​ A Beginner’s Guide to the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 13th Jul 2020

The DaVinci IQ vaporizer is one of the most popular additions to DaVinci’s best-selling line of dry herb vapes. From its first launch in 2012, DaVinci has gone on to become a leading company in the vaporizer market. With the IQ vaporizer, the company introduced a fresh design with Smart Path technology, featuring four different temperature paths.

The temperature paths are four different settings that start at one temperature and finish up at 20ºF hotter. The beginning temperatures are 350ºF, 370ºF, 390ºF and 410ºF.

DaVinci’s IQ takes it a step further, containing personalization features available only in the mobile app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play store. Just download the app, connect it via bluetooth and you’re good to go.

The IQ joins the pantheon of other cutting-edge vaporizers with its app integration. The free application allows you to wield complete control of your vape sessions. Track your Smart Path usage and other analyses of the vaporizer right from your Android.

The compact design also makes the IQ a great portable vape for on the go - take it along with you on hikes and road trips. Read on to learn everything you need to know about using your DaVinci IQ.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x DaVinci IQ
  • 1 x keychain tool
  • 1 x micro-USB cable
  • 1 x keychain
  • 1 x cleaning brush
  • 9 x cleaning swabs
  • 1 x 10mm water tool adapter/extended mouthpiece
  • 1 x carry can
  • 1 x 3500mAh 18650 battery
  • 1 x owner’s manual

Charging the Davinci IQ

The DaVinci IQ is powered by a single 3500mAh 18650 battery, which you can charge by plugging the micro-USB charger into the device for about four hours. If you have access to an external charger, you can cut the charge time in half by using a wall outlet.

DaVinci made sure battery life wouldn’t get in the way of your vaping experience. Once fully charged, you’ll be able to use the device for an 80 minute runtime, which typically makes up eight sessions. To ensure your IQ never runs out when you need it, invest in a couple of 18650 batteries over 10 amps.

Operating the DaVinci IQ

Press the power button five times to switch on your device and do the same when you want to shut it off. Click the power button once to switch between heating modes. Use the up and down buttons to switch through Smart Paths or temperature settings.

Smart Paths

The IQ features four smart heating paths that offer a range of unique vaporizing experiences. DaVinci indicates the Smart Paths by the number of the four 3x3 grids that light up. Switch between smart paths by pressing the up and down buttons.

Precision mode

Use Precision mode to heat your herbs to a specific temperature. Press the power button to switch to this mode, then adjust the temperature using the up and down buttons. When your IQ blinks once and vibrates, it has reached the set temperature.

Boost mode

If you’re nearly at the end of your session and want to get the last bits out, hold down the power button to enter Boost mode. This will hold to the maximum temperature. Once you release the button, the device will enter standby mode to cool down. You can end this by pressing any button, otherwise it will turn off after three minutes to save the battery life.

Stealth mode & temperature display

To switch between fahrenheit and celsius, press all three buttons simultaneously. The series of grids will light up with the letter F or C.

If you want to dim the IQ’s light, click the power button and down button together. To increase the brightness again, do the same but with the up button instead of down.

DaVinci vaporizer app

Create a profile, choose your device and discover all of the personalization features available exclusively in the app. Download from the Google Play store for Android smartphones.

DaVinci IQ flavor chamber

The IQ’s ‘flavor chamber’ sits between the oven and mouthpiece of the device. It’s a chamber made of zirconia ceramic that you can load with different herbs to enhance your vaping experience. It’s not for loading your cannabis though because it only lightly heats the contents to just give off the essence of the materials.

Three herbs to use in the flavor chamber & their effects

  • Hibiscus
    • Aromatic, fruity and favorable taste
    • Good for keeping a low cholesterol, boosting metabolism and handling anxiety
    • Packed with antioxidants and vitamin C
  • Chamomile
    • Useful as a night-time aid and for muscle pain relief
    • Boosts immune system, rich in antioxidants
  • Cloves
    • Anti-inflammatory effects that soothe a sore throat or dry lungs
    • Freshens breath

Your first session with the DaVinci IQ

Run a burn-off

Upon opening your IQ, as with any vaporizer, it’s wise to run what's known as a burn-off. This is because residue from the manufacturing and shipping process may find its way into your device. The only thing you want to be vaping is your herb of choice!

To do this, simply turn the temperature to the highest setting and let your IQ burn until the auto shut off kicks in. After each burn-off session, check if you can smell anything funky. If you can, repeat this process until the smell is gone.

Grind your herbs and load the chamber

When grinding herbs for your IQ, we recommend using a finer consistency. If you’re working on a budget, using a regular grinder will do the job - just flip it over until you reach the ideal consistency. When that’s done, fill the chamber with your ground herbs and pack it down gently.

Set your ideal temperature

Using the temperature buttons, set the vape to your preferred heat. The DaVinci has a temperature range of 350-430ºF. As a general rule, lower temperatures yield the best taste, which is especially true during the first couple of rips.

Cleaning & maintenance

All removable parts of your DaVinci IQ can be disassembled for optimal cleaning. Immerse all pieces in isopropyl alcohol overnight then rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry before reassembling. Don’t submerge non-removable parts of the device in any liquid.