Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer


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The Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer was brought into the market to act as a lower priced competitor for the Volcano Classic and Da Buddha Vaporizer. It's under $200, yet you get a device that is feature packed and one of our highest recommended products. It was redesigned so as to give you the most usage and performance. It has a dual purpose vape that can be used with a bag or a whip, depending on what you want. The Arizer Extreme Q is one of the best user-friendly  desktop vaporizers for dry herbs. Here are some of its features 

Arizer Extreme Q Design

The tapered cylinder and the flat base plate make it look more of a coffee maker. It's metallic and shiny and does look just like a modern and elegant, sophisticated vaping machine. It comes with the ability to use both whips and bags to draw out vapor. Also, it includes interior ceramic heating elements. A majority of people prefer this over metal or plastic heating elements since it can provide cleaner tasting vapor with little to no unpleasant aftertaste. 

A large part of the design that distinguishes this vaporizer from much of its competition is the glass parts. However, these parts have some benefits as well as some drawbacks as we will discuss later.

Build Quality

Overall, the Arizer Extreme Q has a solid built; however, it contains some parts that made of glass which can break if dropped. The glass parts also require extra cleaning, so you should be extra careful when handling it. 

What is In the Box?

Apart from the vaporizer itself, the Arizer Extreme Q comes with some additional accessories. These accessories include one remote control, two balloon mouthpieces, two whip mouthpiece, two vapor balloon kits, one potpourri dish, one whip, one power code, two screen packs, one glass stir and an instruction manual. 

Vapor Production and performance

The fan of the Arizer Extreme Q is incredibly quiet. This does make it not only inconspicuous but also doesn't attract attention through its noise. The user can control the density through the fan’s power which has an amazing quality. Because of the glass parts and the ceramic heating chamber, vapor comes out tasty and pure. On the downside, the vaporizer and the tubing can get a little hot. And gets dirty pretty fast, so you will be required to clean the glass parts after every use. It can be quite tricky to clean the glass part; however, it's a small price to pay for high-quality vapor.

As you use this unit, you should stir up the herbs occasionally to ensure that they are getting vaped. If you fail to do this, it is possible that the herbs will burn when the vaporizer is operating at higher temperature setting. The bags that are included don't have any attached valves. Filling them with vapor would actually mean closing off the bottom yourself, though this is not a significant inconvenience. It was probably meant to help the company save some money. If you are using the vaporizer for the first time and you are not aware that is made like that, you will probably let some vapor out. 

Ease of Use

Using the Arizer Extreme Q is easy. Before you can turn it on, first put the herbs in the bowl and put it over the heating element. The balloon or Whip is attached next. Once you set all these, turn on the device and start adjusting the temperature. As it is with all vaporizers, start with low temperature, adjusting accordingly until you get your preferred vape.

You can also adjust the fan speed. This helps in adjusting the vapor density, where a slower fan results to thicker vapor. Temperature can be set precisely, and controls are highly intuitive.

To make it even simpler to use, it comes with a remote control. This enables you to start the vaporizer even when you are across the room and lets it build some vapor before you go and start taking draws. This is a nice feature that most of its competitors don't have.

Battery Life

The fact that Arizer Extreme Q is a desktop vaporizer, it doesn't require any battery to power it. Instead, it is just plugged in the socket using the power code. Limited battery life should not be one of your worries anymore. 

Buying Arizer Extreme Q

For the price that this unit retails for, it offers superb value. You can find other desktop vaporizers that can do a bit more than this unit. But you can't beat the value it offers. We highly recommend this vaporizer especially if you are a beginner. It may not last you for years and years like the volcano, but it gives you the value of your investment.