Atmos Kiln RA Review

The Kiln RA Kit by Atmos is a concentrate vaporizer that now comes with a rebuildable atomizer. This powerful device comes in a compact design and produces great vapes for anyone on-the-go. Unlike most vaporizers, the Kiln is made of heat-resistant ceramic that remains comfortable to hold throughout your entire vaping session. The ceramic disc in the heating chamber produces remarkable flavor without burning the wax, and users love the ability to swap the atomizer with their favorite battery.


  • Compact design
  • Ceramic, heat-resistant casing
  • Great vape flavor
  • Low-resistance airflow
  • Quick, powerful heating makes great vapor clouds


  • Overheating may cause splatter in heating chamber
  • White design requires frequent cleaning
  • Heating chamber could be bigger (based on preference of course)

The Kiln's Superb Design

The high-quality build and design of the Kiln RA Kit is obvious straight out of the box. The casing - either black or white, depending on preference - is entirely made of ceramic, giving it a clean, smooth feeling and a very nice weight in the hand. At only about two inches long - or four inches, with the battery attached, it's incredibly portable, and the Kiln is small enough to be discreetly held in the palm of the hand.

The new Kiln RA by Atmos has one significant advantage over its predecessor: the Kiln now has a rebuildable atomizer, so those who want to try their hand at building their own can do so. The Kiln is a wax-only vaporizer and is well-designed for that purpose; the smooth inner ceramic is easy to clean and enhances, rather than detracting from, wax and vapor flavor for the best experience.

A Portable, Subtle Vaping Experience

Pen vaporizers have a tendency to be long enough that they are difficult to hide for discreet vaping. The Kiln RA, however, fits easily in the hand and is less than an inch in diameter. Of course, any high quality vapor production will increase visibility, but at least the Kiln is designed with portability and discretion in mind. While the heating chamber is small enough to require reloading throughout the day, this is to be expected with such a compact, portable device, and most users are happy with the amount of concentrate the vaporizer can manage.

With some portable vaporizers, durability is a serious concern. The Kiln's casing is made of a sturdy ceramic, however, and small drops or bumps should not cause a problem. The small, smooth design makes the vaporizer easy to toss into a pocket or bag for convenience.

High Quality Vapes

Despite its compact size, the Kiln RA provides a great vaping experience. Airflow holes in the body make for a low-resistance draw, and even short draws of three to five seconds produce great vapor clouds and flavor. The Kiln uses a ceramic disc to heat the wax, and this design is popular for its even heating and flavor-enhancing features. In the aptly named Kiln, this means wax heats quickly for crisp vaping within seconds. The Kiln doesn't require the pre-heating or lengthy draws that other concentrate vaporizers do. Of course, this fast, powerful heat can lead to more splattering inside the chamber, so users will want to watch out of this.

New and experienced vapers alike love the Kiln for how easily it produces quality vapor clouds. With appropriate packing made easy with the included tool users can maximize airflow, temperature, and flavor for a great vaping experience. In fact, the Kiln is well above average in vapor quality, particularly for such a compact vaporizer. The clean build and fast heating dish create a pure flavor that isn't diminished with residue buildup as coils frequently are. The Kiln easily produces one of the best-flavored vapes for a design of this type, matched only by actual quartz atomizers which tend to be more expensive.

A User-Friendly Device

The Kiln RA is great for new or experienced vapers who want to start building and designing their own vaporizers. The device powers on with a standard five-click button, and, unlike dry herb vaporizers, the Kiln requires the button to be held while inhaling for best results. Also, unlike dry herb vaporizers, the Kiln doesn't require a pre-heating period. It is ready to use immediately after being powered on. A ten-second safety cutoff is programmed into the battery to prevent overheating.

The mouthpiece unscrews easily for convenient loading, and a pea size amount is recommended for the ceramic disc underneath. After replacing the mouthpiece, users can fire up the device and begin the session after a couple of seconds - as mentioned above, the Kiln's ceramic dish heats the wax quickly and evenly. The included 950mAh battery is powerful enough for multiple enjoyable vaping sessions before recharging. The micro USB charger is also included in the kit, and the design supports pass-through charging so the Kiln can be used while plugged in. 

Perhaps the only drawback to the powerful heating of the Kiln is that it is prone to causing splatters inside the heating chamber. This is particularly visible in the white version, but in either case the packing tool and cleaning brush can be used to clear away the residue. Users will want to do this on a regular basis for the best flavor and to maximize airflow.

Flexible Vaping Options

Users love the easy-to-swap flexibility of the Kiln RA. The new design allows users to replace or rebuild the atomizer themselves as needed rather than being forced to purchase an entirely new device when the heating element wears out. The replaceable ceramic dish means the entire vaporizer will last longer, and the standard 510 threading makes swapping out different batteries or mouthpieces easy and convenient. New users will want to, particularly, be aware of battery safety regulators if swapping out batteries, and avoid overpowering the atomizer.


A Quality Vaping Product

Pen-style vaporizers are easy to find and many third-party vendors have begun marketing their own. The Atmos name is known for high-quality, durable vaporizers, and the Kiln RA Kit is a fine contribution to their impressive product line. The kit is only $69.95 at Vaporizer Chief, which is a great price for such a powerful, portable vaporizer that is flexible enough to be personalized.

Atmos has upgraded a great product into one that new and experienced vapers alike will enjoy. While pen-style vaporizers are easy to find, those that produce such powerful, quality vapes are far rarer. The small, well-designed device produces great vapor and great flavor, making it a quick favorite.