouthpiece. 

Dab pens, on the other hand, require very little cleaning. Because you're vaping a concentrate, you won't have to deal with all of that messy ash and resin.

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Dab pens will help you get the most out of your concentrate.