Atmos Vicod 5G Review

The Atmos name is known for high-quality vaporizers that gain quick popularity among new and experienced vapers alike. The second generation Atmos Vicod 5G is no exception, and this dry herb, convection vaporizer is a great addition to the Atmos product line.


  • Very discreet, portable
  • Quality vapor production with little airflow resistance
  • Precision temperature control for flexible vaping experience


  • Mouthpiece can become hot with extended use
  • Alternate glass mouthpiece is fragile
  • The Vicod 5G, Revisited

Immediately upon opening the Vicod 5G, users will notice the new casing made from a heat-resistant rubber. The vaporizer comes in red, orange, black or white, and the new casing is much better at hiding smudges and fingerprints. It's comfortable and lightweight in the hand, and at only about three inches tall, it's one of the most portable dry herb vaporizers on the market. The small, concave mouthpiece adds very little to the length, and the entire device fits easily in the palm of the hand.

The Vicod 5G's name is printed across the top of the device, above the power and control buttons. The controls are simple, offering only a power button and two temperature adjustment buttons surrounding the vivid OLED display screen. The overall look is simple and modern, designed for discretion.

Maximum Performance in a Small Package

Frequently, users wanting a discreet, portable vaporizer had to settle for a very small heating chamber that requires frequent reloading. Despite being less than 2mm in diameter, the Vicod 5G can hold about a half gram of finely ground herb product. Since the Vicod is a true vaporizer that uses convection heating, you can count on an evenly heated result that maximizes vapor and flavor. For veteran vapers, this means that different flavors and combinations can be explored. For new users, the device allows individuals to find a preferred balance of their own.

Vapor production with the Vicod 5G is above average for such a small, portable vaporizer. Even short draws produce full-flavored vapor clouds, and the air vents along both sides of the device produce a low-resistance airflow that makes for a great, relaxing experience. The precision temperature control features allow vapers to make specific temperature adjustments in single-degree increments to find their preferred balance between flavor and vapor production. This is even more helpful since the new Vicod comes with an insert-able cup that can be used for vaping concentrate as well. For wax or concentrate vaping, a higher temperature setting should be used, and the Vicod allows users to determine the exact setting for the result they want. This versatility is a huge selling point for the Vicod, since balance between vapor and flavor is a preference that changes from user to user or even session to session. Allowing such precise, flexible control, the Vicod puts the power back in the hands of the user.

Vaping with the Vicod 5G

Using the Vicod is simple. The heating chamber clicks open for easy loading, and a packing tool is provided. Finely ground material packed firmly into the chamber will allow users to load up to half a gram at once. A standard three-click power button activates the vaporizer, and the device immediately begins heating to the most recently used temperature. If a different temperature is desired, it can be selected now, simply by using the temperature adjustment buttons indicated with arrows. The chamber heats quickly and the bright digital display indicates when the desired temperature is reached. The 2200mAh battery is good for about 90 minutes of active use and can easily be recharged with the included USB charger and wall adapter. Higher temperature settings will, of course, reduce battery life, but the digital display makes it easy to know when it's time to recharge. The temperature is easily adjusted with the small arrow buttons next to the digital display, and rather than cycling through settings, the Vicod 5G allows users to select any temperature preferred between 300°F - 435°F. The range is more than suitable for dry herb or concentrate vaping.

Like other genuine dry herb vaporizers, the Vicod 5G uses convection rather than burning the herbs used. For most vapers, this provides a cleaner, better-flavored vaping experience that isn't ruined by burned herbs and thick smoke. The Vicod's design maximizes that with a design focused on airflow and high quality materials. The large ceramic heating chamber doesn't interfere with herb flavor and provides a pure, easy-to-clean space for vapor to flow.

Though even short draws produce great vapor, for a full-flavored experience, longer, slow draws are recommended. The Atmos Vicod 5G works great with most dry herb at about 400°F, but for longer sessions, a setting around 350° will yield more even, consistent results. Waxes and other concentrates typically require a higher temperature setting for best results. Starting at about 400°F and adjusting from there will help new users find the desired balance.

The alternate mouthpiece provided is a cylindrical glass tube which extends the distance between the user and the heating chamber. This makes for a far smoother, cooler vape, which is particularly helpful for beginning vapers who aren't as comfortable with high temperatures. This is particularly helpful since the heat with the smaller mouthpiece was noticeable and potentially a challenge for new vapers. After a few sessions, the glass mouthpiece may start to gather a sticky residue, but this is cleared easily with the provided brush. The glass material provides a great vape flavor, but may be considered too fragile for a portable vaporizer by some.

Vicod Value

At just over $100, the Vicod 5G, 2nd Generation has plenty of value. This highly portable convection vaporizer can vape dry herb or concentrate, and its design makes vaping relaxing and fun for new or experienced users. The precision temperature controls allow for a wide range of product type and personal preferences, and the large heating chamber is great for vaping on-the-go. Overall, this is a great product, designed with the user experience in mind and built from high-quality materials to back that up.