Arizer ArGo Vaporizer


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-          Ultra-compact design

-          Removable battery (18650)

-          Heater: Ceramic and stainless

-          USB Charging and use while charging

-          Hybrid heating style: Conduction and Convection

-          Adjustable controls: Alarm Volume (Low, Medium, and High) OLED Brightness (Low, Medium, and High)

The Arizer Argo is the latest release from the Canadian manufacturer Arizer. This portable vaporizer for dry herb has all the features that one can expect from the Arizer brand. It features an all glass vapor path, removable battery and adjustable temperature control all in a compact and portable package. Unlike its predecessors the Arizer Air 2 and Arizer Solo 2, it is quite evident that the company focused more on portability on this unit. So let’s take a look at the Arizer Argo and see if it is worth the purchase.


The Argo is a super small vaporizer that can easily fit in the pocket or a purse. It features a distinctive glass mouthpiece that works just like its predecessors, the Air 2 and Air Solo 2. However, the Arizer Argo has one cool trick that is not featured on the other vaporizers. The top part of this unit can be extended out to protect the mouthpiece while not in use. It can also be pressed in to expose the mouthpiece.

Performance and Vapor Quality

If you are looking for dense, flavorful vapor from a portable device, then you would want to choose the Arizer Argo. Its vapor quality is pretty exceptional compared to other devices of its category. The temperature ranges between 390 and 400 Fahrenheit. The glass mouthpiece keeps the vapor cool and crisp throughout the vaping session. Moreover, the borosilicate glass does not affect the flavor of the dry herb as it might be the case with other materials.

Buying the Arizer Argo

This portable vaporizer is perfect for anyone who is looking to enjoy dry herb, whether on the go or at home. It is also a low maintenance herb vape, so if you are not a fan of cleaning, this vape is what you need to buy. All that you will need to do to clean it is to occasionally soak the mouthpieces in 90% or purer isopropyl alcohol. Taking into account all that this vaporizer has to offer, it is well worth the price.


-          1 x Battery

-          1 x Argo Micro-Heater that can be used Multi-purposely

-          1 x Stirring Tool that is Stainless

-          1 x Owner’s Manual

-          2 x Glass Aroma Tube

-          1 X USB Charger and Power Adapter

-          2 x Stem Caps made of Silicone

-          1 x Belt Clip CarryCase

Technical Specifications

-          Weight: 97 g

-          Dimension: 83mm x 52mm x 24 mm