10 Tips for Vaporizing Weed

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 8th Jun 2021

With vaporizers becoming increasingly popular these days, there are so many different models that all work differently. We get a lot of questions from customers like “what are some tips for vaporizing weed” and “how do I get the best experience using a vaporizer”. Some of the main things you can do is make sure your dry herbs are finely ground. Also make sure you pack it in your chamber tight. Many people pack it loosely and this can cause a frustrating experience for a few different reasons.

Best Tips for Vaporizing Weed

If you like to use a vaporizer for weed, then there is a good chance that you have used more than 1. Most of us have tried or used several so you probably already know that all herb pens work differently and deliver completely different features. This is why it can be challenging to figure out which is the best one for you when you are ready to make a purchase. If you have any questions about which is the best dry herb vape pen for you please feel free to contact us and someone will be happy to help.

1. Grind Your Weed Very Fine

No matter which vaporizer you use, it is always strongly advised to make sure you are using one to finely ground up weed. This allows your vape to deliver the best quality cloud and offers you better control each time you pull from it. There are different kinds of grinders to choose from and different kinds grind at a different level.

aerospaced grinder open

2. Dry Out Your Weed Completely

Making sure you dry your weed out properly is also a very important step to make sure you are getting the best control each time you pull from your vaporizer. We recommend that you take smaller pulls and you will get many more of them and this will prove to be much more efficient. But if you are the kind of person who likes to take larger pulls from a vape, then you should always make sure to dry your weed out completely.

3. Pack the Chamber Tightly

One of the most common mistakes we come across is that people will not pack their chamber fully. Regardless of what kind of vape you choose or which kind of herb you enjoy most it doesn’t matter. You should always pack your chamber completely. Each unit is different but you should be able to figure out the most optimal way to pack it after just 1 or 2 rounds.

4. Heat Control Settings

Most users appreciate having more control with the heat settings. Some vapes only have 1 setting, or high and low, while others offer several temperatures or temperature ranges. Some people who like to take smaller pulls will usually want to use lower heat settings than others who like to take larger pulls. Also, if you use your vaporizer in a group it is nice to have a higher setting. These options all depend on your preference.

Perfect Vaporizer Temperature Guide

5. Preheat the Chamber

It is always recommended that you preheat your chamber before you start to pull. Having a vaporizer that will heat up fast is always a better option because your weed is not heating while you wait however it is not necessary. Making sure your chamber is warm is good because it will start opening up your herbs in a microscopical level.

6. Larger Heating Chamber

Most users want a large herbal chamber. This not only allows you to get more life out of each session and but it also helps give you more control while you are pulling. Whether you want smaller pulls or larger pulls having a larger chamber is an important factor to make sure you get the best experience when vaporizing your weed.

crafty vaporizer chamber

7. Battery Life

Some vaporizers have a battery that will die slowly and some give you no warning. Some offer the ability to switch the battery when 1 dies you need to wait for it to charge. And some batteries take longer to charge than others. Either way nobody enjoys being in the middle of a good session and the battery runs out of juice. This is one detail (feature) that people often don’t think about until after they have already made a purchase and get stuck with a unit that dies often.

8. Inhale Slowly

One thing people who don't vape much don't realize is that vaping is a completely different ball game. It is not the same as smoking and is definitely not like using a pipe. When smoking from a pipe, you tend to draw the smoke very hard and quick. Many people originally start off taking hard hits and realize it is not working and it draws them away from vaping in general. With vapes, the opposite should be done. This is because the heat being produced from a vape is much less so it is not burning it. Instead, try to wait 30 seconds before inhaling it and start off very slowly with the tip of your lips. Make sure it is a light drag. There are two main reasons as to why you want to make sure you are doing it slowly. First of all, sucking it hard can cause the temperature to drop in the chamber which is counterproductive. The second reason is because it can cause the cannabis to be sucked up and get stuck in the mouthpiece which will clog the airflow.

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9. Clean Your Herbal Chamber

The chamber of your weed vaporizer is going to be the dirtiest part of your device, even more so than the exterior. The main thing you want to avoid is the build up of residue not only in the chamber but also through any air path or air flows. Of course some places are impossible to reach unless you open the unit apart which we do not recommend. However the mouthpiece and anything between that and the chamber is a good place to start.

10. Glass Screen

Using a glass screen is only used on dry herb vape pens but nonetheless can be very useful. A honeycomb glass screen is used when the herbs come in direct contact with the coil in the chamber. This results in conduction heating which produces smoke more than it does vapor. Putting the screen on top of the coil helps the herbs have some room between between each other. This way it can help turn into vapor rather than smoke.

These are the 10 most important tips for vaporizing dry herbs and getting the best results. Below are some additional tips that might be helpful to you in choosing the best unit when you are ready to make a purchase or an upgrade.

A few more tips on how to get the best results from vaporizing weed along with recommendations about which vapes are best for you

When it comes to choosing a vape there are so many options it can get confusing but if you keep it simple there is no reason to worry. Some vapes have larger chambers, some offer different settings, some come with batteries that last longer and there are many other differences. How can you know which one is the best for you? Take a look below at some tips on how to know which vape will give you the best results from vaporizing your weed.