10 Things to Look for When Purchasing CBD Topicals

10 Things to Look for When Purchasing CBD Topicals

Posted by David Nadel on 21st May 2020

Lots of us who take hemp have explored more than one delivery method in an effort to really finetune our personal routine to meet our needs. These days, CBD comes in so many forms that it can be hard to keep up with what’s available on the market. But there is one type of hemp product that we suggest everyone try out, and it’s a CBD topical.

CBD topicals are unlike other hemp delivery methods that are out there. When we take an internal delivery method, like an edible, tincture or capsule, we’re allowing the compounds in the hemp plant to disperse throughout the body to produce various effects. Topicals are different in that they only really affect the area of application.

What Does this Mean to You as a Hemp User?

Well, let’s say you’re dealing with some muscle tension in your shoulder. Applying a CBD topical to your shoulder allows a uniquely concentrated level of CBD and other hemp compounds to absorb completely into the shoulder tissue, which can mean a more targeted approach to finding relief.

But, as you can imagine, not all CBD topicals are created equally. This is why it’s so important that if you’re going to spend money on a topical formula, that you choose one that is the most likely to give you the results that you deserve. The good news is that it’s easy to determine which topicals out there are worth trying and which simply aren’t worth your time.

Factor #1: A Company with a Good Reputation

First and foremost, you need to make sure that the company that you’re buying from is highly reputable. Why? Because, unfortunately, without FDA approval, the CBD industry is left to its own devices to determine its own standards of quality. This means that a lot of brands can exist on the market that offer subpar products. It’s always smart to research a company before buying from them. Look for user reviews, both on their website and elsewhere on the internet.

Factor #2: Third-Party Lab Reports

Another great way to know whether or not a particular topical is high in quality is to look for lab reports on the company’s website. Any legitimate hemp brand will make these lab reports available to consumers, as they come from a third-party testing facility and break down key pieces of information regarding the overall quality of the product, in a completely unbiased way.

Factor #3: An Adequate Milligram Strength

The milligram strength of a particular hemp product is its potency level, referring to how many milligrams of actual hemp extract you’re getting in the formula. Therefore, a major key to having a successful CBD experience is choosing the milligram strength that’s appropriate for your needs, whether they be mild or severe. Therefore, when picking out a CBD topical, make sure that the number of milligrams per dose are enough to give you the potency of effects that you desire in order to experience relief.

Factor #4: Type of Hemp Extract That You Prefer

Like all products made with hemp extract, CBD topicals come in three different forms: full spectrum, broad spectrum and CBD isolate. As you know, each one has its own chemical composition that determines which compounds you’re applying to your body. If you have a preferred type of hemp extract, then make sure that the topical you’re eyeing is made with it.

Factor #5: Clean Ingredients

You don’t wanna bunch of synthetic fillers and additives in your topical, as these can irritate the skin, and can allow toxins to enter your body. Look carefully at the list of ingredients in order to ensure that you’re getting a plant-based formula.

Factor #6: CO2-Extracted Hemp

It’s always important to make sure that the hemp extract used in a topical was produced using the CO2 process. CO2-extracted hemp is superior because it offers more chemical stability, higher purity and greater bioavailability.

Factor #7: Non-GMO Formula

You want to avoid GMOs when purchasing a CBD topical. GMOs are genetically modified organisms, and the techniques used to produce them can be disruptive to the bioavailability of the hemp compounds you’re specifically seeking out. Any good company should clearly state whether or not their formula contains GMOs.

Factor #8: Other Active Ingredients

It never hurts to grab a topical that has additional active ingredients besides the CBD. For instance, many topicals contain menthol, which offers a cooling sensation when applied to the skin. Others contain essential oils with anti-inflammatory properties that can enhance feelings of relief.

Factor #9: Fast Absorption

Look for a CBD topical that states that it absorbs quickly. Fast absorption of the formula means faster onset time, and it also means that you won’t be dealing with a greasy residue hours after application, which can get annoying. Plant-based oils and butters tend to absorb very quickly into the skin, so if a formula is rich in these ingredients, you’re likely good to go.

Factor #10: Skin-Enhancing Benefits

Finally, you want to make sure that a CBD topical formula benefits the skin rather than causes problems. If you’re going to be applying a product to your skin on a daily basis, you want to make sure that it’s moisturizing rather than drying, because otherwise, you’re replacing one problem with another one. The skin on our body is prone to dryness and requires rich, plant-based ingredients that can supply ample levels of moisture, so that’s another reason to try to stick with an all-natural formula whenever possible.

CBD Topicals are Becoming Increasingly Popular, and for Good Reason

People love the way in which topicals allow them to focus on a specific problem area with concentrated doses of hemp. If you’re going to try incorporating topicals into your daily wellness routine, then make sure to take these factors into consideration before making a purchase.