Atmos Aegis V2 Vaporizer





  • Convection Heating

  • Fast Heat Time

  • Portable 5” Size

  • USB Charging

  • Temperature Range 320F-430F


Want to get into vaping and enjoy the benefits convection based heating has over than conduction? Then the new Aegis vaporizer from Atmos might be just what you’re looking for. It has a few aspects to its design that might not suit everyone, but overall we found it to offer good value that exhibits the quality Atmos is known to vape users across the world for.


Discreet Presentation

First up, the look of the Aegis is simple and tasteful: all black, sleek and slim, and with a shiny inset to add some contrast. It’s perhaps not as fashionable as some of their other models but certainly scores points on discreteness due to the modest design. This is a dry herb only vaporizer and your material can be packed inside the anodized chamber after twisting off the plastic mouthpiece. While not as convenient as the Ruva’s magnetic mouthpiece the Aegis is still easy to fill. Some care should be taken to avoid damaging it with prolonged use, however. Inside the mouthpiece you’ll find an easy to clean silicone filter. This can affect the taste of your vape, silicone however is designed to withstand high temperatures so the effect should be minimal.


Using The Atmos Aegis

One drawback to convection heating is that it typically takes longer to reach the set temperature. With this device, that is not the case as it has a super fast heat-up time that takes less than 30 seconds!  As with many vaporizers don’t pack the chamber too tightly with herb, this will allow better airflow and make it easier to inhale. To turn the Aegis on simply press the power button 3 times, there’s an auto-shutoff feature that will power down after 3 minutes of inactivity too. The OLED is not the brightest one we’ve seen but nevertheless it displays all the pertinent information you’d expect such as battery level and both the set and current temperature (which ranges from 320F to 430F.) The flexible temperature range means you can obtain anything from light clean vapes to bigger clouds at the other end of the scale, and everything in between.


Buying The Atmos Aegis

The final verdict? Although it might seem like we’ve been a little hard on the Aegis these points are fairly minor, the unit still packs a lot of usability into an affordable device at a fair price. Despite some concern with the twist off mouthpiece the sturdy chamber and rugged plastic body should last you some time. If you’re just starting out and looking online for a simple to use and easy to conceal vaporizer the Aegis makes a solid choice.



  • Cleaning Brush

  • Manual

  • Packing Tool

  • USB Charger


Technical Specifications

  • 1650 mAh 5V Battery

  • 5” x 1” x 1”

  • 320F-420F Temperature Range

  • Dry Herb