3 Inputs to Extend Your Dry Herb Vapor Output

3 Inputs to Extend Your Dry Herb Vapor Output

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 2nd Jan 2018

This article is to present 3 tips to enjoy vaping dry herb with less waste and more taste. These examples, if made part of your routine, will heighten your enjoyment of vaping for the rest of your years. It's that simple and that beneficial.

Tip #1: Honeycomb Glass Screens

Honeycomb glass screens should definitely be considered the most essential new products in the vaporizer market, due to its vaporizing instead of burning dry herb.

  • The seven-hole design of the screen beautifully diffuses vapor while maintaining the ultimate in maximum airflow. This allows the vaporizing of the product evenly throughout the entire chamber bowl, which insures you've a particle free vapor, but without any clogging up of the bowl.
  • This screen also produces more vapor and reduces the combustion with dry herbal materials. This is done by you being able to have the herb product sit securely above the vaporizer coil and on top of the screen. This insures it does not ever have coil direct contact.
  • The beauty of this honeycomb filter is it helps your dry herb vaporize by the flow of heat traveling through convection. This makes hot air travel to your herb to vaporize it and not ever directly burn it.

You can use a honeycomb glass screen whenever you have a vaporizer where the dry herb sits directly on the coil, so you can use the honeycomb screen to lift the herb off your coil. This unpleasant and undesirable coil touching is how it combusts your dry herb material rather than vaporizing it. It can also be used with a pipe or slide bowl where the hole is just too large. Reduce the size of the hole by placing this great honeycomb glass screen over it. Its 7mm size, the universally accepted size for dry herb vaporizers.

Tip #2: Cleaning Grinder

A key element is cleanliness for sharpness when it comes to your grinder. You know to keep your vaporizer or vape pen or portable squeaky clean, but so many vapers don’t clean their grinder mechanism nearly well enough. If you let damp herb residue build-up, you may not be able to see it but the grinder will feel it and your grinding will not be thin and dry. After all, this is the whole purpose for grinding your herb. You have to have the grounds really thin and completely dry.

Tip #3: Drying Grounds

After grinding thoroughly, take a piece of non-bleached paper (if you’re trying to be green as possible), and spread the grounds out smoothly on the paper. Place this in a safe dry place where it won’t receive interference of any kind by man or nature, and leave it for about 15 minutes. It should be completely dry and ready for vaping. This procedure is just as key for the nano and finer grinders as for the regular size.

We all know how to take care of our hardware so that it lasts longer and continues to give us the clean vapor we crave. Hardware is really the easy part, even though it’s the more expensive part of vaping for relaxation. Pay close attention to the little details, also, in dry herb vaping and those details will take care of you.