Atmos Kiln Atomizer




The Atmos Kiln is a high quality atomizer that works with a 510 threaded battery and works well with any type of Atmos Box mod or any 510 threaded battery. It has a quality ceramic disc coil inside, the entire atomizer is made around ceramic glass. With the advanced ceramic heating disc, all you'd taste is a high-grade, high quality taste, every time you pull vapor out of the high quality atomizer the Atmos Kiln is made out of. It is the premium vaporizer atomizer for anyone trying to vaporize their favorite wax concentrates and is an amazing tool to have with any battery. If vaping your wax botanicals is something you'd be participating often, the Atmos Kiln atomizer is designed for long-term use and advanced use since it can screw on to any type of 510 threading. Buying a new Atmos Kiln atomizer just might be the perfect answer for you if you're just trying to get a new atomizer but already have a Box Mod in mind or a quality battery like an eGo C-twist which is a variable voltage battery that would work perfectly with the Atmos Kiln Atomizer.

Atmos Kiln Chamber
The chamber to the Atmos Kiln is rather smaller than it should be for the price you're paying however, the quality built with the Atmos Kiln completely makes up for the small loading factor of a low amount of concentrates that can only be loaded in the ceramic atomizer to be able to perfectly vaporize the materials without hurting or damaging your atomizer. When you're using the Atmos Kiln, you'll notice that the housing chamber does not get hot at all, it stays a perfect temperature to be able to continue and use the Atmos Kiln without having hot heating bother or disable certain lengths, functions and methods on how you vaporize with the

Atmos Kiln Performance
Using a quality atomizer is always a very important step of having good vaporization performance. The Atmos Kiln allows you to instantly heat your waxes and has some of the best air-flow an atomizer can possibly allow to have. The usage of 5 - 13 watts is the recommended settings and 300 - 400 degrees is what the temperature should be. You press the power button on your battery or box mod and pull for a few seconds to get some massive vapor out. The best benefit is the quick heating the atomizer allows and you can do up to a 5 second pull for some very nice vapor. Most pen vaporizers takes 6 or 7 seconds for a good massive draw to come out when it can be done with the Kiln with the same vapor production in only 5 seconds.

When it comes down to buying a new high quality 510 threaded atomizer, it is the Atmos Kiln that comes in to win everybody over. Making sure you're in it for the good to get the best and most flavor saved in the thick amounts of vapor, it is the Atmos Kiln that will make sure you're in it for the long run to make sure you are able to use this quality atomizer with any type of battery that has 510 threading. You will never get any burnt or overheated taste with the Atmos Kiln, it is the reason why it is the best atomizer you will want to buy. If you care about the performance of your vaping, you need to add the Atmos Kiln to your collection to enjoy the best possible taste this nice atomizer will do for you.