Arizer Air 2


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Product Features

    50% Extra Battery Capacity

    Glass Aroma Tubes

    Isolated Airpath

    Pass Through Charging



Arizer’s Air was lauded for its excellent quality vape all wrapped up in an easy to use and compact design. Not satisfied with resting on their laurels, however, Arizer is now back with an updated version that improves the base design in a few exciting ways.

One of the biggest changes in the Air II is its much longer usage time. You can now enjoy its high-quality vape for up to 50% longer than the previous version. Heat-up time is close to the original Air. Depending on what temperature setting you use, it can be anywhere from 20 to 100 seconds.


Updated Design

The new design retains the small footprint of the original Air to keep it out of sight for ultrastealthy operation when combined with its quick heating capability. If you’re also considering the Solo 2, reviewed here, just think of the Air II as its more portable sibling.

Although the Air had enough preset temperatures to suit most needs, the Air II now allows for fine-tuning of the temperature so you can perfectly dial in the best setting for the type of herb you’re vaping. It’s all easy to see on the new OLED screen, a nice upgrade from the single, colored LED that appeared on the Air I.

The Air II uses a hybrid approach to heating your material. It’s primarily conduction based with a little bit of convection. The vapor then travels down a glass aroma tube which helps improved the flavor of the already excellent cloud production this unit is capable of.

A handy rubber packing cap is also included so you can preload the device with your favorite herb before heading out.


Easily Portable

There’s even a clip carry case to comfortably wear it if you don’t want to stuff it in your pockets or have a bag handy. These features really help make the Air II a champion at portable vaping.

Stylistically the Air II is not much different from its predecessor although it does appear slicker and cleaner due to the new OLED and redesigned buttons. There’s a choice of two colors, Carbon Black or Mystic Blue.


Operating The Arizer Air II

Beginning a session with the Air II is straightforward whether you have experience with vaporizers, or are just getting started. Simply hold the ‘Down’ and ‘Menu’ buttons together and a power delay timer will count down. This safety procedure stops you from accidentally turning the unit on.

After a few seconds, the unit beeps accompanied by a smiley face on the screen to signal that it’s ready to go. You can also see the current level of battery charge and adjust the temperature. Arizer recommend 392F to start with until you get used to the unit.

Adjustments can be made in either 1 or 10 degree increments for either absolute control or speed from 122°F to  428°F.

Switchable Battery

Speaking of the battery, it’s rated to last for hundreds of charges and a pass-through function lets you charge even while the Air II is in use. You’ll never be waiting to vape even if the battery is drained.

It’s also removable so even if you manage to use it long enough to wear it out a replacement can easily be installed. Likewise, you can stock up on extra batteries to extend the already generous operating time.

It’s also possible modify the audio alert to different volumes or even off if you prefer and the auto shutoff timer can be set anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.

Loading The Air II

To load the device just place some coarse or whole ground herb inside the glass aroma tube. Open the cover and insert the tube into the bowl. Allow the tube to heat briefly and then take a draw.


Buying The Arizer Air II

The Air II takes a solid foundation and improves on it creating a vaporizer that’s truly outstanding. You get the clean and tasty flavor of the original but extended use times and easier operation. The Air II is an excellent buy for those with a budget for a $200+ range vaporizer from a trusted manufacturer.




    Belt Clip Case

    Borosilicate Aroma Tube

    Borosilicate Aroma Tube (with Tip)

    Botanical Herbs

    Filter Screen

    Glass Herb Dish


    USB Cable

    Silicone Aroma Tube Caps

    Stir Tool

Technical Specifications

    122°F – 428°F

    2 Year Warranty

    4.8” x 1.14”

    Removable 18650 Battery

    Weight: 4.09 oz