Atmos Kiln RA Vaporizer




The Atmos Kiln vaporizer is one of the best units to use when you're dabbing with your wax concentrates. Initially it was sold with just the atomizer but with high demand in the product, Atmos finally made it with a battery to complete an entire vaporizer kit for wax concentrates. The Atmos Kiln uses simply a ceramic disc atomizer. Just like a few high quality vaporizer kits for wax like the Dr. Dabber Aura. The ceramic disc comparing to fiber wicks or ceramic rods never really gives you the whole vaping experience. It gives a clean taste every time you use it and you can put a large amount of concentrates inside the atomizer and the Kiln will evenly vaporize all the materials to where you're simply vaping the best dabbing experience in the world.

Kiln RA Atomizer Attachment
The Kiln vaporizer atomizer is a wax atomizer that allows you to dab your waxy concentrates quickly on the go. The Kiln uses a pure ceramic disc atomizer that doesn't expose or use any type of wicks which means the atomizer lasts as long as the warranty claims which is unheard of these days since manufacturers are all about making quantity instead of quality. Atmos simply has made the most high quality atomizer ever seen in this world. The Atmos Kiln atomizer has a 510 threading which means you could use it with most batteries but this kit comes with a powerful 510 threaded battery. The quality of the vaporization eliminates and burned or charred taste which is common in most atomizers. The Kiln can even vaporize to turn your unit into a powerful dab rig.

Atmos Kiln RA Battery
The Atmos Kiln battery is a powerful 950mAH battery perfect for vaping your wax materials for the longer durations of using it on-the-go without the battery going out. If you're a vaping enthusiast, you'll know that you get the best vaping experience ever with the Atmos Kiln vaporizer as the battery is a lithium ion battery that will last the long-term duration and will not burn out. The battery comes with a 5 year warranty so you know it will last the duration of what you're trying to get out of the vaporizer kit.

Atmos Kiln Dabbing Experience
With the atomizer being able to deliver a powerful performance as it is a pocket-sized vaporizer used for your wax concentrates. Since the atomizer uses a ceramic disc it means for a powerful and perfect solution when you're dabbing. With the Atmos Kiln atomizer, you will never taste a charred taste while using it. It is designed for all vaping enthusiast as the Kiln will be your favorite high-performance atomizer to use any time you're trying to get the best vaping solution with the Kiln vaporizer.

When you buy the Atmos Kiln vaporizer kit you know you're buying one of the best atomizers with a battery in the world as it is the ceramic disc atomizers that are now the go-to solution for your dabbing experience. The Vaporizer battery will last long durations as it uses a 510 threading attachment as well as 950mAH of battery power to be able to use the atomizer and battery for long durations of over a day without charging since it is a lithium ion battery. When you but the Atmos Kiln kit you get a 5 year warranty with the manufacturer. The Atmos Kiln vaporizer kit will be the best unit ever when you purchase it as you will now experience the cleanest and most pure and potent dabbing solution ever. This is a wax dabbing vaporizer kit that'll set its benchmark when you begin to use it to introduce you to a very high quality vape pen kit like the Atmos Kiln vaporizer will offer its users. 


This Kit Includes:

1- The Kiln Heating Chamber

1- Packing Tool

1- 950mAH Kiln Battery

1- USB-Charger